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I was asked to do one of the most difficult things I think I've ever had to do: Put my feelings for Chris VonErich to paper. Not knowing him personally, they aren't normal feelings that one might have for a friend or even a brother. But they are feelings just the same.

Living in Michigan, exposure to the Von Erich's was minimal. But ESPN began showing USWA wrestling for one hour at four p.m. each weekday. Each day, after school, I had the tv on - I ruled that set for one hour. This was my first glimpse of Chris Von Erich. Being a teenager, the first thing that attracted me to Chris was his looks. He had that little boy charm and an all - around sweet disposition about him. Until then, Jeff Jarrett had been my favorite. And while I still liked him, Chris was quickly wrestling his way into my heart. Unfortunately, he wasn't televised often, but the more I saw of, him the more I realized that he was more than good looks and pretty eyes. Chris Adkisson had heart and he had guts. He worked his way into a world made for big men. He didn't let his small stature hold him back. He was the type of man who warranted respect - and while most were critical of him, I kept in mind that a lot of people wouldn't have even tried. Right there, that made him golden.

I've only got some matches and interviews on tape, a few magazine interviews and a few pictures. Memories are what keep him alive. I've had the chance to chat with Ms. Doris, Chris's Mom, and I found out things I never knew about him. Like his favorite color. That he liked to draw. Pet names. He was really into Indians. The things that made Chris what he was. Chris made me believe in him, in the Von Erich name. My one dream had been to meet him, to tell him what a fan I was and how I believed in him. I never got that chance, but now I feel I've been given a chance. Chris was a fighter, a man and a champion. He didn't have a gimmick or a catchy sounding name. The beautiful, styled robes he donned for his walk to the ring were the only 'flashy' parts of his image. In the ring, he had the basic trunks and boots. The one thing I remember the most was how his socks used to stick up above the boots. He had that 'go out there and be the best I can' air about him, and in my opinion, he did just that.

Tragedy took Chris from his family, friends and fans. That's what most people remember about him. No one knew his favorite color was blue. No one knew that he once had a snake named Fluffy. Lets remember Chris Barton Adkisson (VonErich) as a human, with a sense of humor and a kind heart.

I hope I was able to convey my feelings for Chris, but to be honest, this doesn't do him justice. Nor could I ever find the words to do so. My one hope is that he is at peace and knows he touched someone. Someone who will never forget the name Chris VonErich. To me, he was a champion - and I didn't need a gold belt to show me that.

Left Overs

Your emotional trespass of placidity,
Enslaving a depressed existence,
To take up arms against yourself,
But you didn't kill the demons.

Such a beautiful shell
Was grotesquely filled,
Consuming pain in Angelic eyes,
The terrors of your visions.

What were you thinking,
With the lead to your head?
Were your tears only for yourself?
In zealous convictions you now see as Lies,
But to turn back now shows weakness.

So, you've blown it away in bits of gray,
Exchanging despondence for Death's Ardor,
Yet sympathy remains for you,
A life lived in smoke and mirrors,
An inheritance starving for Fame,
Fed on cold empathetic Left Overs.

Sapphire Requiem

An enamelled, cerullean bowl of sky steals my attention for a moment,
A chill in the air belies the brilliance of the sunlight,
The day seems to be filled with a shrouded vacancy,
As with a solar eclipse or a moonless night,
Something (someone?) brighter is missing.
Mid-September finds me shivering.
Indigo eyes which radiated warmth and stirred souls,
Puckish humor dancing with unaffected compassion,
A soaring, windswept spirit who was never too proud to help someone,
The stains of inferiority were only a treacherous mirage in a desert of desperation,
Their stings more poisonous than that of any scorpion,
You are not forgotten, sweet courageous son of the earth,
No eclipse is permanent,
The moon ultimately rejoins the heavens,
Even the most distant tide finally returns to the shore,
Kindness never truly dies,
And you shall always have a home in our hearts.


Hair that is light brown, skin that is nicely tan,
Eyes so blue, eyes so innocent.
His smile shows the love of his family.
His laughter shows the fun that he had with his brothers.
He was the youngest Von Erich, and had a heart of a tiger.
And though all of this he still had love in his heart for the fans of his.
Chris I want you to know that no matter where you are
up in that big blue sky,
I will always have love in my heart for you.