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Grimpond Dragon's Unofficial Ultima Cheater's Website

Looking for hints? Here's a real hint: figure it out yourself. You'll be much more satisfied. At the moment, this site is centered around info and hints. The best way to get these games now is to buy the Ultima Collection from Origin. It includes Ultimas I-VIII. The exception is Ultima IX. Beware of bugs.

This being Ultima, one must ask the question, "Is cheating virtuous?" If you've finished the game and are just looking for kicks, sure, there's nothing wrong with it. If you're stuck or just don't feel like figuring it out yourself, it's not so virtuous. The thing about Ultima is you can cheat and not totally ruin your experience. Some games, like Riven, are not so forgiving.

I do not claim these cheats as my own. Most of these I found searching around the internet, and this is just a central place to store them for all to access. Some of these cheats I have not tested myself, as I do not have the respective game. Use at your own risk. I dare you.

The Ultima Collection

Ultima Underworld

Worlds of Ultima



What is Ultima?

Kill Lord British?

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