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lydiens first and foremost passion. Books in all forms and ways, old and new and borrowed, too, but particularly old ones! And antiquarian printed ephemera in general. If you don’t know the term ‘ephemera’, Llydien suggests to go look it up - you’ll find it includes printed paper of all kinds, magazines, telegrams, letters, newspapers, posters, flyers, a veritable cornucopia of fascination and wonder.

t this point, let us pay hommage to Johannes Gutenberg who invented the printing press in 1445 and revolutionised the world of books and learning.

ooray!ooray!! ooray!!! Congratulations Johannes! Llydien salutes you!!

ere follows an selected and annotated list of Llydien’s favourite Secondhand/Antiquarian Bookstores. As some readers might recall, Llydien loves to compile annotated stuff, bibliographies and such, although sometimes they are simply not appreciated by certain individuals......

nyway! Let us begin!