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Professor Oak
After beating all 8 Kanto Gym Leaders, visit Professor Oak and he'll open up the path to Silver Cave (or Mt. Silver, both are named for the same thing).

Go to Viridian and take the Route toward Victory Road. Now it will let you in where the passages were being blocked by two guys.

From here you can continue out the door to Silver Mountain or go to Indigo Plateau to fight someone that will be a lot easier than the final battle in Silver Cave...

Before talking to Oak

After talking to Oak


Indigo Plateau - Rival - Final Battle

Anytime after fighting your Rival at Mount Moon you can fight him again at Indigo Plateau right before you go up the stairs to the Elite Four.

After beating your Rival you can go back to that door to the Silver Cave area to fight some pretty tough Pokemon.

Pokemon Level Exp.
Sneasel 45 ?
Crobat 48 ?
Magneton 45 ?
Gengar 46 ?
Alakazam 46 ?
3rd Evo Starter 50 ?
Prize: $5000


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