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The Chronicles of Llydien

Our good friends Llydien and Alea have been working for a cosmetics trade magazine in London for almost 2 1/2 years now and although they LOVE the free perfumes and cosmetics they are very, VERY fed up with their boss, their really REALLY annoying colleague, the narcissistic, claustrophobic and shallow world of beauty PR in London and so many other things connected with this job. Therefore they recently handed in their notice. Llydien's and Alea's last day will be the 21 June and after that they will be (officially) unemployed. Since no one can afford living in London without a job they have decided to relocate to another Euopean country and work as as freelance writers/translators until they can find a more fulfilling and interesting job somewhere in Europe or Asia. Neither of them are sure which path to take in their lives and both are looking for inspiration/direction/a hint from the universe. Consequently they have decided to go with the flow, see what happens and consider any kind of career path or job ad. Now might also be the time for a complete career change, who knows. In any case they still want to work in an international context, so if anyone has a job at an international/pan-European organisation/NGO to offer to Alea or Llydien, please e-mail them at the addresses below. Cheers.

his page is maintained by Llydien & her alter egos Alea et al. So far we are two, but that can change at any minute, depending on emotions, moods, states of mind, moon phases & so on. But first of all (we need to get our priorities right!): An hommage to Luke Skywalker! Llydien's hero and favorite man, existing or non-existing, we don't care! Therefore, wend your way thusly to Llydien's Luke Skywalker Appreciation Page, which explains in detail but without any technical terms why (Look out! Alliteration approaching!!) Llydien loves Luke.

Introspective Thought For The Day:

Never weep in corsets.
Hearts break with less pain
if there is no restricting band of whale-bone clamped on top of them.
It is also wiser,
if you are about to fall into an abyss of misery, to get into bed first,
for once you have fallen it will not be easy to get up and clean your teeth and brush your hair
and tie on your nightcap.

Green Dolphin Country - Elizabeth Goudge

hat this is all about! As the title states so rightly, this is Llydien's page. While she does exert the strongest influence within these pages, I am called Alea & I'm usually the more rational aspect of Llydien's. I occupy her historian & archivist character traits so I'm the narrator around here for most of the time. Anyhow, the conjunction of both us egos results into something which is, like so often in the universe, more than the sum of its parts...

s to the contents of this page, we've decided on a completely random selection of stuff we like which includes everything from silver screen movies, music, bookshops, Luke Skywalker, poetry & Gershwin, peace movements & literature, philosophy & the meaning of life (if you are adept enough to read between the lines...). Because this is Llydien's page, most of it revolves around her favourite things. So far, we have a selective list of her favourite dead men which includes Gene Kelly (SWOON!!!) & Mel Torme (double-SWOON!!!!! Can the man SING!) & some of her favourite non-existent men - such as Luke Skywalker (oh, she is nothing but not versatile!) will join us soon. Her favourite universes (fictional, of course...isn't everything in life? Be honest now!) are also present in synopses & recommendations - for example, Darkover & Oz (as in Wizard of...) [Note: Some of these pages are rather slow in loading, so please be patient], and - a list of tried and tested favourite antiquarian bookstores! Actually, both of us love to hang out there, so those pages were pretty much a collaboration even though she won't admit it.

uess what! Finally we got around to rustling up some poetry pages! Therefore, will you please welcome the divine Walter de la Mare. Latest addition: after a lapse of several years, Llydien and Alea have now, in August 2004 (gods, how time flies - truism of the week!) finally added some more poetry pages. We have been planning on devoting a page to the German poet Arno Holz for literally years. Now, finally, we have achieved this modest goal. Hence, Ladies & Gentlemen, we are pleased to present Arno Holz. Hooray! Plus, random favourite poems from lots of worlds & times & spheres can be found here.

Llydien's Favourite Poems
Click here to visit Llydien's Favourite Otherworlds
More of Llydien's Favourites - BOOKS!
Llydien's Favourite Dead Men

ot that we really assume that any outsider will read this (except for those kind friends we've thoughtfully provided with Llydien's URL....) we'll consider this our very own discussion forum in which Llydien & I will argue & talk & fight, as alter egos usually do (ever met some which live peacefully together??). We might even be joined by a third party, if Llydien feels like it...after all, this is her page, so she calls the shots....

ne last thing: we do love to receive e-mail (obviously, no spam or nasty messages, please - both of our e-mail addresses proudly possess bulk mail folders! Thus, adding them to any mailing lists is a waste of time and the energy of the universe, and therefore an utterly unproductive thing to do.) You can contact Llydien at: Llydien @ I, Alea, can be reached at: Lampadusa @ And this is not all! No, indeed. We have now added a Guestbook in which you are quite welcome to leave Your Views On Any Or All Aspects Of Life, Reality, The World & This Webpage. However, dare to pen any mean comments or insults and we'll put a nasty spell on you. You have been warned.

ordially rs, Llydien and Alea

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