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Here's me making fun of idiots two years ago.

Name: Zacs Girlfriend Uh huh.
Referred by: Just Surfed On In
From: happy hanson land
*sputter* HAPPY HANSON LAND????
Time: 1998-12-01 20:56:14
Comments: to this thirteen yr old twit. YOu ARe SCUM!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmm, let's check the good old dictionary... Nope, scum is defined as "a filmy layer of impure matter on the surface of a liquid." Clearly this does not apply to me. i am not a great hanson fan but it so happens that i am going out with zac Sure you are. so suck your fur like ass i am only 12 but i have an iq of 120 That's nice. Mine's about 140. So wanna fight hanson may look like girls but that doesnt mean they rtranvestites or gays. Did I ever say they did? Or even lesys i think they r talanted there only young so if you EVER TALK RUDELY ABOUT EM AGAIN I WILL SMASH YOUR FACE IN So THAT'S how you people with IQs of 120 solve your problems. LOVE WITH ALL MY HATE ZACS GIRLFRIEND FROM TULSA Uh huh. And I'll bet you take him for rides in the stretch limo you don't have too.

Name: meg
Referred by: Yahoo!
From: oklahoma of corn and Hanson, don't confuse the two.
Time: 1998-11-27 21:50:33
Comments: Well, I think u and your anti-Hanson fans suck....all of u!!!
So you personally know every anti-Hansonite on the planet? Or are you just saying that because you don't like anyone who doesn't agree with you? I am so sick and tired of all your bullshit! "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired!" If you don't like them, I don't give a shit...and I don't think anyone else does either!!!!!!! So why do you people keep signing the guestbook to tell me I suck and the page sucks? Clearly you must care to some extent if you have the attention span to do this. For god sakes...GIVE IT UP!!!!! funny, you can make up things to their lyrcs, only....u seem to lack the talent of creating real music. Why should I put anything I write on AN ANTI-HANSON PAGE??? You are probably just another jealous Anti-hanson, because you could never be as popular or famous as Hanson. Well, that's original. Yes, as you can read, I am a "hansonite", Yes, I CAN read. and damn proud of it!! Why? P.s.not only are you 13 years old, but I think your IQ is about the same number (it shows) Real mature. ~meg~

Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-12-25 00:13:00
In what manner should I express it? It's a negative opinion. Maybe you mean I shouldn't express it at all? Then neither should you. BECAUSE YOU DONT KNOW HANSON AND PROBABLY NEVER WILL. Ahem! It's not Hanson themselves I've formed a negative opinion about. It's their music. Whether I've met them or not has no effect on my opinion about their music.W I BELIEVE YOU ARE JELOUS OF THEM AND SPREADING RUMORS ABOUT THEM IS VERY CHILDISH.HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF I STARTED STUFF ABOUT YOU,YOU WOULD PROBABLY WOULDFEEL OFFENED OR HURT.SO BEFORE YOU SAY STUFF ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE YOU SHOULD PUT YOURSELF IN THAT POSITION Hmmm... I feel sort of offended right now. About how you decided to insult me without reading the page first. If you had read it, you'd know that I had been quite careful not to spread "stuff" or "rumors" about them. I pity people like you who try so hard to fit a steryotype onto someone, then fall into one themselves. (the "blathering teeny-bopper" steryotype, to be exact) (THEY ARE UP THERE WORKING THIER HARDEST TO INTERTAIN PEOPLE YOUR NOT) That's "entertain", and they aren't succeeding any more than I am. Oh, and for the 3,858,274,429,759th time, I'm not jealous!!!!! BRANDY LEE DELAND

Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-12-25 00:21:00
Comments: I FORGOT ONE THING/..................LOSE THE PAGE!!!!!!!!!
Why? I haven't seen any reason to.

