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Biography of Chris Von Erich

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A Biography on Chris Von Erich

Real Name: Chris Barton Adkisson

Date of Birth: September 30, 1969; Texas

Astrological Sign: Libra

Hair Color: Brown

Eye color: Blue

Height: 5'6

Weight: 160 pounds

Secret Talent: Drawing

Favorite Color: Blue

High School: Lake Dallas

Animals: Chris loved animals! He had dogs (the whole family did) and was quite partial to snakes (!) He supposedly even had one named Fluffy. We've even heard that he had flying squirrels (We have no confirmation on this though).

How old Chris was when he won his first amateur wrestling match: 6

Musical Instrument: The Drums

First opponent in pro wrestling: Percy Pringle (or Paul Bearer as you know him today)

Little Known Fact:
Chris was very interested in anything that had to do with Indians. Most specifically the Cherokee tribe. That would be why we went with the Indian theme. :-}

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