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I don't have much of a write-up done here, but I promise I'll get one eventually. What makes the project fairly cool is that I have been told more then a few times that the Holley Pro-jection and the MSD ignition do not play well together. I admit, I had some problems with it, but after a little research and trial and error, it works great now. The biggest hurdle was the mysterious "hall-effect" ignition that my Jeep came with, but I'll get into details when I get the write-up finished. I the mean time, feel free to e-mail me any questions.

Wiring diagrams for MSD-6 Off-road ignition, and Tach Adapter

Click on the list below for that particular sections of the MSD installation manual

Diagram for installation with Points type distributor
Diagram for installation with Magnetic pick-up type distributor
Diagram for installation of #8920 Tach Adapter

Explanation of wiring harness

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