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Pokemon Gold&Silver Guide by Rossos

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Welcome to our Gold and Silver section. Here is a list of all the pages we have located inside this section.

Section Description
What's New? New to Gold & Silver? Here's a list of what's different in it compared to Red, Blue, and Yellow.
FAQ Got a question about Gold or Silver? Then read this if you can't find it in the Walkthru.
Walkthru One of the most complete Gold & Silver Walkthru's you'll find on the net, complete with pictures, gym leader strategies.
Johto Locations This page tells the percentage and time of day to find a Pokemon in the wild grass or in caves in the Johto region.
Kanto Locations This page tells the percentage and time of day to find a Pokemon in the wild grass or in caves in the Kanto region.
Attack List This list has all the Attacks/Abilities from G/S including their Base Power, PP, Percentage of hitting, type, and what they do.
TM & HM List Wondering where to find the TM's or HM's and what they are called, you need to check out this section.
Items List Silver Clefairy has gathered information and translations of all the items in the game and has sent descriptions of each one and has told where some can be found.
Shiny Pokemon All you could want to know about Shiny Pokemon.
Attachments Want to know what Pokemon will have an Item attached when you find them in the wild or trade them from RBY?
Mystery Gift Gold & Silver is compatible with Pocket Pikachu 2 GS, and here are the items you can get from it, and from the new Mystery Gift option.
Breeding Guide All about Breeding.
Weekly Events Lists all the different things that happen only certain days.
Phone Numbers Lists all the locations and names of people you can get phone numbers from.
Battle Chart Nifhel has updated the Battle Chart for us. It should now be error free.
Evolution All about Evolution stones and other types of evolution.
New Pokemon This page lists all the new Pokemon, and also tells if they are available in Gold or Silver. You can also see what they look like in the Gold version and in the Silver version. It also lists the Pokemon's name in English and Japanese.
Screenshots Here's a variety of screenshots I took when I first played the Japanese game.


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