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Contributions of Chris from fans

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Contributions from fans

This is the section where we will put any pictures that people contribute. These pictures are the property of those that sent them to us (unless otherwise stated). Please respect that if you wish to use them on your own site.

And, by the way, THANK YOU for sending in any pics. :-}

All 3 of these were made and contributed by Laura.

Somebody gave us this pic a long time ago.

Again, from Mr. Bob Murphy. He'll be able to retire after we finish buying his stuff from him! ;-) Thanks again Bob!

*I used this pic from Laura from her club (which you can find in links!)*

Chris and Ruby!

Our many many thanks to Bob for these pics!!! They are HIS property and are not to be used by ANYBODY else. Bob is a good friend of ours and it was nice of him to let us buy these candids from him. (*Note from Jenny: Aren't they gorgeous??? :-D*) You can also find Bob's site in the links too.

From Pazetta

From Rob

From Lynda

This one isn't actually contributed. But we had it from when it was still up. And he's so cute. How could we not put it up?