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First, let me quote some things off the back of the game's box.

  • Trade with Silver, Red, Blue, and Yellow versions to catch 'em all!
    (Requires Game Link? cable, sold separately. New Pokemon cannot be traded
    back to Red, Blue or Yellow versions. Not compatible with Pokemon Stadium.)
  • Compatible with Pokemon Pikachu 2 GS!



Can I play Gold or Silver on Stadium?

No, didn't you read the back of the box or the quote above?


What's the Password to change the time?

Click here to go to our Password Finder.


What is the PokeRUS virus, how do I get it, how do I get rid of it?

The PokeRUS virus is good, not bad. Pokemon that have it will gain twice as much Exp after a battle. Getting the virus is very very rare. You have a 3 in 65536 chance of getting it after a battle. That's even more hard to do than running into a Shiny Pokemon, so if you have the virus, consider yourself very lucky. Your other Pokemon have a 1 in 3 chance of getting infected with the virus when they are in your lineup together. After 4 days the virus will wear off, healing at a Pok?enter will not get rid of it. You can prolong the PokeRUS's life by putting the Pokemon infected with it in a Box. Once it is gone, that Pokemon will never get it again.


Why can't I use the Time Capsule?

You can't until later in the game. For more, click here.


I still can't use the Time Capsule, what's wrong?

Your party must have only old Pokemon on it (1-151), and have old moves.


Can I trade Pokemon from Gold or Silver to Red, Blue, or Yellow?

You can only trade old Pokemon (1-151) back to the old versions, like the previous question, they must have old moves and have no items attached.


What are the old moves?

Click here. All moves in white are old moves.


What are the new moves?

Click here. All moves in gold are new moves.


How do I detach items?

Go to your Pokemon lineup screen. Click on the Pokemon with the item, then go to 'Item' and choose 'Take'.


What's a 'Happiness Quota'?

To evolve that Pokemon, they need to like you a lot before they'll evolve. Unfortunately, you cannot tell what level your Pokemon's Happiness is at exactly. However, there's a lady in Goldenrod City (Southeast of the Gym) that will tell you how happy your Pokemon are. If she says that your Pokemon really trust you, or that you must really love your Pokemon, then they should evolve next level.


How can I increase my Pokemon's Happiness?

Giving it vitamins like Protein, Calcium, etc will definitely help. Having its hair cut will also help (in the Underground Path of Goldenrod City). Having it on your team when you fight Gym Leaders, or the Elite Four.


What Pokemon evolve with Happiness?

Pichu, Cleffa, Igglybuff, Togepi, Chansey, Golbat, and Eevee.


How do you get #251 Celebi?

You can't get it in the game. It's like Mew, you'll have to get it from a Nintendo Official if any tours ever come around.


How do you get [insert Pokemon name here]?

If it's a specific Pokemon you are looking for, then look in our Pokedex. Otherwise you can look on the Johto Locations page or the Kanto Locations page.


What's Johto and what's Kanto?

Johto is the name of the new region that you start in. Kanto is the name for the old region that you played in the old versions: Red, Blue, and Yellow.


Who's Blue and who's Red?

Nintendo for some reason reverted back to using default Red & Blue version names as the names for Ash (Red) and Gary (Blue).


What are your default Names?

For Silver the Hero has: Silver, Kamon, Oscar, Max.
For Gold the Hero has: Gold, Hiro, Taylor, Karl.


What if I don't like those?

You can make your own of course.


What's your Rival's Name?

Your Rival doesn't have a list of names to choose from. You must make it up.


I put the [insert Unown puzzle name] together right, but nothing happened, what's wrong?

Well obviously it's not together right if nothing happens. This gets asked a lot about the Kabuto puzzle. Try switching the bottom two pieces since they look alike.


Where do I get [insert TM or HM here]?

Look on our TM/HM list.


Where do I get the Radio?

Click Here.


How do I get the Radio Upgrade?

Start Here.


How do I get the Magnet Train Ticket?

First, you must be in Kanto. Then you need to give the Mimic girl the Clefairy Doll from Vermilion City. More info here.


Where do I get the Skateboard?

There is no skateboard.


There's a man Blocking the Blackthorn City Gym, how do I get passed him?

Click Here.


Where is the Bug Catcher's Tournament?

It's 2 Route Gates above Goldenrod City.


I went onto the SS Aqua for a second time, how do I get off?

Find your room, which is the one with the computer in it, and press A against your bed to go to sleep.


Where do I find the Super Rod?

Head south from Lavender Town and you'll find the Fishing Guru's house.


What is Pokemon Pikachu 2 GS?

It's a small Tomagotchi like game that can transfer watts to Gold & Silver via the infrared port on the Color Game Boy system giving you special items.


For more questions, you might want to check the front page of the Walkthru, under the map.



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