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nd now for one of Llydien's favourite singers ever. Ladies and Gentlemen:

el Tormé!

mel torme pic

elvin Howard Tormé was born on 13 September 1925 in Chicago and died in August 1996. He had his first job as a singer when he was four years old and after that worked in radio until 1940. His real singing career took off in 1942 when he formed his group Mel Tormé and The Mel-Tones who recorded hits with Artie Shaw and Bing Crosby. In 1946 Tormé began his solo career in earnest, recorded first for a little-known music label and then signed on with Capitol Records for a five-year contract. In the Fifties he worked increasingly as a composer and had his own daily talk-show on CBS.

xcept for being an outstanding vocalist, composer, writer and so on, he also starred in a few movies, most notably (notably for Llydien anyway) in 1947's Good News with June Allyson and Peter Lawford. Billed as 'Everyone's Favourite College Musical' the film is set in the 1920s, when 'girls were flappers and boys were sheiks'. Oh yes. With a screen play by Betty Comden and Adolph Green - who also wrote the screenplay for Singin' in the Rain - and a wonderful De Sylva, Brown, and Henderson score which includes 'Lucky In Love' and 'He's A Ladies' Man', Good News features a young Mel Tormé who is adorable in 1920s clothes and sings like a dream, too, in particular 'The Moon Belongs to Everyone'. Absolutely enchanting.

is voice has been described as 'almost absurdly lyrical' and it has indeed a magical warm timbre which is really hard to describe but instantly recognisable. His nickname 'The Velvet Fog' stems from his earliest singing period, when he sang with a high husky voice. Llydien much prefers his earlier recordings to more recent one, but Mel Torme always sounds wonderful. Obviously this would be the place for a few mp3 recordings of some Mel Tormé classics such as 'A Stranger In Town', 'Blue Skies' and 'The Christmas Song' but once again technology won't allow Llydien to do this. Shame really, he is just SO worthwhile listening to.

ll Llydien can do is include a link to a good Torme webpage with lots of info and more pictures (this is also where she got the above photo! Lacking her own. Soon to come, however!)

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