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December 1999

Rehearsals continued up to December 14th. Then things took a bad turn as Apostolis encountered serious personal problems, which might make him unavailable to us in the near future. We wish him the best of luck. It is now clear that we'll know what's to be done in January, not before. Christmas has seemed to split as again. Stamatis is back with us for 2 weeks or so.

November 1999

Rehearsals have began and things look good for H.E. at last.

October 1999

The band is now operational with its 6 member line-up. New songs added in the Lyrics page. Links page updated as well. The site has undergone a series of transformations and a greek version is now available.

September 1999

GUI menu added. Lyrics and History pages are up and running. Petros gets transfered in Athens for the remainder of his service. Stamatis is off to Portsmouth, England to study. John Bibiris agrees to replace him.

August 1999

No news is good news :-)

July 1999

The official website for Horis Epilogi is operational although the band isn't. Petros is serving the military in Rhodes island and the band has split for the summer vacations. News, Links, Banner and MP3 pages are posted.