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Who am I?







One of my earliest projects, from the 70's, a lion made from my own pattern. He's long since lost his yarn mane. The guy's got character.

When I was 13 I slept with him tucked under my chin so my mouth wouldn't drop open while I slept. I clung to the romantic notion that Prince Charming might show up some night and I looked better with my mouth shut. It never occured to me that having a lion under my chin was a bit unladylike...

I liked my mother's old potholder so made one like it.
These sweet Pueblo and Navajo Indian girls were made using a Joan Russell pattern from the 60's. The squash blossom necklaces were made by bending bead caps into flared squash blossom shapes. The dolls' moccasins are suede.

I've given away much of my sewing over the years
but will locate a few more items for this page.
Please see Misc dolls for my tiny Raggedy Ann and
Raggedy Andy, sewn by hand from my own pattern.


Here's a picture of a
Harvest Outfit
I made for my daughter's Mini American Girl Josefina doll. The yoke is lined and the embroidery is done by hand.I had fun making this outfit, especially because the very first draft of the pattern worked.


This is my next sewing project - making an Indian Sari outfit for my American Girl doll. I've drawn the sketch, bought the fabrics, trims and jewelry components and made the pattern. The pattern took a bit of tweaking to get it right but I think it will look great completed.







The fabrics are fabulous. I found a scarf the perfect color for the sari but bought some sheer fabric to make more saris to sell on ebay.

This scan shows the scarf at top, printed cotton for the choli and skirt in the middle and the sheer fabric for another sari at bottom. Also are buttons which will be used as a pin at shoulder to keep the sari from slipping off the shoulder. Not shown are the silver and gold jewelry components.