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Dragon Ball 2000 RPG

Welcome to Dragon Ball 2000 (DB 2K). This is an RPG where you take control of your favorite DB/Z/GT character and try to accomplish any goal that you may want. It could be to rule the universe, be the ultimate fighter, or whatever else you want. Just remember to have fun. Also, you should take the persona of the character that you play. Your not commanding the character, but you are the character. I hope you guys all have fun. Now onto the rules.


Characters begin the rpg with a (PL)Power Level of 1,000 EP (Energy Points) of 500 and a HP (Health Points) of 1,000. Plus all characters begin on the Planet Earth with $500.

PL: This is your Power Level. This determines how powerful your character is. But don't let the PL of your opponent discourage you. It all depends on how strong your attacks are.

EP: This is the amount of energy your character has to use for attacks. Several attacks require the use of energy points. The more EP you have, the more attacks you can use during a battle. Be sure that you know your limit. Don't drain all of your EP during the beginning of the battle. Make sure you space out your attacks so that you won't run out too quickly.

HP: This is how much health your character has. Once it hits 0, you are dead. Certain attacks take away certain health points. You wanna be sure you have a good amount of HP during a battle.

Alignment: Now your alignment tells what kind of character you are. You can be Pure Good, Good, Neutral, Evil, or Pure Evil. Your alignment can change by your actions. If you are a good character and you kill a good character, then your alignment will turn closer to Evil. It will not change after one battle, but over time, it will. That also goes for an evil character that kills an evil character. They will eventually turn good. Now if your alignment does start to change, it will move up or down one slot (ex: Pure Good-Good, Pure Evil-Evil).

Your character is yours. You cannot trade characters, or give them to others. If you want to switch characters, then you will have to start all over. If you want to quit, then you will need to send me an email with "QUIT" as the subject. Please give me your chatroom handle and the password. Also give me a reason why you quit. Maybe I can change something around, to better the other members. Also you must start training 2 weeks after joining. If you do not, then I will take away your character.

It would make it a lot easier for me to update if you limit your emails to 3 a day. What I mean by this is that you do all of your chatroom spars and trainings, then send me an email at the end of the day with your total. I will either update it the night I get it, or the next day. It all depends on what time zone you live in.


I will not approve of cheating in my RPG. If you are cheating in my RPG, then you will have 4 strikes

Attacks are used to cause damage to your opponents. You will need powerful attacks to defeat opponents. The names and requirements of each attack is in the Attacks section. You will see AD used a lot on my site. AD means Attack Damage. Attack Damage means the damage caused by each attack. Very simple.

Solar Flare, Destructo Disc, and Time Freeze cannot be blocked, These attacks can be dodged except for Time Freeze. Double Tsuihidin has to be blocked by two blocks since it is like two attacks in one. By this I mean that if you are attacked by a Double Tsuihidin you can either take the attack, or spend two blocks to not take any damage from the attack. You can block one of the blasts, and take the second blast. This will just cause half of what the original AD was. You get 3 blocks and 2 dodges per battle.


To fuse with another character you both must learn the fusion technique and purchase a pair of fusion earrings. You both also must be of the same race. Meaning Goku and Gohan cannot fuse together because Goku is full Saiyan while Gohan is only half. To fuse you both must have equal PL. Since it will be hard to find another character with equal PL, the character with the higher PL will have to lower his/her PL to that of the other character. When you fuse together you pretty much just multiply the character with the lower PL's stats by 2. Say Goku has a PL of 2,000,000 and Vegeta has a PL of 500,000. Then Goku must lower his PL to 500,000 to be able to fuse. Therefore Vegetto's PL will be 1,000,000. Now just because Goku was able to go to SSJ2, Vegetto will not be able to go to SSJ2 because his PL is only at 1,000,000. This will only last for 1 hour. Afterwords you will have to unfuse. Fusing is good for battles. Both Fan Fic and in the chatrooms.


Training is a way to raise your power level. You can only train alone. In a training center or in your spacepod, if it has a gravitron (You cannot train in a gravitron and train in a chatroom at the same time. You need to wait until your done training in your gravitron to train in a chatroom). You can spar with other characters, which is just like training. You can only spar with 5 people at a time. Not including Henchmen or Saibamen. Here is the
Training Chart. Another way to train is in a Gravitron. You have to buy this in order to use one, unless a friend has one. Your PL increases more in a graavitron than regular training. The PL Gain in a gravitron can be viewed with the Gravitron Chart. You cannot stop training with someone and do something else. For example if you start training with Master Roshi, but halfway through it you want to do something else, you cannot. You must finish training with Master Roshi first.

