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Badlands - Attica, Indiana

These pics are from Wabash Fall Fest 2000, Oct. 5th through the Oct. 8th.

The first picture of any set on my website must be of me, so here's two of me flexing on the rocks. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to run this whole trail, because there was a truck broke just in front of me, blocking the trail. I did run this little trail earlier in the year. Short but sweet.

Another view.

Below is "Rock Doc" catchin' some air on a tight corner. He also claimed 1st in the rock crawling challenge (and in a CJ!).

Below we see Rock Doc's welder getting put to good use fixing someones broken tie rod .

Here is me getting a little crooked.

Below we see Brian showing us just how deep the holes on the Pink trail are.

And how to drive up a tree to get out. Since he already put it on it's side the day before when doing the "You must be crazy, and have a good machine" trails with the Badlands owner Troy, I don't think he was to worried about the body damage.

Here is me trying the same hole.
This was a cool little section that I needed my winch for. Of course brakes that actually hold the truck on a hill would have made this section a little easier. Look for that upgrade article coming soon!

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