Name: Jessica Collins
Referred by: Net Search
From: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Time: 1997-10-29 01:47:00
Comments: I hate YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Join the club.YOU HATE HANSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate Hanson's music. There's a difference. HANSON PLAYS THE BEST MUSIC IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, they don't. YOUR A GIRL!!!!!!!!! No argument here. AND ALSO GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No, I'm not, I've already said this. CAUSE' YOU DON'T LIKE THEM!!!!!! I'm gay because I don't like them? I'm not even going to try to point out all the flaws in this little argument. HANSON RULES!!!!! HAVE YOU EVER HEARD THEIR MUSIC???????????????? I have heard their music; That why I don't think that they rule. WELL, IF YOU HAVEN'T YET, LISTEN TO IT BECAUSE YOU'LL CHANGE YOUR MIND AND IF YOU DON'T THAT MEANS YOU ARN'T REAL!!!!!!! Hee, hee, hee... That's right, I'm only a figment of your imagination.

Name: Missy and Nat again
Website: THIS PAGE RULZ!!!!!!!!!!
Not according to you, it doesn't.
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Aussie
Time: 1997-09-19 16:02:00
Comments: 1. You're jealous!!!!! No, I'm not jealous. I merely dislike Hanson's music. I'm sure most of you dislike certain types of music as well. 2. But I'm not going around making hate pages just because I dislike those other bands!!!!!! Then I dislike Hanson more than you dislike those other bands. 3. They haven't done anything to you!!!! Yes, they have. They have written songs that I severely dislike. 4. You can't change our minds!!!! Nobody cares what you think!!! I'm not trying to change your minds. I'm merely expressing my opinion. And if no one cares what I think, why do you seem so determined to make me stop telling people? And why have well over a thousand people come to my page?
This is looking more and more familiar... 5. Just admit it! You have a crush on one of them!! Why try to hide it??? I was going to ignore this one, because it's so stupid, but the Hansonites have gotten awfully persistent about it, so here goes; No, I do not have a crush on any or all of the Hanson brothers. I never have had one, and it is doubtful that I ever will. Just because the Hansonites' hormones may make all decisions for them doesn't mean that everyone else's do. Why did you put this in here? All it does is clutter your message. Your responces to these comments are pathetic especially the one that goes "They haven't done anything to you!!!! Yes, they have. They have written songs that I severely dislike. " Why is this pathetic? I'd try to figure it out myself, but my little head hurts every time I try and think too hard. What a heap of Bull$!t.You have had many GOOD and OUTSTANDING reasons to remove this page but you are just TOO stubborn to remove it and too petty to step down from that high platform for are standing on when you have this web sight. Could you name a few for me? I can't seem to separate the "GOOD and OUTSTANDING reasons" from the hypocritical and and spurious ones. I guess you must be WAY smarter than me. And ZAC IS CUTE!!!SAME WITH TAYLOR!!!! Is this one of your "GOOD and OUTSTANDING reasons"? It seems to fit in with the spurious ones.

Name: hayley
Website: My First hompage
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Australia.... Middle of no where in the country
Time: 1997-09-19 03:29:00
Comments: Now can i just say a few things about hanson haters. Why are you wasting your time on something that you dipise?
I'm "wasting my time" insulting something I despise. There's a difference. I absolutely don't like Spice Girls but at least I have a reason that is not jealousy. They are sluts! How about that? Some common ground! I have a reason that's not jealousy, too; I dislike their music! Is that too much for you? Now you say they are gay, but they have had girlfriends! Whoops, I fell off it. I never said they were gay! You say they have nothing, but they must for girls to like them so much! I never said they "had nothing", either. Where are you getting this? And you're right, they are getting a lot of girls. The same sort of girls who fell head over heels for Milli Vanilli and New Kids on the Block. Why do you hate them so much anyway!?!? I've already explained this; I don't hate them, I hate their music. They sin in a great harmony and all their songs are sweet and they make plenty of sence... This is a matter of opinion. If you hate them I have one word for you.... Jealousy.... You say you aren't jealous at all but have you: - have you had number 1 and number 2 albums? -Have you become a millionaire recently? -Have you travellled the world? -Can you sing as good as them? -Are you as good looking as them? (no way!!) Whoa, I'm hurt! -Do you attract as many girls as them? -Can you play instruments as well as them? -Basically can you do anything as well as them? Yes, I can actually do many things as well as or better than they can. Of course, to an obsessed Hansonite, that's impossible. "No one can exceed or dislike them because I am obsessed with them! If you don't like them , you're a jealous and you suck because I say so!" Sorry to burst your bubble, Hayley, but I'm not jealous; I simply dislike their music! Wow! What a concept! Think you can figure it all out? Someone dislikes your obsessions' music! HORROR! -Are you as funny as them? -Are you as nice as them? -Do you have nicer voices than them? I certainly have a deeper voice than them. Listen I could go on for years but I wont Good, because I wouldn't be paying attention. becaues I am wasting my time You certainly are. anbd yours and most importantly I'm wasting my money... See ya... HANSON RULES!!!! not because of their looks but because of their music... But mind you they are really nice looking! That's all a matter of opinion.

