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The Official Horis Epilogi Web Page

Yep...That's us!

Ελληνική Έκδοση

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Horis Epilogi is a new and upcoming greek rock band currently trying to make up for lost time due to constant line-up changes. Our lead vocalist is now back in Athens, though he's still serving in the army and one of our guitarists just went to England. However, 3 guys have come to offer their valuable help and you'll be hearing from us. Until then enjoy the site and thanx for browsing into it ;)...STAY TUNED!

Current line-up is:

  • Petros Christou - Lead Vocals & Bass Guitar
  • Dionysis Karousos - Guitars
  • John Bibiris - Guitars (is NEW among us!)
  • Apostolis Paraskevopoulos - Keyboards & Backing Vocals (a NEW one as well!)
  • Markos Markoulis - Drums & Percussion

P.S.1 This is the OFFICIAL Homepage since it is run and supervised by members of the band only...


For suggestions and comments, feel free to e-mail us!