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This is all the fanfic battles that have taken place in my RPG. You can either write the fanfic yourself, then send it to me in an email, or I can make up the fanfic myself. If you write it out, you must make good use of the stats. Also don't make it longer then 1 paragraph. If I write it out, then I take a look at each characters stats and attacks. I then write out a story (Usually 1 paragraph). I decide the winner and loser.

Goku vs. Sage

Sage was feeling pretty good after training. He wanted to test out his new strength on the first person he saw. As he was flying around, he noticed Goku searching for the Super God Water. Sage landed in front of Goku and asked if he would like to do a little sparring. Goku always looking for a good challenge, said yes. Sage flew in front of Goku and threw random punches and kicks. Goku dodged them all with ease, and elbowed Sage in the stomach. Sage fell to one knee, then did a leg sweep and knocked Goku on his back. Sage jumped up and fired a ki blast, but Goku dematerialized behind Sage and kicked him in the back. By this time Sage was getting a little upset that Goku was a little faster then he was. He powered up and flew towards Goku and started to punch him in the stomach and face. Goku realizing that Sage was actually wanting to fight, powered up and fired a Kamehameha at Sage. Sage flew back and hit a tree. He slowly got up and tried to fire a ki blast, but Goku appeared in front of him and kicked him in the jaw. Sage flew back at the tree again, but this time he split the tree in half. Goku realizing that he has injured Sage, took him to Kami's Lookout so that he could rest and heal from his injuries. Goku then continues his search for the Super God Water.
Winner: Goku                  Loser: Sage

Goku vs. Nappa

Goku was flying around in search of a Dragon Ball when he noticed Nappa training. Goku flew down to Nappa and asked if he wanted to spar. Goku, thinking that their teams are allies, thought that Nappa will become a faithful allie to him. Nappa agreed to the spar and started to throw punches at Goku. It all started out friendly, until Goku powered up and started to toss Nappa around. Nappa, who was starting to get angry, began to shoot ki blasts at Goku. Goku easily dodged them, but still didn't realiza Nappa wanted to fight. Goku fired a ki blast at Nappa, then flew down and did a leg sweep on Nappa knocking him down. Nappa jumped up and grabbed Goku and threw Goku into a tree. Goku got up and said, "Hey Nappa, you could have hurt me by doing that." Nappa replied, "Oh really, so I didn't hurt you? Damn!" Goku now realizes that Nappa wants to fight, fires a Kamehameha at Nappa knocking him into a nearby mountain. Nappa flew out, but was blinded by his rage couldn't see Goku teleport behind him and elbowed him in the back, then grabbed the back of his head and drove it into the ground. Goku flew up and continued his search for the Dragon Ball. Nappa got up slowly and flew home to rest. He vowed to one day beat Goku.
Winner: Goku                  Loser: Nappa

Great Saiyaman vs. King Vegeta

The Great Saiyaman was looking for a quick fight. He's been training hard lately and wants to test out his new power. He saw King Vegeta resting against a tree and thought it would be great to fight the King of Saiyans. He fired a ki blast at K. Vegeta. K. Vegeta flew back. He got up slowly and fired a ki blast back at Great Saiyaman. Great Saiyaman simply knocked it away with his hand. He dematerialized behind K. Vegeta and kicked him in the back. He then charged up a Kamehameha and fired it at K. Vegeta. K. Vegeta tried to block the blast, but it was just to powerful. He was knocked back into a huge boulder. The boulder cracked in half. Great Saiyaman flew above K. Vegeta and was gonna blast another Kamehameha, but felt sorry and flew off.
Winner: Great Saiyaman                  Loser: King Vegeta

Dende vs. Anubis

Dende was training with Master Roshi, when he noticed that Anubis was still on Master Roshi's Island. Master Roshi wanted him off because he wanted more room for other people to train with him. Anubis refused to leave. So Dende walked over and fired a ki blast at Anubis. Anubis, caught off by suprise, got hit in the back by the blast. He quickly got up and fired a Kamehameha at Dende. Dende jumped out of the way. The blast was heading right for Master Roshi's house. He the powered up and fired a Kamehameha blast at it and knocked it off course. Anubis flew behind Dende and kicked him in the back. Dende landed on his face, then jumped up and fired 10 ki blasts at Anubis. Anubis got hit by only 2 of the blasts. He slowly got up and started to charge up a Kamehameha, when all of a sudden Dende fired one and knocked Anubis into the water. Dende, being the good soul that he is, called for Anubis' Flying Nimbus Cloud and put Anubis on it. It flew off and Dende returned to his training with Master Roshi.
Winner: Dende                  Loser: Anubis