Name: Allie & Jess
Website: none of your business
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Middle of Nowhere
Time: 1997-09-19 00:08:00
Comments: Where do you get off saying Hanson's music is a bunch of nonsense, have you ever looked at the lyrics?! If you had you would have seen that there songs are deeper then they sound, including MMMBOP!!!!!
"looked at the lyrics", as in "looked at the lyrics sheet"? Oh. How silly I am to think I should be able to understand music without the lyrics sheet. (And I have listened to them.) also if you hate HANSON so much why did you spend so much time creating a web site about them?!!! A web site complaining about them. Can you grasp the difference?

Name: Michelle
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Illinois
Time: 1997-09-18 22:12:00
Comments: I think that hanson haters are jealous and really must have nothing to do if all they can do is put down people who have reached their goal and happen to pretty hot. Can we say MMMJealous?
Michelle, I don't feel I should have to defend myself against you, since you're saying exactly the same thing as 3,000 other star-struck adolescents, not to mention their little magazines.

Name: No.1 Hanson Fans. Got a lot of competition for that one.
Website: The no.1 Hanson lovers.
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Essendon North. Melbourne. Victoria. Australia.
Time: 1997-09-15 05:57:00
Comments: This is the worst site ever.
A matter of opinion... We LOVE Hanson. Really? I wouldn't have known, "No.1 Hanson Fans.". The pictures and languge, we are discusted with. The what? What pictures and language? WE PROTEST. Protest what??? Hanson is the hottest group ever. Mmm.BOP, might not mean anything but, Hanson RULES. Why? For all your HANSON HATERS, you should P.O.Q. Guess what it stands for???????? Whoa! And who was just harrassing me about fictional "language", hmmm? Hanson is a good group and a reason to take this crap site off is because it devastates, some. HANSON RULES, HANSON RULES, HANSON RULES, HANSON RULES, HANSON RULES,HANSON RULES,HANSON RULES. That is a matter of opinion. Didn't you have anything else to say? And, "it devastates, some". What does it devastate? Their careers? Good. I WILL KEEP SENDING MESSAGES SAYING ONLY THE ABOVE UNTIL YOU TAKE THIS SITE OFF. I'm shaking in my shoes. FROM ??????????????????? Really? I thought it was from "No.1 Hanson Fans.". Have you changed your minds?

Name: shenelle freeman
Website: dont have one
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: missouri
Time: 1997-09-17 14:09:00
Comments: I think you have to be crazy NOT to like HANSON I love them I have known them all of my life and I would very much appriciate it if you would keep stuff like that to yourself.In other words YOU SUCK!!!!! LATER,(HANSON RULZ) SHENELLE FREEMAN
Short and sweet. Not that it's at all relevant, since this is all what I've responded to before...

Website: ??????????
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-09-17 03:35:00
That's "Anti-Hanson's Music" page. WHY DONT YOU TELL US WHAT BANDS YOU LIKE? I have. Did you even read the page, or did you go straight to guestbook? THEN WE CAN WRITE A HATE HOME PAGE ABOUT THEM.WOULDN`T YOU WANT TO CRITISIZE US? No, because I wouldn't be on a page insulting my favorite band, anyway.

Name: angel
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: ohio
Time: 1997-09-17 02:11:00
Comments: i like hanson, and for all the poeple who don't have to anounce it all you are doing is showing how imature you are if you don't like hanson you dont have to make a big deal of it i like hanson so bye
If it's immature to say that you dislike Hanson's music, then it's equally immature to say that you like Hanson's music.

