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Once you surf to Cinnabar, talk to the only person there. It turns out to be Blue (aka Gary), and after he tells you a long and boring story, he'll fly away.. Don't worry, you'll get to see Blue later.


Cinnabar Island Gym - Not There
The volcano on Cinnabar Island has erupted destroying the Gym. Blaine has relocated the Gym to Seafoam Island. Surf there to fight him.


Seafoam Island Gym - Blaine

Not much here to do. Doesn't even fit the whole screen. Blaine still uses Fire Pokemon but only uses 3 this time around.

Magcargo is an evolved Fire Snail thing. Real weird.

Not much strategy here, Hydro Pump or Surf can pretty much handle Blaine's Pokemon.

After beating Blaine and grabbing his Volcano Badge, head to Viridian City to take on Blue.

Pokemon Level Exp.
Magcargo 45 1485
Magmar 45 1609
Rapidash 50 2056
Prize: $5000


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