Great Saiyaman vs. Kirano

Great Saiyaman was flying around on his Nimbus Cloud, when he noticed Kirano just walking around. He fired a Kamehameha at Kirano, which knocked him through a tree. Kirano stood up and fired some ki blasts back at Great Saiyaman. One of the blasts knocked him off of his Nimbus Cloud, but he landed on his feet. Great Saiyaman fired back with some of his own ki blasts, then dematerialized behind Kirano and kicked him in the back. He then slammed his fist into the back of his head. Kirano was knocked unconcious. Great Saiyaman started to walk off. Kirano slowly got up and started to charge up a Kamehameha. Great Saiyaman felt some power increasing behind him, and turned around and fired a quick ki blast at Kirano, then fired a Kamehameha blast. The ki blast knocked Kirano into a mountain, and the Kamehameha ripped through Kirano's clothing and destroyed what was left of him. Great Saiyaman jumped on his Flying Nimbus and flew off.
Winner: Great Saiyaman                  Loser: Kirano

Jin vs. King Vegeta

Jin was wondering around trying to find some evil to destroy. He noticed King Vegeta taking a nap in the middle of a straw field. He flew down and tried to convince K. Vegeta to change his evil ways. K. Vegeta refused and attacked Jin with full force. He threw 10 punches to his face and 5 kicks to his stomach. Jin flew back and fired a ki blast at K. Vegeta. The blast knocked K. Vegeta on his back. Jin flew up and fired a Kamehameha at him. After the smoke cleared K. Vegeta was nowhere to be found. Then all of a sudden Jin was struck by a kick to the head. Jin hit the ground hard. K. Vegeta started to fire ki blasts at Jin, but was overwhelmed by a Kamehameha blast. It knocked him back into the side of a mountain. K. Vegeta was knocked unconscious. Jin flew off to begin searching for the Super God Water.
Winner: Jin                  Loser: King Vegeta

Turles vs. Damion

Turles was flying around Planet Namek, when he noticed Damion searching for the Namekian Dragon Balls. He hasn't battled anyone in a while, so he decided to drop in and challange Damion. He landed behind him and kicked him in the back. Damion went flying forward. He turned around a fired a Kamehameha at Turles. Turles easily coutered it with his own Kamehameha. Turles' kamehameha overwhelmed Damion's and shot him back into a small mountain. Damion slowly got up and fired some Ki blasts at Turles. Turles dodged them all and punched Damion in the back of the head. Then he kicked him in the stomach. Turles decided that the battle was getting out of hand and flew off. Damion slowly got up to his feet and started to transform into a Super Human. A few moments later Damion had his strength back plus more. He dematerialized right in front of Turles and kicked him in the face. Turles landed on his back and didn't get up. Damion landed right next to Turles. Turles jumped up and punched Damion in the ribs. The punch had no affect on him. Damion grabbed Turles by the face and threw him into a nearby mountain. Turles was inraged and transformed into a Super Saiyan. The force of him transforming blew the mountain up. Damion could feel that Turles' power level surpassed his own, but he would not give up. Turles fired a Kamehameha at Damion, but he dodged it. Damion looked up and saw Turles right above him. Before he new it, Turles kicked him in the face. Damion hit the ground hard. Turles, not wanting to kill Damion, transformed back into a normail Saiyan and flew off. Damion was not greatly injured, but did have a few broken ribs. He got up and began searching for the Dragon Balls once again.
Winner: Turles                  Loser: Damion

Nappa vs. Cloud

Nappa was very bored, so he decided to fly around and see if anyone else was on the planet. After a while, he noticed that Cloud was training. He decided to stop in and say hi. He landed behind Cloud and fired a ki blast at him. Cloud could tell the attack was coming, but wasn't quick enough to get out of the way. He got up and fired a ki blast back at Nappa. Nappa knocked it out of the way and flew towards Cloud. He punched him in the face and kicked him in the ribs. He then picked Cloud up by the neck and punched him in the ribs 25 times. Then he threw Cloud up in the air and kicked him like a soccer ball. Nappa felt that it was time to eat, so he kicked Cloud in the ribs again and then flew back to get some food.
Winner: Nappa                  Loser: Cloud

Jin vs. Dende

Jin was on his way to deliver some truffles to Master Roshi. That was the agreement for training in the first place: Jin was required to give Master Roshi truffles in exchange for his help. He jumped off his Nimbus cloud, and Dende was training furiously. Jin was impressed by the little guy's piety. He was about to say something when Dende, practicing his ki blast, aimed one randomly and blew Jin's package right out of his hand, vaporizing it. Jin, enraged due to the fact that those things are hard to come by, launched a kamehameha at Dende, who narrowly avoided it by putting his nimbus in front of the blast. Dende phased out, and appeared right behind Jin, intent on blasting him with his own Kamehameha. Jin, hearing Dende whisper the attack's name, looked over his shoulder, and did a spin crescent kick, nailing Dende across the cheek.
Winner: Jin                  Loser: Dende