Name: jill jirik
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: martinez, california
Time: 1997-09-16 01:35:00
Comments: First of all, I am VERY insulted!!!!
Whoa! You are? Oh horror, I've insulted... Second, I have a good reason why Hanson is a GREAT group. I don't know what religion you are,but I've been a Christian since the day I was born. The Hanson Brothers and family are very strong Christians. Because you are insulting Hanson, you are also insulting me and my religion. So I will ask you nicely, in the name of GOD, please take this page down. Love in Christ, Jill ...An obsessed Hansonite, a user of absurd logic, and a "Devout Christian", all rolled into one. Why is insulting Hanson's music the same as insulting you AND Christianity, Jill?

Name: santa claus Is that so?
Website: merry christmas
Referred by: Word of Mouth
From: north pole
Time: 1997-09-15 21:29:00
Comments: you are bad little children. you are not getting any presents this year for christmas, you naughty kids. hanson kicks ass
Really, Santa? Oh horror... Oh well, as long as I'm not getting any presents, I might as well send some of those musical Christmas cards that people hate so much. Specifically, the ones with the little music box replaced with plastic explosives.

Name: None of your business You again? Or is this a different "None of your business"?
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-09-15 18:14:00
Comments: I don{t care a #### oif what you say.
Join the club. I am a hansonfan and this %%%%% is not gonna change my mind. Ooooh, "None of your business" called my page %%%%% and ####! Well at least he/she's not using f*ck as every other word. Must be a different "None of your business". I am not sick or dumb because I like them. I'm aware of this. I think you are the duimb ones and the """" ones. So shut up about it!!!!! Shut up about what? You haven't complained about anything I've actually done!

Name: NOW THAT'S A SECRET NO ONE KNOWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Whoa, you're saying that even you don't know your name? Or are you just randomly quoting from "MmmBop"?
I seriously doubt that's your website.
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Randomly quoting from a song again?
Time: 1997-09-15 06:00:00
No. 1)IT SUCKS 2)HANSON ROCKS Both a matter of opinion. 3)THERES MORE LUVAS THAN HATERS PAGES What does that have to do with it? Is this a bandwagon argument? "You must take down this page because many people disagree with it." 4)THEY HAVE 2 BIOGRAPHYS OUT AND GOT SOLD OUT RIGHT AWAY (YOU DON'T HAVE BIOGRAPHYS BOUT YOU,DO YOU?) No, but that's irrelevant. What do their biographies have to do with my page? 5)YOU WASTE YOUR TIME ON A WEB PAGE I MEAN;YOU WASTE YOUR TIME ON A WEB PAGE WHICH PEOPLE SIGN THE GUESTBOOK TO CUSS AT YOU!!!!COME ON,REALLY!!! This says more against you than me. 6)HOW BOUT YOU MAKE A WEB SITE AGAINST BUSH????BUSH SUCKS... I've never heard Bush. And that's another irrelevant argument? Besides, aren't you telling me to do pretty much the same thing I did here? I thought you hated this page. 7)I READ THAT "EW WUP" SONG AND THAT REALLY SUCKED It couldn't such worse than "Mmm-Bop". ...SORRY...BETTER GO...KEEP MY REASONS IN MIND!!!LUV,??????? No, I've wasted enough time on your "reasons".

Name: obsessed But of course...
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Where the love is!
Time: 1997-09-22 23:23:00
Comments: Ilooovvvee Hanson!
Duh, Ms./Mr. "obsessed". All you Hanson haters are jealous of them because they're so cool and you're not. Oh how original; I'm jealous because they're cool and I'm not. I merely dislike their music, can you understand that? Or is it unimaginable that anyone could dislike anything about your idols? You probably listen to loser bands like INXS and reading books by Janette Oke (if you even know who she is). 'Fraid not, on both counts. So there! I've proved my point Where???? When???? - Hanson RULES and you guys DROOL! Wher have I heard this before? Oh that's right; Nursery school and Saturday morning cartoons when I was five. What does this imply?