Another way to train is in the chatrooms. You have to make a handle, in this rpg, your handle will be *****_DB2K (replace the *s ith your character name, like Goku_DB2K) Remember you have to be on the same planet as the chatroom. When you go in the chatroom all you have to do is type what you are doing at least every 2 minutes (ex. Goku does push-ups). It's as simple as that (Go to the battles section for more on this). For every twenty(20) minutes of training your PL rises. Each chatroom will list what the PL gain is. Please, email me every night with your total amount of training. It is very difficult for me to believe you trained for like 40 or 50 hours. If you send me an email saying that you trained for 60 hours last week, I will not count it. I have to have your training at the end of the day. Also I know that people will cheat with this. I know because I have done it before. If I know that you did not train, but you sent me an email saying you did, then that will count as 1 strike.


Sparring is actually the best way to raise your PL gain. If you get the ultimate combo of sparring with friends in a gravitron then your in luck. You can spar in chatrooms as well. Each chatroom tells what you will gain when sparring in it. You must be sparring with another opponent or friend. No one dies when sparring. I will explain how to spar in the chatrooms in the Battles section.


Battle: This is one of two ways to get money. In a battle you will most likely be sending someone to the Next Dimension. If you die in the Next Dimension, you will be sent to Hell. There will be a winner or loser. If you tie in a battle, then you don't get that much stat increase, and you get less money. In a tie both characters will get $100. You can only battle 5 times per month. So use them wisley. There are two ways to battle.

There is the written or fanfic battle. To battle fan fic all you have to do is email me with who you want to battle. I suggest that you do fight as much as you can. Since you get money and stat increase. You let me know who you want to battle and give me a reason why. I will then write out a battle between the opponents, somehow surrounding the reason why you are gonna battle. Depending on a characters stats and attacks, I will choose the winner and loser. I then post it in the
Battles section. I will decide how much stats you will gain. If you win you will get $300, and if you lose, you will get $150.

Chatroom battles are different. You actually fight with the opponent. You both take turns attacking each other, with whatever attacks the two of you know.

For example:
You will type out the actions like this. /a fires a Kamehameha at Vegeta. AD=3,000 EP=200 HP/EP=500/300. It will look like this in the chatroom: "Goku_DB2K fires a Kamehameha at Vegeta. AD=3,000 EP=200 HP/EP=500/300". Now I want it to be done exactly like this because then both people will be able to keep track of how much stats you used up, and how much you have left.
Sparring is done the exact same way as battling, except that you will not have to type out the AD of each attack. The EP of each attack. Your remaining HP/EP. In a chatroom battle each opponent has four blocks and one dodge.

The blocks are used whenever you don't feel like losing HP. You simply say blocks the attack. but then you lose a block and only have three left. The dodge is different. It is only used for moves like Destructo Disc, Solar Flare, or Imprisonment Ball. You only get one of these so use it wisely.

You will get the same amount of money as in a fanfic battle. You can show someone mercy and still get the same increase in all of your stats. If you do die, then you will be sent to the the Next Dimension.

A battle takes place in one of the chatrooms in this RPG. (NOTE: you and the opponent have to be on the same planet to have a battle.) PL, HP, and EP are distributed after the end of a battle. If you lose the battle but are not killed then you must eat a Senzu Bean or heal in a rejuvenator for 5 hours. If you don't have access to a rejuvenator, then you will need to rest for 24 hours. If you rest for 24 hours, then you will not be able to do anymore training until the 24 hours are up. You cannot battle a member of your team. They must be either a loner or on another team. The only way I will let you fight someone on the same team is if you want to kick that member out of the team.


If you are killed, you will be sent to the Next Dimension. You are required to stay for a week. After the week, you can return back to Earth, or you can stay and train for longer. For the first three times you die, I will bring you back to the planet that you died on. After the third time, you will need to be wished back by the Dragon Balls.

If you are killed in the Next Dimension you will be sent to Hell. In Hell you will stay for 2 weeks unless someone wishes you back to the Next Dimension. In Hell all you can do is train and spar. You cannot battle anyone in Hell. One other person that you can spar with is the Prince of Darkness. It is a huge risk to train with him since he is so evil, that he may just decide to kill you (You will only be killed if you piss me off or if you are just a real asshole to others). If he kills you, then you will be unable to do anything for a week. After the week, you will be brought back to Hell. You will get a better increase if you are Pure Evil.


To travel from planet to planet you will need a space ship. There are several types of space ships or pods. Each ship/pod takes a certain time to travel from planet to planet. They also hold a certain amount of characters.

You can purchase a Gravitron and a Rejuvenator for certain ships/pods. Another thing is that some of the ships/pods can only be bought on a certain planet.


There are three different sets of Dragon Balls in the Dragon Ball Universe. Earth Balls, Namek Balls, and Black Star Balls. Each set has its own rules. To read the rules view the
Dragon Balls section.