Bebei, Banta, and Kwanzi vs. An Innocent City

Bebei and his henchmen landed on Earth and decided to start their reign of terror. They flew around until they finally found a city. Bebei landed and commanded Banta and Kwanzi to bring him back 1,000 humans for him to absorb. So Banta and Kwanzi flew down into the city. Kwanzi took the east entrance, while Banta took the west. They both started to fire ki blasts at all the buildings. Then Banta fired an imprisonment ball at about 700 humans. He trapped them, the threw them up to Bebei. Bebei started to absorb them. His power was getting greater with every human he absorbs. Kwanzi also fired an imprisonment ball at some humans, but only got about 300. He threw the ball up to Bebei, and he began to absorb them. Finally Banta and Kwanzi started to charge up and fired a Big Bang Attack at the city. The city blew up and nothing was left except for some dead bodies and broken rubble. Bebei flew around and absorbed as many dead bodies as he could. Bebei and his henchmen flew back to their ship to train for some more battles.
Winner: Bebei, Banta, and Kwanzi                  Loser: Over 1,000 people

Sluger vs. Flat Eric

Sluger just got back on Earth and was looking for a good fight. Then all of a sudden a beam came from nowhere, Sluger saw it coming and fired a Kamehameha at it, Sluger's was more powerful and went through the other beam hitting the person who fired it. Sluger ran over and saw it was Flat Eric laying flat on the ground, Sluger having no sympathy shot a Kamehameha right through Flat Eric's stomach, killing him.

Winner: Sluger                  Loser: Flat Eric

Sluger vs. Kwanzi

Sluger powered up to SSJ3 and flew off to ambush a danger aproaching a nearby city on Earth, that danger was Kwanzi. Sluger finally spotted the city he was early. Then he sensed Kwanzi's Ki aproaching so he flew inside an office building, and compressed his Power Level so Kwanzi could not sense him. Kwanzi started using Big Bang Attack after he had used Imprisonment Ball to hold his victims, when the smoke had cleared Kwanzi had used four Imprisonment Balls and six Big Bang Attacks, Not including the one he had slipped and accidently hit himself with. He ravaged every building but the office building Sluger was in, he had just enough for 1 more Big Bang Attack and he started preparing to shoot it, when Sluger uncompressed his Power Level and unleashed a Kamehameha doing 35,000 AD and costing 500 EP, the Kamehameha hit Kwanzi on his head, nearly taking it off. Kwanzi was suprised and reprisalled with his last Big Bang Attack doing 7,000 AD and costing 650 EP, Sluger easily dodged the attack shot out a Simulated Moon Blast costing 250 EP and transforming him into a Controlled Ozaruu. Now Kwanzi was horrified and kicked Sluger in the head, Kwanzi had erred and it would cost him his life. Sluger unleashed a Mouth Blast doing 10,000 AD and costing 1,000 EP, killing Kwanzi. Sluger powered back down to normal, ending the battle with this to say, "Two more to go".

Winner: Sluger                  Loser: Kwanzi and The Town

Sluger vs. Banta

Sluger powered up to SSJ4 and flew off to find Banta. Banta had helped Bebei and Kwanzi destroy a village housing 1,000 people. Sluger had already teaken Kwanzi to his death, now it was Banta's turn. He found Banta training on a small outcropping. He sped up. Banta was more than suprised to see Sluger. Sluger simply smiled at Banta's suprise and unleashed a Death Ball on Banta's before his mouth could close from being suprised. The Death Ball did 290,000 AD and costed 9,000 EP, killing Banta. Sluger powered back down to normal, ending the battle with this to say, "One more to go".