Name: sarah
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: edmonton .alta
Time: 1997-09-22 19:53:00
Comments: i think that hanson rule
Do you? so that doesnt give you ant right to judge other peoples talents and abilites I can't judge Hanson's talents and abilities because you think they rule? If you, say, said that the sky was orange, would you allow anyone to contradict you? How would you stop them? And why can't I judge their talents and abilities if you can? (i.e., you're comment "I think Hanson rules.) Oh, that's right; You're the Queen of Everything, aren't you, and what you say goes! just because your jelous I've said it before, and it's likely I'll be forced to say it again; I am not jealous of Hanson, I merely dislike their music. Clear enough for you? when you get to where they are at there age then you can critse them I guess I can critisize them now, since I'm a year older than Zac. And why should I have to be thier age? Oh, wait, you want me to get millions of pre-teen girls to scream at me daily at their age. Why would I want to? but for now leve them freak.your probably some kind of sick person likes marlyn manson and nirvana. you are such a loser I've never even heard Marilyn Mansen or Nirvana. Obviously I'm missing something good if the most obsessed and hypocritical Hansonites hate them.

Name: Rachel
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-09-22 02:41:00
Comments: IMMATURE?I'll tell you about immature!!!
Please do. Immature are people like you who have nothing better to do than to make crappy pages like this which consist of nothing but bullshit, like you. You get an "F-", kiddo. Immature is people like you who believe that "Freedom of Speech" and "Freedom of the Press" don't apply to anyone except you. You need to get a life go and find a friggin band that you actually like and leave Hanson alone you Mother Fucker!! Can't I get anything new out of you people? I've already replied to these same illogical arguments dozens of times today. I hope you stuff this page up your ass,and if you can't do that stuff the whole fucking computer!! Web pages, of course, have no mass, so I couldn't do that even if I were inclined to do so. I believe this is mentioned in response to the same sort of slander on CHFA. As for the second one, I'm not inclined to do so anyway, but you'd be doing the world a favor if you tried it yourself.

Name: austin powers
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: us
Time: 1997-09-21 12:28:00
Comments: damia you don't even know who they are! Admit it!!!!!!!!
I don't even know who they are? Austin, if I didn't know who they were, I wouldn't have made an "Anti-Hanson's Music" page. Think about it.

Name: HANSON'S BIGGESTS FAN'S You guys again? Or is have you been elected in place of the last bunch? This much be a much-sought-after title.
Website: ?
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: FUCK YOU!!!!
Must be new ones. The last bunch said "YOU SUCK!!!!!".
Time: 1997-09-28 04:46:00
Comments: You're WEB SHIT SUCKS SO BAD!!!!!!
Does it? HANSON is way popular than you will EVER be!!!! Hanson are "One-Hit Wonders". Wait a month or so for the novelty to wear off and *FOOM* "Hanson? Who's that?" the only reason why you probably put up this stupid crap is because you ARE A LOSER you little DIP SHIT!!!!!! Actually, I put it up because I was bored and thought I might be able to make a few people to repent from this Satan-Worship. (Figuratively. I do not belive that Hanson are Satan/Satanic.) If you hate Hanson sooo much,than why the FUCK would you make a web page page about them?? 1. I do not hate Hanson, I hate their music. 2. I spend about a 5 minutes a day on this page. 3. This is a page against Hanson's music, not for Hanson!!! Can you grasp the difference??? I know why, You have know FUCKING life!! Look who's talking, Mr.\Ms. "I-Think-I'll-Curse-At-People-Who-Disagree-With-My-Opinion". Listen you litlle 12 year old FUCKING ASS PRICK, I think it is time you actually got a fucking life!!!! Whoa! Mr.\Ms. "I-Think-I'll-Curse-At-People-Who-Disagree-With-My-Opinion" knew I was going to reply like that. Or maybe he/she has hust heard this argument many times already. This could mean one of several things 1. He/She goes to Anti-Hanson sites fairly often. (Why would you be doing that, Hansonite? 2. He she goes to Anti-Hanson sites fairly often and refuses to even consider the arguments that the Anti-Hansonites make. 3. He/She is a psychic on the "Psychic Friends Network". Do you know that HansonLOVERS out number HansonHATERS by far??? It's another stupid bandwagon argument. "You must like Hanson because everyone else does." Gee, how intelligent you must be, Hansonites, getting your arguments from television commercials. I think you better quit while your ahead,because your going to start to get alot of HANSON LOVERS FUCKING PISSED at you!!! So? The ones who get "pissed" at me seem to be stupid and without the necessary intelligence to hurt me. And besides, they don't know where I live. There is that a good enough reason for you to take down this shitty web shit ???? No. WE HATE YOU!!! I'd noticed. By the way SHIT HEAD we're 15!!!! That's nice. Why do you people keep telling me your ages, anyway? Does it actually matter? Oh, wait, it gives you a sense of superiority to be older than me, doesn't it? HANSON IS HOT!!! TAYLOR IS HOT!!!!! ZAC IS HOT!!! ISAAC IS HOT!!! This is a debatable "point". So FUCK YOU YOU LITTLE SON OF A BITCHIN ASSHOLE!!!! Whoa! This guy/gal can think! Who but a genius whould curse irrationally at me, thinking it will change my opinion?

