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Some Official(?!) Horis Epilogi Links!

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Official my ass! Anyway, we (actually me and Stamatis!) decided to post links to pages and sites we personally like. This does NOT mean that we are in any way related to most of these sites; we just like them and we'd like you to go and have a look, although it might be possible you've been there already. Any banners included are NOT in here for advertising (as in PAID advertisement) purposes and we are NOT receiving in any way money form the sites' owners. Feel free to click on everything you like, you won't regret it and, even if you do, we couldn't care less! :-)

By the way, sorry about the annoying Angelfire pop-up. Nothing I can do about that, after all they are our (free) hosts! Anyway, it was nice having you here, and please visit us often for any future updates (there will be updates, that much I can guarantee!). Follow a link or browse back to where you came from...

Markos from Horis Epilogi.

And, finally, the links!