Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress

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Give your character maximum ability points
open the Player file with a disk editor
go to offset 001E
change the bytes so that from 001E to 002F read: 0063 0063 0063 0063 0063 0062 270F 270F 270F

In Ultima II, the female protege of Mondain emerges as the next great evil power in Sosaria, sending out armies of monsters, yadda, yadda, yadda. You, of course, come back to Sosaria as the hero who defeated Mondain and spend the game strengthening yourself to battle with and destroy the enchantress Minax.

Unlike Ultima I, this battle takes place on Earth, and you get to move back and forth through time and across the solar system to get what you need to defeat Minax. Mostly what you need is this game is loads of cash. You therefore must slaughter legions of enemies to get the necessary funds. That's about ninety to ninety-five percent of the game right there. Kill, kill, kill. To kill most efficiently, buy the best armor and weapon you can use, and get as many hit points as you can from LB, then kill everything that comes along until you get a blue tassel. Then, travel near water to attract a ship and board it. Now you can travel anywhere and blast everything with the ship's cannons. The four things to spend your money on are hit points, attributes from the clerk at the Hotel California in New San Antonio in 1990 ad, the Quicksword, and the Ring. To get food, steal, steal, steal. Unlike Ultima I, nothing will ever become economical to buy. Best place to steal food? Port Boniface near LB's castle in 1990 ad. Go to the take-out window and steal when the human is next to it. If you get caught, leave or the guards will kill you.

Different Points in Time
The Solar System