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Luke's just so nice and SO talented in defeating the bad guys, and ADORABLY full of principles and integrity and simply utterly RAVISHING!!! Luke Skywalker is Llydien's - well, favourite doesn't really do it justice - hero/superman/everything and anything he is to her.


Well, what else can Llydien say? Except that they recently showed this Muppet Show episode of 1979 with Mark Hamill's guest appearance on television and Llydien was ENRAPTURED. Alea was a witness, they were watching it together and she kept giving her patently understanding and very tolerant glances but Llydien didn't care! ...well, as for me (Alea) I have to admit Mark Hamill was rather sweet in that show so I can understand Llyd's obsession up to a point, but the dear does tend to overshoot the mark (no pun intended...!) sometimes. But bless her buttons, that's the way she is....

Anyhow, I return the word to Llydien....

How everything began!

Llydien's Luke obsession manifested itself on 16 April 1997 when the Star Wars Special Edition Episodes had just been released in cinemas worldwide. On the eve of this memorable April day Llydien and some friends went to the movies. After long discussion on which film they should watch, Llyd was dragged into 'The Empire Strikes Back' by said friends (whom she has never ceased to be grateful to!). She went into the cinema quite reluctantly and not really knowing or caring about anything Star Wars related. THEN! Luke appears on the screen. Oh these memorable scenes! Luke wearing skimpy tops and training with Yoda, being so sensitively emotional upon Yoda's death and in the end throwing himself into the abyss rather than being in league with his father...OHHHHH!

The movie had finished, Llydien walked out in a daze and the very next day started to find out everything about her dream man. And has never ceased to do so ever since. When she was sitting her university exams in June of that felicitous year Llydien got into the habit of revising Aristotle and Cather by day and going to see Star Wars movies (as often as they were shown at the local movie theatre) at night....'Return Of The Jedi' she watched 12 times. Well, that's Llydien for you.

Incidentally, she also managed to pass her exams.

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