Name: Katie
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Canada
Time: 1997-09-28 04:34:00
Comments: Hi well here's my reason that you should shut down this page because YOUR opinion makes no sense you can't really support it
I KNEW IT! The only reason the Hansonites keep plaguing me is that they DON'T UNDERTSAND my defenses! They can't comprehend that someone might not like Hanson! It must be giving them terrible headaches just reading this. i mean you put alot of work into this page i mean i should know i'm starting my own homepage all the code crap there is. I'm obviously better at it than you, since this page practically makes itself. Or maybe it's just how easy it is to point out the obvious flaws in Hansonites' arguments. Two more points toward my theory that the Hansonites cannot understand how/why someone could disagree with them. But why out of all the things there is that you're interested in why did you have to do it on Hanson?? Because 1. I'm trying to get the point accross that anti-Hansonites AREN'T JEALOUS. (Obviously it's not working.) and 2. It's fun to watch Hansonites make themselves look stupid with bad arguments. Ask yourself this question What kind of music do you like?? (I've already explained this.) If you could sing and you had the support would you(if you had talent)make a CD and try your hardest to succeed in what you did and be unique well that is merely whta Hanson is doing. Pardon me, Katie, but the (debatable) fact that Hanson likes to "sing" is nowhere near relevent. What should that have to do with shutting down my page? I like watching Hansonites make fools of themselves publicly. Why don't you accept that as a reason for me not to shut down my page? If that is not a good enough reason to shut this page down then I don't know what is! Even the "jealousy" argument made more sense than that. E-mail me with ANYTHING you have to say!,Katie

Name: Larisa and Leah
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Albertane, Mars
Time: 1997-09-27 21:48:00
Comments: Dear Loner, who has no life but to insult ones better then him,
I'll assume you're addressing me, since none of you seem to be able to correctly spell my screen name. I guess it makes sense, since many of you cannot correctly spell "Hanson". What the hell are you trying to prove?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That I dislike Hanson's music. I've already said this, many times. Hanson Rulz, and we all know that your just jealous that they have fame and you don't. How original. I'm not going to explain that I'm not jealous again, since "Larisa and Leah" obviously can't read, and had their mommy type this out for them the moment they realized this was an anti-Hanson page. I'll bet they didn't even see the several dozen times that I said I was not jealous. Hansonites tend to steryotype on the spot, as well as form strong opinions about things they do not understand. What did Hanson ever do to you??!!!! They wrote songs that make me sick. You are such a immature two year old baby!!!! You are the biggest Smeg - head in the world. "Smeg-head"? Oh, how cute- The little baby Hansonites have made up a secret language. Why do you insult them? Because I dislike their music- Duh. Maybe they're not to your taste, but why make a dinky old web page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To make you Hansonites realize that not everyone idolizes them? Nah, that can't be right- I must be a jealous, gay, faggot! How would you like it if we made an anti-YOU page????!!!!!!!!!!!! There already is one. (Well, an "Anti-Anti-Hanson Page".) As is the case with most Hansonites, "Nick" misspelled half the words on it, even "Hanson". So quit this immature CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .........................Oh and by the way, KISS MY ASS YOU WIENERHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "Wienerhead"? And you say I'm immature.

