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Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Here is what I know about Ultima VII The Black Gate:

The Black Gate introduces the Guardian, an evil interdimensional being bent on conquering Britannia. Listen to his voice if you have speech, he sounds like a cult leader. ;) Play on and find out how much he hates to lose in later Ultimas across three different worlds. The Black Gate is also the first Ultima to feature ritual magic, with the possible exception of the end of Ultima VI.

The Fellowship: The Fellowship is something new in Britannia. Ask anybody and they'll tell you it deviates from the Virtues. If you're familiar with Britannia, you'll already know that's not good. You will have to find the truth out about this organization.

"Easter Eggs":
Just about all the cool secrets and junk have been discovered by somebody, but... Here's what I know:

Trinsic cheat room: A load of loot and teleporters. Treasure and quest items. Check it out by stacking crates into a makeshift staircase and climb onto the roof of the blacksmith's shop in the southwest corner of town, then walk behind the chimney. Most of the crates you can get in the shop itself, but you'll need to find a couple others. I suggest the tiny dwelling where the path turns north from the shop. Bring up your inventory screen to keep your virtue and grab the chests.

In some caverns north of Britain which I guess to be an extension of Despise, I wandered around and found some "love arrows." I'm not sure what special power they possess, but it's cool to go get them and they can't be made. (except with the cheat menu)



Each town stands for one of the virtues of the Avatar. Each also has it's own profession or type, but all kinds of people can be found in each town, and the professions don't really seem to matter anymore. They were pretty much important for Ultima IV only.
Trinsic, city of Honor, where you start the game. Walled city. Shipwright, inn, and home to a cheat room.
Jhelom: city of Valor. Inn, fight school, provisioner. On an island off the mainland in the southwest.
Britain: city of Compassion. Extensive commerce, center of the kingdom , where you'll find Lord British's castle.
Skara Brae: city of Spirituality. Visit it and see the irony. Bring a couple coins for the Ferryman.
Yew: city of Justice. In the earlier Ultimas it was a real city. Now you get to stumble in the woods looking for the last, reclusive residents.
Minoc: city of Sacrifice. First thing to do here is visit the sawmill. Zorn is a pretty good blacksmith, but the shipwright has some problems. The Artist's Guild resides here also.
Moonglow: city of Honesty. Has the Lycaeum, but not much else. You'll need to see Penumbra on the north end of the isle.
New Magincia: city of Humility, has the inn, a florist and the residents. New Magincia has more history because it was built on the ruins of Magincia, a prideful city before it was destroyed by daemons. Rebuilt after Ultima IV.





The Forge of Virtue

Newer video cards with the Riva chipsets lock up whenever there's an earthquake. Earthquakes occur with the Forge of Virtue, and when a cyclops walks. Download this file to fix the problem. Also works with Serpent Isle.