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Who am I?





One of my favorite book designs. I hand carved the fruit stamps used in the text. The recipes and illustrations were done with pen and ink. This book is featured on the cover of Making Books and Journals, published by Lark Books.


A Rainbow Book and some Hexagonal books. The hexagonal design was my first non-codex book design, created for a swap. After making the first hexagonal book, I realized the great versatility of the format. The hexagonal books are featured in Making Books and Journals.

When you open this Shell Book, the pearl is visible through a hole cut through all the pages.

More hexagonal books. These are really fun to play with! The possibilities for design are endless.

The Hourglass Books. The first sample actually is a working 17 second timer.
This book also is featured in Making Books and Journals.


I made 7 of this particular Hourglass Book design for a swap. It features scripture verses about time.
The working hourglass in the cover contains a mixture of reflective glass sand (used by road crews to mix in with their road paint), tiny glass beads and actual watch parts.

This mini Hourglass Book was given to a shop owner.

My first Shell Book. This book is featured in Making Books and Journals.
I carved the JM initials through the small shell by using a Dremel tool. Shells can be carved if a Dremel tool is moved very slowly, removing tiny portions of shell at a time to avoid cracking the surface.