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The page with everything you need to make a below-average anti-Hanson page.

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These are links to anti- sites copied directly from Yahoo nearly two years ago. So, yes, they're all dead. But that's what makes it a below-average anti-Hanson page, you see.

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Anti-Hanson Images

These are external image links from anti- sites found on Yahoo nearly two years ago. So, yes, most of them are gone. Sorry. You missed the boat.

Unedited Images


"It's a fag song. It's so gay." - Howard Stern on MMMbop.
"If I had a monkey, I'd be too busy playing with it to write a song about it." - Taylor Hanson
"And another thing, Hanson blows." - Donald Trump
"See there's Zac.The pretty little girl!" - Carson Daly (from mTV/the L.A. radio station KROQ)
"Hey, look at that cute girl. No, wait - THAT'S ME!" - Zac Hanson
"I think they're the tools of the Devil...I'm scared of those boys." - Marilyn Manson on Hanson

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