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Q&A with Chris Von Erich

Q & A with Chris Von Erich
From: The Wrestler
(October 1990)

Q: Chris, congratulations on your very impressive debut. It looks like you'll be the answer to a trivia question from now on.
A: Really? What question is that? Let me guess - who was the fifth Von Erich brother to wrestle?

Q: That's true, but I had something else in mind. When Mike (Von Erich) had his first match in 1984, he made his wrestling debut against Gen. Skandor Akbar. Now you've had your first match against a manager as well.
A: That's pretty interesting. Hey, if I turn out to be half the wrestler that any of my brothers have been, then I'll be a very proud young man. But I think that it's important to keep my ring debut in a proper perspective.

Q: What do you mean?
A: Well, when I made the challenge to Percy, I didn't do it because I had some grandiose ideas about rocketing to the top of the USWA ratings or anything like that. I did it to prove a point. Both Percy and Matt turned against Kerry and Kevin, and one of the ways they got their point across was by attacking me. Once again, I felt like I had gotten in my brothers' way, you know? Is seems like whenever I get near a ring, trouble starts - and I couldn't do anything to help out, which really makes me upset.

Q: The fans were upset when Borne blindsided you. He just lifted you up and rammed you head-first into the ring apron as hard as he could. It really looked like you might've been hurt very badly.
A: Yeah, I had a pretty bad headache for about five days. But what felt worse was that everybody was running around saying "Poor little Chris Von Erich." Little Chris. People around here have always treated me like I'm 10 years old or something. Hey, I'm a man. I'm 20 years old now, and I figured it was time to stand up for myself.

Q: And that's why you challenged Percy?
A: Exactly. Granted, I couldn't really do much against Borne. He's about twice my size, and if I ever wrestled him he probably would tear my head off. So if I couldn't get my revenge on Matt, the next best thing would be to polish off his shady manager. So that's what I did, and believe me, I feel really good about it. It was so nice to finally get up in the ring and show the world that while I may not be the biggest guy in the world, at least I can hold my own with a lying sack of manure like Pringle. I'll tell you, when I hit him in the belly, it was just like sticking my hands in my mama's sourdough bread before she sticks it in the oven. What a slob!

Q: So this makes your record 1-0 as a pro. What are your future plans as far as getting in the ring goes?
A: I really don't know at this point. After I beat him, Pringle kept going around saying that my pinfall was a fluke, that he could beat me if I wrestled him again. I might just do that. Hey, it's fun putting some knots in his fat head, so if he's dumb enough to want to make a hobby out of it, then it's fine with me.
Q: But how about wrestling against other wrestlers?
A: (Pauses) That's a question that I'll really have to put a lot of thought into. Kevin and Kerry have been everything I could ever ask for and more during my training. For years, they've taken time out of their busy schedules to work out with me in the gym, and they showed me holds, maneuvers, and all the training techniques you could shake a stick at. Right now, I'd bet that I know more about wrestling than half of the active competitors out there. But, well, I'm...gee, how do I put this?

Q: Don't be ashamed, Chris. It's obvious to everyone that you're a bit on the small side.
A: (Sheepishly) There, you said it for me. That's right. I am small. After working out for years, I've managed to build my body to about 200 pounds. But I still can't change the fact that I'm barely 5'7". There's nothing I can do about that. So, unless the USWA decides to sanction a light heavyweight division, there's no way I could compete against some of the bruisers that are around here. Could you imagine me against Jeff Gaylord? Or Mike Awesome? I'd get my head handed to me on a plate!

Q: That's probably true. But not every wrestler is a giant, however. Look at Bill Dundee. He's only 5'7", but he's held the USWA Southwestern belt twice, and that's only one of the many titles he's won.
A: Yeah, I know that. Dundee is a role model for any of us who've been told that we're too small to be athletes. I've talked with Jeff Jarrett about that, too. But right now I think it's important to pick and choose my spots. Am I going to become a full-time professional wrestler? I think the answer to that question is no. Will I ever wrestle again? The answer to that question, though, is an emphatic yes. I think there will be plenty of opportunities to help my brothers in the future. Maybe I can give an assist in six-man tag team matches. Or maybe they'll just need somebody to hang out at ringside to look for Pringle or Akbar. Whenever I'm needed, you can bet I'll be there.

Q: It looks as if Kerry and Kevin will no doubt need your help. On the same card in which you made your debut, Kevin wrestled Borne and defeated him by disqualification. But after the match, Gary Young ran out and cut Kevin's hair with scissors that were handed to him by Terrance Garvin.
A: You see the problem here? All the time, people gang up on each other in the USWA. That's the influence of that rat Akbar. As long as he's around as a manager, wrestlers are going to try to break the rules - particularly where my brothers are concerned. Now, Kevin looks terrible because Young hacked off his hair. Well, the biggest thing that daddy always taught me is that I should always look out for my brothers. I just wish I could've been there at that point. I think I'm more than man enough to take care of a prancing screamer like Garvin!

Q: You've brought up an interesting idea. Since you've been so successful against Pringle, how about taking on the USWA's other rule-breaking manager? After watching you in action against Percy, you might just have a shot at defeating Akbar.
A: That's an intriguing thought. We could even put some special stipulations on the bout. We could make it loser leaves the USWA. Hey, if I lost, then I probably don't deserve to be a pro wrestler anyway. But if I won, I'd be the biggest USWA hero since Eric Embry last year. (Laughs) Who knows? Maybe we can sign a match like that real soon. I doubt that coward Akbar would go for it, though.

Q: Things are certainly starting to look up for the Von Erichs. Kerry is riding high as the Texas champion, Kevin is starting to get into the action full-time again, and you've made your successful debut. What do you hope to see happen in the future?
A: For myself, I just want to remain healthy and happy. But I want nothing but the best for my brothers. Kerry seems very happy with the Texas belt, so I hope he can hold that for as long as he wants. Kevin has designs on the USWA title, for sure. What I'd like to see is for both of them to be champions. That would make me very proud.

Q: I've talked to both Kevin and Kerry since your debut victory, and they both said that they're very proud of you.
A: I don't think I could ever ask for more.