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We have finally decided to add an MP3 link in this site, in case you wish to hear what we're all about...Unfortunatelly, only ONE song is available right now and is placed in another server, because Angelfire only provides us with 5 MB of webspace. On the other hand, the host of our mp3s and other memory consuming files, does not allow files with .mp3 extension in it, due to the extreme copyright violations reported on other mp3 sites! We solved that problem, however, by ZIPPING the hell out of it! This means you must have Winzip or something similiar to Extract and then enjoy the song, ok? Furthermore, this is OUR song, WE say it's OK for YOU to d/l it if you want to and no copyrights are violated in any way!

A few words for the song now...This is one of our relatively new songs, recorded live in Zent Advent studios. It was written on a tape and then compressed in the MPEG Layer 3 format in 64Kbps 22KHz. In case you haven't noticed THIS AIN'T CD QUALITY SOUND!!! Its title is "Πάντα Έχει Φως" (or Panta Ehi Fos in Greeklish, roughly translated to There's Always Light!) and we hope you like it!

Here comes the link!

Πάντα Έχει Φως (~3MB)

Please don't forget to extract the mp3 file from the archive! By the way, I know that the greek titles may not be visible in this page, if your browser doesn't support greek fonts. We're currently working around this problem!