Winner: Sluger                  Loser: Banta

Damion vs. Bebei

Damion powered up to Super Human and set off to find Bebei. He spotted his Spaceship in a canyon. He flew down and went inside. He crept noiselessly through the ship, he spotted a sleeping chamber. He went ot inspect it. He found Bebei sound asleep with a smile on his face. Damion remembered all the friends he had lost when Bebei and his Henchemen had destroyed The Village, it angered him that Bebei could sleep with such a smile. He picked Bebei up by the neck and tore off Bebei's armor, Bebei tried to resist, but he knew just one twist of the neck and he'd be dead. After taking Bebei's absorbtion armor off he threw him into the opposite wall. Then he ran and caught Bebei getting up and Punched him 100x in the stomach with his Brass Knuckles doing 14,000 AD. Bebei ran off a short way down the hallway to figure out what was happening. Damion ran up a little bit and then unleashed a Kamehameha doing 10,000 AD and costing 500 EP. Damion was so pissed off that he learned his new transformation, Perfect Human. He ran up and started to punch at Bebei, but Bebei had finally figured it out and cast Time Freeze. He then did 5 Masenkos doing 100,000 altogether and costing 25,000 EP altogether. Damion became unfrozen, and was outraged at Bebei's devilish tactics, he then kicked Bebei 50x doing 13,000 AD. Immediatly after finishing his kicks he unleashed another Kamehameha doing 20,000 AD and costing 500 EP, killing Bebei. Damion powered back down to normal and ran out of the ship, only to meet Sluger. Damion then said Bebei is dead the Village is avenged. Sluger then said we shall procede with our plans to eliminate the SSJ Elite then? Damion only nodded, then he beckoned Sluger to fly with him. They both flew off talking of their plans.
Winner: Damion                  Loser: Bebei

Great Saiyaman and King Vegeta vs. Goku

Great Sayian Man was just flying around and had seen King Vegeta training on Master Roshiís island and decided to discuss what the new Dragonís Rage Fleet was about. While discussing it Goku had deiced to pay a visit to his old friend Master Roshi. When he had stopped at the island he had seen Great Sayian Man and King Vegeta talking and decided it would be a good idea to get more training and started attacking King Vegeta. Then Great Sayian Man had fired a Kamehameha at Goku, Goku had moved in time so it just had phrased his arm. King then had came up in rage behind Goku and through a few kicks and punches which and knocked Goku down. Goku got up quickly and shot a ki blast at King Vegeta. King had blocked it but the thrust through him back. Sayian Man then was firing ki blasts at Goku from up above, which had drew his attention away from the destruction of King Vegeta. Goku then was battling with all of his might towards Sayian Man. That had given King Vegeta a chance to power up and try out his new power. King Vegeta had went super sayian. King flew up and through a giant kick at Goku, which had flown him up into the air. Then Goku had gained control and stopped and then through another kamemaha at both King and Sayian Man. The both of them had went hurtling towards the ground. The enraged Goku had went after King in fury. Both King and Goku were throwing savage blows towards each other. Finally both of them had stopped and Goku badly hurt. While Goku was lying there on the ground King had went to super sayian 4 and Sayian Man went super sayian. Goku then had flown up at King and Sayian Man, but both King Vegeta and Great Sayian Man and been powering up giant ki blasts and then fired at the same time towards Goku which had sent Goku down to a watery grave, but before Goku reached the water Great Sayian Man had fired a Destructo Disk at Goku which had cut him in half. The water was then stained with Gokuís blood while he lays at the bottom dead, and King Vegeta and Great Sayian turn off super sayian and continue there conversation.
Winner: Great Saiyaman and King Vegeta                  Loser: Goku

King Damion Vs. Nappa, Nail, and Vegeko

Damion was getting bored of this little planet so he desided to set out and find some trouble. He had been looking for no longer than 20 min. when he came accross Nappa sleeping near a tree. He silently crept near him then grabed him a shook him awake. He then said " You little punk you didn't think i would let you get out of the team that easy did you". Damion threw Nappa into a tree, Nappa got up and fired a Masenko at Damion he easily dodged it. And returned his own fire power at Nappa with a KameHameHa. Nappa barely got out of the way, still being groggy from sleeping. Nappa ran at Damion and started punching him, Damion just stood there and laffed. Soon Nappa's friends landed near them senseing there leader was in trouble. Damion saw it coming and went Super Human. He then swatted Nappa away like he was a fly and went for Vegeko. Vegeko was a easy target he was soon taken out and sent to the next demansion with a few well placed Ki Shots and random punches. Nail was bit more defficult and took a Big KameHameHa in the end to finish him off. At this time Nappa was just waking up and found two of his team mates dead. Inraged he rushed Damion, bad mistake damion stuck his hand out and nearly broke his neck. Nappa got up in pain and said enuff. Damion tired of this truce stuff grabed Nappa threw him to the ground and said good bye, and began to charge a massive KameHameHa. Nappa in his fear kicked at Damion and made the blast miss him by a few inches. Not happy Damion pcked him up again and threw him into the air, then started juggling him useing Ki Blast untill he was nearly dead. Nappa soon awoke with his team mates in the Next Demension.
Winner: King  Damion                  Losers: Nappa, Nail, Vegiko