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I created this page because I figured you might want to talk to some members on AIM. If you don't want your Screen Name on the list, then just send me an email, and I will take it off. I will put up ????? for those members that don't have AOL/AIM or don't want their SN up.


Goku: MysticSSjGoku
Future Trunks: MysticSSjGoku
Chibi Gohan: Gohan Chibi
Vegeta: BladeOfEternal
Bardock: Fighter284
Chibi Vegeta: MysticSSJTrunks
Turles: MysticSSJ4Gogeta
Vegiko: vegito80909
Cloud: Trunks051286
Victor: wildfire1060
Nappa: Gonz1010
Flat Eric: PurplePPLEaters
Sluger: Bsluger
Great Saiyaman: RCVader12
King Vegeta: USSDefiant1224
Bra: LifeStalker
Gohan: Rayman1358
Brolli: Coola 47
Vaperial: Speed727
Gorock: Mew6666666
Teenage Gohan: White Dragon PS
Adult Gohan: ssj Super Dude
Gotunks: Ryu1007762


Krillin: XxfridaynightxX
Damion: chibidamion
Anubis: Anubis D W C
Teken: KrillinDBZ6969


Nail: ?????
Dende: ?????
Legion: TYRANT519
Xenon: Gohan499


Coola: Squirtles2121

Other Races

Created Races

Azor: wtf574
Kirano: mmalpass
Link: Raven27688918731
Killik: ?????
Vlad: Uuhhh85