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Horis Epilogi History

As written by Jack London himself...

Ελληνική Έκδοση

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What do you want to know?

How did we meet

Well, it's time to tell you the whole story about how we ended up becoming a band. About two and a half years ago when I was preparing myself for the exams in order to go to university, I was having lessons in a tuition school in the center of Athens. As I entered the class room for the first time I saw two with long hair and the other one with short. Without thinking too much I sat at the other corner of the man with the black, long hair. The thing that forced me to do so was the fact that I couldn't see his face for his hair was covering it all. For the first days we didn't talk at all and the only things I recall saying to him was something like "Mark, please stop hitting your feet on the floor!". As time was passing and due to the fact that there were only five of us in the classroom I decided to start talking to this mysterious guy and with time I found out that he was quite interesting so we started hanging out. He told me of this band of his, Dive was their name and I told him of the five years I wasted learning to play classic guitar.

One day, a friend of Mark came in the class...the guy had long, brown hair and brown beard. As Mark introduced us I found out that he was kinda rude but of course I didn't pay much attention. A beautiful girl that was in my class made this friend of Mark's come again and again so we started talking and I found out that this guy - Peter was his name - was the singer of Mark's band. All the time we were talking about music and how great it is to be in a band so I have to admit I was a little jealous about the fact that I wasn't in one.

One afternoon after the lesson I accidentaly ran across a very old friend of mine. I hadn't seen this guy for more than four years since I was going to highschool but he was still the same. Dionysis was a short boy with blue or green - or something like that - eyes with whom I used to play ping-pong for more than 2 hours every day. So the three of us (Mark,Dionysis and me) went for a cup af coffee in order for me to catch up with him…we ended up talking about music again when I found out that he was playing the guitar as well. Mark didn't lose the oportunity to ask us whether we wanted to play one day in a studio nearby. Dionysis was thrilled with the idea and to be honest so was I.

The next Sunday we ended up in this studio - Zent Advent - to rehearse. Peter, Mark, Dionysis and me. We hadn't of course prepared any songs so we just played the only song we knew: Zombie - Cranberries. Unfortunately the whole rehearsal was a failure and the two hours we played seemed like an eternity to most of us. Some days later Mark told me that his band existed no more as they argued so much and decided to split up before they hurt themselves. So he asked me if I wanted to rehearse again with them and even though I was afraid of wasting two hours again, I agreed. This time Dionysis came at my place and we played some songs Dionysis had already prepared. On the 13th of October 1997 we made this rehearsal and it was the first official of the band, later labeled Horis Epilogi.

The Band

Two months later -on December 15 - we had our first concert in a bar in Kipseli, a region in the center of Athens where we played with a friendly band named Vertigo. The atmosphere was unbelievable. The feeling was even better, but still so hard for me to explain in words. Even though there were only about 80 people in the bar- which was full- and they were all friends of us so we had nothing to worry about, we were so nervous we couldn't stand on our feet. After playing the first song and hearing the applause we felt a little better. After the second one we didn't want to come off the stage. That was it! From that day we knew what we wanted most… the only thing was that we didn't and still don't know is how to achieve it: to play in front of a big audience!

The rehearsing went on, we made new songs almost every three weeks and after aproximately two months a new member joined the band. Her name was Eriketti Zoi and she was playing keyboards and helped Peter with the vocals. On the 10th of April 1997 we gave another concert with the band Sideffect in the Rigma club. The rehearsing went on, but two months later Eriketti stopped playing with us (in fact WE stopped playing with her...), so we were again only the four of us. We gave some more concerts and the last one on January 22 witth a greek rock band called Pinites again in the Rigma club. That was it, the next day Peter went to serve the army so it was practically the end...

At that time a friend of Mark's, Apostolis came to rehearse one day with us...the guy was excellent! He can play keyboards perfectly so now he is a member of our band. Unfortunately we don't rehearse any more since Peter is on an island far far away and since we don't want to find any substitutes but we wait until January 2000 when Peter will be again with us. Still we are preparing some changes in the line-up since I'm leaving in October. Giannis Bibiris will be the second guitarist and Kostas Paligiannopoulos will be the bass player. And I...I will be the third guitarist when I'm in Athens, all the other time I will learn the news of the band from the net.

Stamatis Vogas aka Jack London