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Who am I?




AG Mini*s from American Girl are Totally COOL!

I must say, these miniatures are my favorite toy, higher even than my Electronic Battleship Game and my Easy Bake Oven. ;)
I've been collecting AG Minis for a while. The attraction, no doubt, is their versatility. There's always some new way to play with them and arrange the pieces. Just flip the walls and the room takes on a whole new look.
I used to change the rooms more until the bears and kitties came to live here. They don't like it when they're in the middle of reading or watching TV and I decide to take out all the furniture and flip the walls. I've learned to be more considerate about that. And I used to call the furniture and accessories "miniatures" but the bears and kitties thought that strange since they have no issues with size. So it's not a "miniature bed," it's just a plain "bed". And it's not a "miniature notebook," it's a "notebook." The bears and kitties don't mind "tiny" or "small" or "mini" though.

= = = Actually, I ought to do something with my own home. Like paint large neon paramecium or DNA chains on the walls... or make atom pillows or a wall painting of The Illustration of The Trinity or my concept of M Theory...Now that would look interesting with my traditional Victorian decor. No doubt, visitors would shake their heads at my eccentricity...= = =


Little Pink Bear is reading my favorite book - Pump Up Your Brain.
Excellent reading choice!


Late afternoon in the Loft Apartment living room is a nice time for catching up on reading. Pink Kitty is settled in with a cookbook about smoothies, Blue Bear is taking tiny notes from a book about Hamsters on a tiny memo pad and Pink Bear is deeply engrossed in Pump Up Your Brain. It wasn't difficult getting this shot because everyone was holding still anyway.
The wood cabinet of books is not an AG Minis item. Nor are the folders and tablets on the shelf below the cabinet, various books and the memo pad. I'll be continuing to add my own minis to the collection.

I made the tiny memo pad. Used a 1/16" paper punch and bound the tablet with a section of ball-point pen spring. The word "MEMO" on the cover is written with "White-Out."

Ah yes, nothing like a good book to read during a gorgeous sunset. The Loft Apartment has a fabulous view of the bay.

And then it's off to the bath to get ready for bed.

Yellow Bear and Yellow Bear are in bed watching cartoons on the Big Screen TV.

On rare occasions I allow food in bed. The guys said they would be extra carful not to spill anything on the bed. Right after I took this pic, Yellow Bear's icy rootbeer slid off the bed tray and we had to clean up the mess. Not a happy event!

This is one of the guys' favorite cartoons. I don't remember the name of it. It's about this orange kid who likes to play ball. I'm going to take a pic of our Favorite of Favorites cartoon soon - Strongbad, from HomestarRunner. That dude is just Tooooo cool. Yellow Bear wants me to sew a Strongbad outfit for him. That'll be a challenging project because Strongbad doesn't have ears on top of his head so the helmet will look a little different.

Down the street at Lil's Diner the other day, I got a pic of the guys ordering. I was balancing on top of a booth to get this shot and had to move quick before the waitress yelled at me. I almost fell once but grabbed hold of a light fixture on the wall.

These Business Bears thought I was crazy and a bit annoying to take this picture because I was standing on top of my booth seat. The food looked too yummy for me to resist - Lil's Diner serves the greatest lunches! These guys were discussing some kind of research - it sounded really interesting. I got one of their business cards because I'm interested in their DNA research and we're going to discuss it further over lunch some time.

This picture taken at Lil's Diner turned out a little blurry because people were coming and going and I was blocking the door. If I had waited just a minute, Raggedy Ann would have been sitting at the table. Oh well.


This was taken during lunch one day out on the Patio. Purple Bear insisted on sitting on the table because he was too short to reach his glass of milk comfortably. Sometimes etiquette rules just have to be bent a little... But Blue Bear is sticking it out properly, despite the inconvenience of his height.

To get this shot, I had to climb on top of the Pergola. Now that was a precarious balancing act! My dad says the best shots are usually captured when you have to climb something or hang from something. But it's worth it. He hung over the edge of a cliff once and took a spectacular photo of a canyon. Someday I hope to be as good a photographer as my dad.