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Who am I?




One of my earliest cakes - for our daughter's 8th birthday back in 1988. The gazebo was made in sections of royal icing, then assembled. We placed a small gift wrapped box in the gazebo - our daughter's first piece of jewelry - an opal necklace. All bows, flowers and swan are made of royal icing.
The cake is two layers of vanilla pound cake, covered with apricot jam, a layer of homemade almond paste and a layer of pastel green Rolled Fondant.

The flowers for this cake are made of Pastillage. Pastillage can be worked like clay and then allowed to harden. The flowers will shatter if they are dropped. The butterfly is made of Royal Icing. The cake is covered with Rolled Fondant.

My first attempt at Pastillage roses.

This Baby Carriage shower cake is one of my most-requested cakes. The hood of the carriage is made of royal icing, piped on a styrofoam form I made. Removing the fragile hood from the form is the hardest part of making this cake.

This Bridal Shower cake was16" across with 100 servings.
I developed a method to make the icing doily from Royal Icing - it is piped in curved sections on waxed paper. Once the sections are hard, they are attached in a doily shape with more Royal Icing. Figuring out the final circumference of the doily and the degree of curvature of each section took some serious math.

The 3-tier heart-shaped wedding cake looks small in the photobut the bottom cake layer is actually 16" across.


Yes that's me, back in '94 and 3 months pregnant. Not the best time to get a picture taken! But I thought I'd include this photo to show the relative size of the cake.
This was my all-time favorite wedding cake, decorated with over 1000 Pastillage flowers - roses, rose buds, sprays of white blossums. The icing trelliswork around the sides is made of Royal Icing.
It took 120 hours to make this cake.