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TM 42 - Dream Eater
Talk to this guy in Viridian City to get TM 42, Dream Eater.


Trainer House
There's an excellent place in Viridian City where you can level up your Pokemon and get some cash.

Inside the building next to the Pokemart, go downstairs and talk to the lady. Answer yes and you'll fight a trainer with the following Pokemon:

Pokemon Level Exp.
Meganium 50 2227
Typhlosion 50 2238
Feraligatr 50 2250
Prize: $5000

You can only fight once a day though.

Interestingly enough, after you get the Mystery Gift option to work and use it with a friend, the trainer will then turn into your Friend and have all their Pokemon to battle.


Viridian City Gym - Blue

Blue amongst his giant Legos.
Looks like Gary...err... Blue has taken over Giovanni's Gym Leader position after he swore he'd give up Team Rocket.

Blue uses Pokemon similar from the old versions, with references to the show as well.

Blue's Pokemon may give you more challenge than previous Gym Leaders since he uses different types.

Pidgeot - Electric move.
Alakazam - Electric move.
Rhydon - Water move.
Gyarados - Electric move.
Exeggutor - Fire move.
Arcanine - Water move.

That shouldn't be all difficult. After getting the Earth Badge from Blue, head back to Pallet Town.

Pokemon Level Exp.
Pidgeot 56 2064
Alakazam 54 2151
Rhydon 56 2448
Gyarados 58 2659
Exeggutor 58 2634
Arcanine 58 2646
Prize: $5800


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