Something Not At All Like a Message Board

A lot of people I'd like to email with a response don't put their email address with their guestbook messages, and have posts that would be tedious to heckle. So...

Jill the Devout Christian, you claim that it is an insult to all Christians to insult Hanson. This is bull. Hey, did you know that Hitler was a Christian?

Tiffiny, why should I not dislike Hanson because they are Christian? What theological theory confirms this? If I say I am Christian, will that be a reason for you Hansonites to stop cursing at me?

All you nuts who think that the TTGBITN guestbook is Hanson's, Zac says he hates you.

Britt and J-E-N-N-I, whatever. You can stop posting now. I get it.