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Pipeline Trail Pictures

The Pipeline trail goes north and south about 10 miles east of Lakewood, Wisconsin.

These pictures are before the springover. I had a good amount of flex, but not enought lift.

See me flex. Those tires barely fit in there.

Here is the group I tagged along with. They are members of the Great Lakes Jeep Thing.

Here is "Buka's" ZJ. It has 32" Mud Terrains, and a TON of flex. The V8 had good power too.

Another view.

These Pictures are after the springover/Dana 44's/E-Z Locker.

Testing out the new springover. I couldn't find a way to out flex the Jeep.

Here's a group shot of all the short wheelbase guys

Here's another.

Here me stuck in some real goop. I didn't have a chance! 33" tires are not enough to tackle this kind of mud pit. I was high centered on me axles because I was in ruts made by some of the bigger mud trucks up there running 44's.
See below for example.

Heres a mud jeep for ya! It's an '86 CJ7 with a 360, Dana 60's front and rear, and 44" tires.