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Info and how-tos from my '79 Jeep CJ7 including Holley ProJection fuel injection, NP435 transmission, Dana 44s, Spring-over on YJ springs, EZ-Locker in the rear

Update 11/18/2015. - Please send any emails to Many of the following pages still have my old email address. Thanks for visiting.
Update 11/18/2015. - After a decade plus long hiatus the Jeep is out of storage and I have some exciting projects coming up including
Lower Heldorado
Golden Crack

This is my 1979 CJ7

My Jeep has a AMC 360 V8 with Holley ProJection fuel injection, an Edelbrock intake, and an all MSD ignition. The transmission is an NP435 4 speed with a 6.69:1 1st gear. I adapted the '83 Ford Bronco tranny to fit with an Advance Adapters kit from JB Conversions. Power reaches the tranny via a Centerforce dual-friction clutch. The transfer case is a Dana 20 with TeraLow 3.15:1 gears. Axles are '78 Scout Dana 44s front and rear, with a Detroit Locker in the rear and an EZ-Locker in the front. My ring & pinion gear ratio is 4.89:1 giving me an overall crawl ratio of 103:1. The suspension is a Spring-Over on Rubicon Express 6 leaf YJ springs front, 7 leaf rear, on custom spring mounts and Currie shackles. To help with stopping, I upgraded the manual brakes, to power brakes with Master Power Brakes 8" dual diaphram power brakes. To steer the Scout axles, I put the knuckles from the stock Dana 30 axle on the Dana 44 and use Currie 1" chrome-moly custom length steering rods to connect the weird arrangement. The front driveshaft is a heavy-duty unit, custom made by a local shop. The rear driveshaft is a long-travel model from Rubicon Express. All this junk is connected to the ground by 35" x 15.5" TSL/SX Super Swampers on Trailready 15" x 10" aluminum beadlock wheels

For a comprehensive list of the modifications I've made to my Jeep, Click Here . Not yet completed.
It's hard to keep a Jeep's plates straight!

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