Replies to Common Hansonite "Reasons" Replies to Common Hansonite "Reasons"

I've had an overwhelming response (over 6000 guestbook messages, before Guestworld formed a strategic alliance to better serve their customers) to my offer to shut down the page if I'm given a good reason. I didn't get one, but here's some nonsense that gets repeated a lot:

1. You're jealous!!!!!
Wrong. That's stupid. I don't like Hanson's music. I'm sure there's some band whose music you don't like, though it's hard to get much worse than Hanson.

2. But I'm not going around making hate pages just because I dislike those other bands!!!!!!
Then I dislike Hanson more than you dislike those other bands.

3. They haven't done anything to you!!!!
No. Their music has. It's bad and gets stuck in my head.

4. You can't change our minds!!!! Nobody cares what you think!!!
I'm not trying to change your minds. I'm not convinced there's anything there to change. Come to think of it, if no one cares what I think, why do you seem so determined to make me stop telling people? And why have well over sixty thousand people come here? Gosh, you people must need lives...

5. Just admit it! You have a crush on one/all of them!! Why try to hide it???
Uh... yeah. That's gotta be it. Next?

6. You look like Daria? She's ugly.
Once again, Hansonites go above and beyond my expectations. I really didn't think they'd would stoop as low as to insult my appearance, especially as all they know about it is from my little altered Daria logo.

7. Why are you making pages that promote hate?!?! That's what's destroying the world!!!
So, anti-Hanson pages are on a level with hate crimes? I guess I should stop saying that I hate tacos, too.

8. If Hanson saw this, their feelings would really be hurt!!!
A true artist knows how to take criticism. (Construe what you will from that.)

More later (not really)...