PK Subban
PK Subban, 2012-13 Norris Trophy Winner
The James Norris Trophy is an annual award presented to the NHL's top defenseman. Bobby Orr won the award eight consecutive times, and has won once more than Montreal's Doug Harvey and Detroit's Nicklas Lidstrom.
1953-54 Red Kelly Detroit Red Wings
1954-55 Doug Harvey Montreal Canadiens
1955-56 Doug Harvey Montreal Canadiens
1956-57 Doug Harvey Montreal Canadiens
1957-58 Doug Harvey Montreal Canadiens
1958-59 Tom Johnson Montreal Canadiens
1959-60 Doug Harvey Montreal Canadiens
1960-61 Doug Harvey Montreal Canadiens
1961-62 Doug Harvey Montreal Canadiens
1962-63 Pierre Pilote Chicago Blackhawks
1963-64 Pierre Pilote Chicago Blackhawks
1964-65 Pierre Pilote Chicago Blackhawks
1965-66 Jacques Laperriere Montreal Canadiens
1966-67 Harry Howell New York Rangers
1967-68 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins
1968-69 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins
1969-70 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins
1970-71 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins
1971-72 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins
1972-73 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins
1973-74 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins
1974-75 Bobby Orr Boston Bruins
1975-76 Denis Potvin New York Islanders
1976-77 Larry Robinson Montreal Canadiens
1977-78 Denis Potvin New York Islanders
1978-79 Denis Potvin New York Islanders
1979-80 Larry Robinson Montreal Canadiens
1980-81 Randy Carlyle Pittsburgh Penguins
1981-82 Doug Wilson Chicago Blackhawks
1982-83 Rod Langway Washington Capitals
1983-84 Rod Langway Washington Capitals
1984-85 Paul Coffey Edmonton Oilers
1985-86 Paul Coffey Edmonton Oilers
1986-87 Ray Bourque Boston Bruins
1987-88 Ray Bourque Boston Bruins
1988-89 Chris Chelios Montreal Canadiens
1989-90 Ray Bourque Boston Bruins
1990-91 Ray Bourque Boston Bruins
1991-92 Brian Leetch New York Rangers
1992-93 Chris Chelios Chicago Blackhawks
1993-94 Ray Bourque Boston Bruins
1994-95 Paul Coffey Detroit Red Wings
1995-96 Chris Chelios Chicago Blackhawks
1996-97 Brian Leetch New York Rangers
1997-98 Rob Blake Los Angeles Kings
1998-99 Al MacInnis St. Louis Blues
1999-00 Chris Pronger St. Louis Blues
2000-01 Nicklas Lidstrom Detroit Red Wings
2001-02 Nicklas Lidstrom Detroit Red Wings
2002-03 Nicklas Lidstrom Detroit Red Wings
2003-04 Scott Niedermayer New Jersey Devils
2004-05 Players locked out
2005-06 Nicklas Lidstrom Detroit Red Wings
2006-07 Nicklas Lidstrom Detroit Red Wings
2007-08 Nicklas Lidstrom Detroit Red Wings
2008-09 Zdeno Chara Boston Bruins
2009-10 Duncan Keith Chicago Blackhawks
2010-11 Nicklas Lidstrom Detroit Red Wings
2011-12 Erik Karlsson Ottawa Senators
2012-13 PK Subban Montreal Canadiens

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