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03/04/00: Ok Bra,Teenage Gohan,Gorock, and Turles will be helping out around the site. There jobs are as follow: Bra updating the Star Fleet, SSJ Elite, and any other teams that might pop up. Turles updating the Dragon's Rage regements and Fan Fic Battles. Teenage Gohan updating the main site, etc. Gorock updating the Loners.
02/20/00: The Nemekian Dragon Balls have all been found my Damions team. I've added a few new members and deleted a few others. I hope U guys all enjoy this RPG. I don't really have much to say, but I just wanted to put something up since I haven't written any updates in a while.
02/03/00: Ok guys, the Saga has finally started. Bebei is on his way to Planet Earth to start his reign of terror. I suggest you start to train, or leave the planet. I also added a little extra to the Planet Namek. If you are a Namek, I suggest you take a look at it.
01/24/00: Hey guys, I'm a little behind on the updates, but I will be all caught up tomorrow after school. I had some reports for school that I had to work on, so I couldn't update a lot the past few days. Don't worry, I've only got a few people to update. Also, don't be afraid to talk on the message board. I made it so that members can interact with each other. I enjoy reading all the new messages everyday. You guys should also start making some enemies and allies soon. There will be a saga coming shortly so watch out.
01/21/00: Sorry that I didn't updated yesterday. I was feeling really sick when I got home, and I got to stay home today. So I will be updating all day long.
01/17/00: Alright everyone, the wait is over. My RPG is finally opened. You can all now train and battle and create teams. I hope this RPG will become one of the best ever.