Name: Jessica
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-10-01 20:04:00
Comments: I think that you are rude and jelous about the Hansons and it is a stupid idea to have a Anti-Hanson page just because you don't like their music.
Under what conditions should I set up an anti-Hanson page, then? If they killed my dog and burned my house? I think you should take down your page because you obviously don't recignize good talent when you here it! I've already explained this, as have most of your English teachers in school, I'm sure. "Talent" is relative. You may think they have "talent", but I don't. It's called an "opinion". The Hanson brothers are cool sweet and kind. You and your little Anti-Honson friends are rude conceted and dumb!! Their are a lot of good reasons to take down your page but right know I think you should take it down because you don't know what good music is. HANSON IS GOOD MUSIC!!!!

Name: Katie Hanson(I'm not kidding) Yes, you are. You're also the same Katie who just can't stop cursing at me.
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Baltimore,Maryland
Time: 1997-10-03 13:01:00
Comments: Duh!
What is this supposed to mean? You R such an insignifigant little 12 year old dork! Then why are you bothering to insult me? What makes you think yhat you are any better than Hanson? Did you ever realize that they are more poular than u, they make more money and they r probably better looking!!! Yes. They're probably more popular, make more money, and are better looking than you, too. Just because you don't like ther music doesn't mean u have to make a whole webpage about it! Just because you like their music doesn't mean you have to tell people. Are you that disturbed? I guess so. I'm 14 and I know what I'm talking about. No, you don't. I know your kind, YOU ARE A LOOSER!!!! (You misspelled "loser".) And I know your kind, you are an obsessed Hansonite who will lie to claim any relation at all to them. Anyone who knows anything about hanson is that they Kick ASS!!!!!!!!! As I've said before, this is all a matter of opinion. I'm sure your english teacher has told you the same thing, that opinions are statements that can be neither proven nor disproven.

Name: emma bunton
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: middle of nowhere
Time: 1997-10-03 20:42:00
Comments: look some anti-hanson web sites are funny but this one sucks!
Why? yes i am a hanson fan! I'd noticed. and i have nothing against a 12 year old moron like you, It's obvious that you do; I'm an anti-Hansonite, so you can't help it. {im 13} So? but those other girls that wrote to you are right you are jelous of them because there more popular than u. Yeah. I'm really jealous. I'm so jealous that I don't have thousands of screaming pre-teen girls like you following me everywhere I go and misspelling my name in my defense. and i know deep down in that skimpy heart of yours you like them too!!! Did it ever occur to you taht I didn't? That somehow, someone did not develope a crush on them at first site? That someone might (Oh, horror of horrors!) disagree with you?? Wow- What a concept! and for info hanson are my best friends! Yeah, and the Royal Family are mine. so i suggest u think twice about hanson because soon anti-anti-hanson will take over this sucky site and you anti-hanson morons are gonna DIE! Sure. And I bet you'll send an army of screeching adolescent girls through the phone lines and out my computer. I'll have to flee in terror and hide under small objects.

Name: twogirls
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: australia
Time: 1997-10-04 11:49:00
Comments: I'd just like to sat that I think your a try hard that is envious of someone that's having a go.
A what? Oh, you're saying I'm jealous. Can't you people come up with a good argument once in a while? Also its pretty pathetic that you dont have anything better to do with your time. It's interesting how this person didn't read enough of my page to see the "I only spend 5 minutes a day on this page." notice. Oh, well. I guess I can't expect an attention span in a die-hard Hansonite. It's so much easier to steryoptype on the spot. I can't help it if you have no taste, you obviously have no intellect if you feel you have to spend over a minute of your measly, insignifigant life critising people. And how long did you spend typing this, "twogirls"? It must have taken quite a while to spell-check all these big words... All your doing is sitting on your fat ugly ass. Look who's talking. Hanson Rules. This is a matter of opinion. Dont try to retaliate you mutilated piece of shit, your not worth listening to as your an insult to human intelligence. ...says a Hansonite who thinks insulting me and crying out false allegations will make me join the screaming masses of rabid pre-teens. On your home page it says that if I can come up with a decent answer to why you should not bag hanson well sorry I can, why do you feel you have to verbally bash others surely you could do something more constructive with your time, your really are a bitch. As I said before, I only spend about 5 minutes a day on this page. Besides, aren't you "verbally bashing others" with this letter? I LOVE HANSON sorry if you dont share my pasion. You misspelled "passion". MMM-BOP. "Bye-bye", I guess it means in this contest. It must be a remarkably flexible word.

