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Linking your Pocket Pikachu 2 GS and Game Boy Color

There is a new feature with Pokemon Gold and Silver that allows you to link up your Game Boy Color with Gold or Silver and a Pocket Pikachu 2 GS to gain new items for Gold & Silver. This will only work with the Game Boy Color because the infrared ports located on both the Pocket Pikachu and the Game Boy Color. To get these items you must gain Watts in the Pocket Pikachu.

Watts Item
100 - 199 Berry
200 - 299 Bitter Berry
300 - 399 Great Ball
400 - 499 Max Repel
500 - 599 Ether
600 - 699 Miracle Berry
700 - 799 Gold Berry
800 - 899 Elixer
900 - 998 Revive
999 Rare Candy


It is possible to get more Mystery items by talking to the girl in Goldenrod City's Department Store on the 5th floor. After saving the game, turn your Game Boy off and then on, then there should be another option called "Mystery Gift". You can now use this option to get new items with your friends, but you can only get 1 item per person, per day.

The following tables will show you what items you can get, and how rare they are. For descriptions of what they do, check out our Item page.

To decorate your room, go to your home in New Bark Town and look on your computer in your room. You should have a "Decorate" option that will let you arrange items in your room.


Common Items


Bitter Berry



Mint Berry

Burnt Berry

Ice Berry

X Attack

X Defend

X Special

Dire Hit

Guard Spec.

Pikachu Poster

Clefairy Poster

Jigglypuff Poster

Weedle Doll

Jigglypuff Doll

Diglett Doll

Oddish Doll

Geodude Doll

Machop Doll

Poliwag Doll

Shellder Doll

Grimer Doll

Gengar Doll

Voltorb Doll

Staryu Doll

Magikarp Doll

Bluesky Mail

Eon Mail

Morph Mail



Uncommon Items

Great Ball

Gold Berry

Miracle Berry


Super Repel

Max Repel



Squirtle Doll

Bulbasaur Doll

Pikachu Bed

Pink Bed

Polkadot Bed

Tropical Plant

Magna Plant




Rare Items

Leaf Stone

Thunder Stone

Fire Stone

Water Stone

Focus Lens

Max Revive

Max Ether

Max Elixer

Big Onix

Big Plant

Red Carpet

Yellow Carpet

Green Carpet

Blue Carpet

Virtual Boy


Super-Rare Items
Big Lapras
Surfing Pika Doll


Items Your Mom Will Buy

Money Needed Item Item's Price Price at Pokemart
$900 Super Potion $600 $700
$4900 Repel $270 $350
$7000 Super Potion $600 $700
$10,000 Charmander Doll $1800 -
$15,000 Moon Stone $3000 -
$23,500 Super Potion $600 $700
$39,000 Clefairy Doll $4800 -
$44,500 Hyper Potion $900 $1200
$53,400 Pikachu Doll $8000 -
$100,000 Snorlax Doll $22,800 -
1/4 of the money received from battle is sent to Mom if she is saving your money.


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