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Here is a list of TMs and HMs that can be found in the game, including where you find them. If you find any mistakes, please email me and I'll fix them.


# HM Location Walkthru Page?
01 Cut Ilex Forest - Chase the bird and talk to the guy. Yes
02 Fly The woman outside Cianwood City Gym Yes
03 Surf Defeat the 5 Eevee trainers in Ecruteak City and talk to the father Yes
04 Strength House next to the Pokecenter in Olivine City Yes
05 Flash Defeat the Sage in Sprout Tower Yes
06 Whirlpool Help Lance defeat Team Rocket in Mahogany Town Yes
07 Waterfall Inside the Ice Path Yes


# TM Location Page?
01 Dynamicpunch Cianwood City Gym Yes
02 Headbutt Ilex Forest
Goldenrod Department Store for $2000 (after getting the one above)
03 Curse Celadon Mansion (Go in at night)  
04 Rollout Route 35 Yes
05 Roar Route 32 Yes
06 Toxic Fuchsia City Gym Yes
07 Zap Cannon Power Plant - Return the Machine Part Yes
08 Rock Smash Fat guy to the right of Sudowoodo
Goldenrod Department Store (after getting the one above)
09 Psych Up Traded Abras/Kadabras  
10 Hidden Power Guy in a house in the forest north of the Lake of Rage (where you met the Red Gyarados)
Celadon Pokemart, $3000
11 Sunny Day After beating Team Rocket in the Radio Tower, the red ponytail girl will give it to you
Celadon Pokemart, $2000
12 Sweet Scent Near the exit of Ilex Forest Yes
13 Snore Feed the sick Miltank a lot of Berries (Route 39)
Blackthorn City Dark Cave entrance
14 Blizzard Goldenrod Game Corner, 5500 coins  
15 Hyper Beam Celadon Game Corner, 7500 coins  
16 Icy Wind Mahogany Gym Yes
17 Protect Celadon PokeMart, $3000  
18 Rain Dance Slowpoke Cave - Lower Level Yes
19 Giga Drain Celadon Gym  
20 Endure Burned Tower - Lower Level Yes
21 Frustration Goldenrod City Dept Store - 5th Floor - Sundays - Pokemon Dislike You Yes
22 Solar Beam Route 27 - Need Whirlpool to get it Yes
23 Iron Tail Olivine Gym Yes
24 Dragonbreath Clair gives it to you after getting the badge. Yes
25 Thunder Goldenrod Game Corner, 5500  coins  
26 Earthquake Victory Road Yes
27 Return Goldenrod City Dept Store - 5th Floor - Sundays - Pokemon Like You Yes
28 Dig Outside of the National Park  
29 Psychic Saffron City - Mr. Psychic's House
Celadon Game Corner for 3500 coins.
30 Shadow Ball Ecruteak Gym Yes
31 Mud-Slap Violet City Gym Yes
32 Double Team Celadon Game Corner, 1500 coins  
33 Ice Punch Goldenrod PokeMart, $3000  
34 Swagger Lighthouse  
35 Sleep Talk Goldenrod PokeMart basement  
36 Sludge Bomb Route 43 Yes
37 Sandstorm Tohjo Falls - House outside the exit
Celadon PokeMart
38 Fire Blast Goldenrod Game Corner, 5500 coins  
39 Swift Union Cave - Lower Level  Yes
40 Defense Curl Mt. Mortar - Middle Entrance  Yes
41 Thunderpunch Goldenrod PokeMart, $3000  
42 Dream Eater Viridian City - Cut the bush and talk to the fat guy Yes
43 Detect North Lake of Rage  
44 Rest Ice Path - Level 5 Yes
45 Attract Goldenrod Gym Yes
46 Thief Mahogany's basement of the Team Rocket complex  
47 Steel Wing Route 28 - In the house behind the 2 bushes
Rock Tunnel
48 Fire Punch Goldenrod City PokeMart, $3000  
49 Fury Cutter Azalea Town Gym Yes
50 Nightmare Deliver the Spearow From The Goldenrod North Gate guy to the guy on Route 31 Yes



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