Name: Abigail
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Australia
Time: 1997-10-04 11:26:00
Comments: To whoever, Don't worry Damia I'm not going to curse you or do anything foolish.
Ha. What is your problem? "Mmm-bop" is my problem. Clear enough for you? So what if hanson shops at a discount department store? WHAT? I bet some of you do but you are to egolostical to admit it. What does this have to do with anything????? I respect your opinions on hanson but if you guys want to make stupid rumors up keep it to yourself. What are you talking about? What stupid rumors? Where are you getting this????? I never made up any rumors about Hanson! As usual, the Hansonites have decided to steryotype me on the spot. Instead of actually looking at my page, they've decided to accuse me of whatever pops into their tiny little heads. There are other things that I would like to say but I'll save it for later. See you around, Abigail

Name: Furious Person
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
From: Australia
Time: 1997-10-04 06:15:00
Comments: You must be stark raving mad if you think we would care what your bloody screen name is.
You must be, too, "Furious Person". Hanson rulz and basically YOU have no evidence to say they don't, FOR HEAVENS SAKE , And you have no evidence that they do. a song that was nb 1. ni 3 countries for nine weeks can't exactly be shit can it? In my opinion yes. In yours, lets just jump on the bandwagon, shall we? I mean its about 100 hanson haters against about 300 000 000 000 hanson lovers, evn a fool could figure out that you are in a no win situation Toot-toot, it's pulling into the station! Sorry, kiddo, I'm not going to turn into a Hansonite just because a bunch of rabid pre-teens are.

Name: Huh? Forgot you name? Don't worry, it'll come to you in time.
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-10-11 05:20:00
Comments: You know, for someone who only "dislikes Hanson's music and not Hanson themselves," it doesn't seem like that. First of all, when I got into your page I noticed your page description in Yahoo. Why, if you "disliked Hanson's music and not Hanson" would you state that the Hanson brothers were test tube babies grown in cardboard boxes?
It's called "advertising". You're such a liar. Spice Girls don't make such hot music, but are they called test tube babies? By people who hate their music more than I hate Hanson's, which is tough. I think not. You DO hate them; you just can't admit it. You're probably just jealous. Yes, I'm so jealous that I don't have millions of pre-teen girls following me wherever I go and occasionally mistaking me for the opposite sex. Yeah, I know, most people already have said that to you, but it is a simple fact that most people who are jealous just can't admit, no matter what. And it's also a simple fact that most people who are fanatical Hansonites can't understand how someone could simply dislike their music and not be jealous. That's why they always deny it. You're a great example, as are all anti-Hanson fanatics. Whoa! Just like most Hansonites, you're steryotyping me without knowing anything about me! Now I can steryotype you; You fall into the "Fanatical-Hansonite-Who-Makes-False-Accusations-And-Can't-Understand-How-Anyone-Could-Dislike-Her/His-Idols-And-Refuses-To-Even-Leave-Her/His-Screen-Name". And no, that's not my fault. I have put my musical tastes, age, etc. on my page, which you obviously did not have the attention span to read. It doesn't, after all, have anything to do with Hanson. I bet that you'll never take down your page. Not at the rate you're going. You just said that, but you'll just keep on saying that all the reasons are just stupid. I haven't seen one good one yet. If you could name one, then I'll gladly take down my page. Everybody who says that kind of thing never really come through, because they just can't admit that they're wrong. I haven't seen any proof that I'm wrong, and you aren't helping, kiddo. Have fun drooling over your idols and thinking you've counted coup over me.

Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1997-10-11 21:52:00
(secret) OR ATLEAST NOT ON AN INTERNET PLACE. So... You're saying that Freedom of Speech/the Press should be suspended when the opinion displayed is negative in any way? Well, then, why don't you email Steven Spielberg and tell him that only an immature baby with no life would make a movie where something bad happens.