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An Anti-Hanson's-Music Page

Last updated September 2, 2001

I, Damia, do not like Hanson's music. As a citizen of the United States of America, I am entitled to my freedom of speech, and thus can put up this page about not liking Hanson's music if I want to.
However, as you seem to care, I'll give you Hansonites a fighting chance to get it down. If you can give me one good reason, with evidence supporting it, that I should take down this page, then I will. You can post your reasons (insistence that I'm jealous/gay/various curse words/fond of performing various anatomically impossible acts/actually a closet fan, for some obscure reason) in the guestbook. Or see what other people have said, if you're bored and are going through ancient bookmarks and links lists while you wait for your BearShare download to finish. I'll reply to your reasons somewhere down there.

Handy summary

You may want to check here or here and see if your "reason" to shut down TTGBITN has already been replied to (it has). I'll assume you're a paranoid schizophrenic and not worthy of a response if you sign the guestbook and act like you haven't read the page, or at least this handy summary:

Of course, if I consider your entry amusing, I'll break my own rule to mock you. Don't thank me - just trying to be fair.

The Current Guestbook

Please stop signing just to curse at me! It's funny.

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The Fossilized Guestbook

TTGBITN has gone through many guestbooks, at its very peak conquering an LPage book with over 6000 messages. In the golden years (1998), it would take on up to twenty messages a day, never fewer than ten. Those were happy days - the farms were prosperous, and I had bountiful free time to use to spread my message of hatred...

But all empires crumble... the eyes of statues rust over... LPage is bought out by Tripod... the past fades like the words of an ancient tome... and today, the last of the noble line of TTGBITN guestbooks has fewer than one hundred entries, after years (about three) of weathering the unforgiving storms of internet commerce.

But for some damn reason, the guestbook I had before the current one's back at its old address. Whatever. Check it out, but don't try to sign it. (It's now moderated, which means I have to approve an entry before it appears, and I ain't approving nothin'. This is history.)

Table of Contents

January 22, 2004 Um. Yes. This page moved to, along with all my others, a while back. I put a thing up on the main page, but not on this one. Sorry.

No, there's not an update.

The automatic Angelfire ad at the top is selling Howard Hanson CD's.

September 2, 2001 Angelfire finally fixed my account so I can update. By way of celebration, I installed one of those things.

June 1, 2001 Added an email, went back to sleep.

April 22, 2001 Not so much an update as a minor technical change - check out what's happened to the guestbook section.

March 27, 2001 Random things screwed with.
Out of kindness for those poor folks who couldn't figure it out, I changed the update log's old dating format to one that doesn't involve as many complicated numbers. If you were one of those confused before, please take a look now - I think I've made it a little clearer how often I update. If you still don't understand, please email me your credit card number, and I'll order you a copy of "How Websites Stay Up Without Being Looked At By Their Creator More Than Once A Year".

December 30, 2000 For a period of several months, Guestworld has been steadfastly maintaining, even when I get the link from their "Manage your Gear" section, that the TTGBITN guestbook does not exist. Now, they have changed their tune a bit - yes, it does exist, but you can't sign it and I can't edit it and there have never, ever, been any messages.
I'm sure it doesn't mean something to do with fate and poetic justice or anything. I set up a new one.
Also, various other things have been altered for no good reason. Renovations will continue for a few days, until my laptop gets back from the shop and I can get back to work on the important stuff - hacking Pokemon ROM's.

August 24, 1999 Added As Intimidated As We Are That You Know HTML, This Is Not An Impressive Sentiment.

February 28, 1999 Mmm-plop is back up.

February 10, 1999 Josh has set up a page on making your own anti-Hanson page. I happen to think that AHR is better, but of course, it was created by a god.

February 4, 1999 Josh has put up a message about the hacking of Mmm-Plop.

January 25, 1999 Removed the font face tags from all the pages. Mmm-Plop, Josh's website, has been hacked. He fixed it, but he is, of course, incensed. Whoever you are, hacker, gloat while you can, because one day, you'll be old and not even remember it, whereas you *would* have remembered playing with your puppy, which you didn't do because you were trying to annoy someone you don't know. So don't do it to TTGBITN - trust me, I have your best interests at heart.

December 1, 1998 Added two new hansonite-hecklings to the guestbook replies page.

November 23, 1998 I've done the big updating. Wahoo. As before, mail anything you don't expect to be read to
Note that I don't plan on updating regularly again. I just felt like fixing up the page, because, you know, I have no life aside from insulting others and must frame my hatred attractively to acquire a devoted following of Nazi-like Hanson haters.
Josh has put up an explanation of why he took down the TTGBITN "mirror". His main anti-Hanson page, Mmm-Plop, is still up.

November 21, 1998 Josh has shut down his "mirror" site. I'm planning on doing some major updating and fixing-up on this page in the very near future, so prepare to be wowed...


I didn't do the whole page myself. I had a some help from other people, so as I wouldn't burn myself out coming up with so much original content.

First, I'd like to thank my little sister (Mantha/Suki/Meko/Goddess of Darkness/Neko Rebera/Whatever-the-hell she's calling herself right now) for thinking up the title for me. I'd also like to thank her for sneaking into my other sister (Toni)'s room and bringing back the lyric sheet from her Hanson album so I could write "Ew Wup".

I'd like to thank my Mom for giving me the idea for "Ew Wup", though I know she doesn't want to be reminded, so I won't.

And, of course, last but certainly not least, I'd like to thank Wup, Toni's dog, for giving Mom that shoe back after he'd mauled it. The world needs more like you, son.

And I'll thank Toni now - remember, folks, she doesn't like Hanson anymore.

Which counter is right? You decide. (Probably the bottom one, 'cuz it says more.)

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