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Anyways, I got this webpage, with these lists. Yeah, it's this one. I know there are other sites like this out there but this one's mine so, take that bastard!! But I have all of my stuff in here so, enjoy. There is no longer a framed version of this site.

January 2 2004- First off, to the bastard that jacked my Xbox, fuck you. Pussy little bitch waits till I leave state to jack my shit. To everyone else happy new year... or something. It's '04 already and I still don't have a friggin flying car. I DEMAND SATISFACTION! Not much is going to be done to the page for a while, at least not until I get my computer fixed up a little. I'm grabbing a new graphics card for it, hopefully ATI Radeon 9800 Pro, and I'm going to try to get some other neato stuff for it, like a raid controller and some extra harddrives and what not. Just letting the site know (because she be a cranky one when da captian don't give her teh b33r) that I'm still here. Till later, peace.
October 20- Sorry it's late, but TR6 is up.

I've had a fairly pleasant evening tonight. I watched Freddy vs. Jason and Underworld on my computer. Good movies both, but I recomend FvsJ over Underworld. Oddly, FvsJ wasn't as cheesy as I thought it was going to be. Funny, yes, but it was actually cool. And ask any of my friends, I'm a hardcore critic when it comes to genras of movies I don't particularly like (such as Action/adventure or horror). Then again, maybe I've just been looking for something to take some edge off of myself and these pointless killing flicks seem to be doing a pretty good job. Meh, maybe I'm just stressing over nothing. Guess it's time to get another N'Stuff up or something. Those things seem to calm me down.

A friend of mine started up his own site. Short and sweet, he needs more content, but then again, so do I, so I'm not going to critisize. Also, I am updating the links section of the page after I get done with this update, so check it out. You will see some stuff on there from the past few posts. Peace.

October 15- I'm going to start this update with a few tips for the internet. First off, I don't like pop-ups, and I'm pretty sure you don't like pop-ups. So, if you want a quick fix for pop-ups go get the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer. But then again, I hate toolbars also. They tend to clutter up the browser. So if you want an alternative, grab the Mozilla Browser. It's an over all better internet browser than IE is, and it blocks pop-ups on it's own. You can also set it to not block certian site's pop-ups. It does not come with Flash plug-ins, or shockwave plug-ins however, so you will need to download them seperatly. But both of these tools are free, so go check them out. I'm currently writing TR6, and it will probably be up later tonight, but there are no guarentees. You see, I just got a new toy called the DM^2 Mixman and I have been playing around with that lately. It's a cool little digital mixer tool. I got mine off of ebay for about 45 dollars (they retail at the site for about $175) but it's something worth checking out if you want to start getting into DJing and remixing. So, until I get TR6 up, peace.
October 14- Damn, looks like I need to do a bit of clean up. Ok, a few updates today. First off, I changed the poll, so go cast your votes now, second off TR5 Is up. Go check it out. Some time in the near future I will have a new N'Stuff up. I've got the article already typed up, I just need to photoshop a few pictures, and get it up on the site. Till later, peace.
October 13- First off, I apologize for not doing much with the site lately. You see, DSL just straight rocks, and I've been having a lot of fun with it, and going to sites that previously weren't plausible for me to look at, such as New Grounds. But now I'm getting bored again, and really the only thing left is to start working on this site somemore.

Something that I've been thinking about recently is wether or not I want to move the site. You see, that adbanner down at the bottom really offends me. This is not a religous site, however there is religous ads down there. I've e-mailed Angelfire many times, and have not once got a response. This is starting to irritate me. So, if you suddenly see a screen here that says the site has been moved, don't be suprised. Another thing, this site is mostly about opinions. What I'm thinking about is getting an account with EZboards and hosting a forum on this site. Now, I know that not many people come here, which is why I'm relying on you guys that do come here to spread the word about this site. If I start actually doing stuff with this thing, I want people to come and see it. Anyways, I just finished me cup of noodles, I think I'm going to get started on my next Teh Randomness now. So, until later, peace.

September 21- Who do you love? Come on, lemme here it!! That's right, I'm back and I'm coming straight at you live with about 1Megabyte per second speed. Yeah, I rock. Anyways, this is my first day back on the net, so don't expect any major updates for the site for a few more days, because I'm going to be busy checking out stuff and kicking Hotmail, and Angelfire in the nuts. Yeah, you see that ad banner down at the bottom? That wasn't my idea. In fact, I didn't tell anyone they could put it down there, I just come back and see it sitting there like a wart on some very hot chicks ass. It's disgusting, and makes me not want to touch the site. So a nut kicking I will go. Till then, read the old stuff.
July 27- TR4 is now up. Someone also alerted me to the fact that in the Randomness Homepage I did not actually put a link to TR3. I fixed that.

I'm moving on the 1st of August, and I don't know how long it will be before I am hooked up to the internet down in California. Could range anywhere from 1 week, to 3 monthes. I'm going to try and get on as soon as I can though. Also, if you haven't figured out by me saying I'm moving, this may be the last one for a while. Just depends on what I feel like tomorrow night I guess. So if you don't see one before the 31st, basically plan on not seeing one for a while.

July 22- TR3 Is now up. I'm thinking of making these a daily thing. Maybe. It seems to come daily easily, but I'll eventually run out of stuff to right about. Hopefully not soon. Either way, TR3 is about People who call me, and my beef with movies.

I'm thinking about writing a story. Maybe a Backstory to the N'stuff stuff. You notice Billy and everyone in there. Thought I'd bring up how all that came around. Not entirely sure yet. If I do, you can expect it to be in the true all-nonsense jibba jabba style that N'stuff is in currently. Which reminds me... I need to work on a N'stuff 4. Looks like I got a lot of work for me in the near future.

In other news, if I haven't mentioned it before, I'm going to be moving to California. During the move I won't be doing anything on the webpage obviously. Which isn't entirely unexpected. But also when I get down there I'm going to have to get set up and get internet and all of that. So it will probably be a good 2-3 monthes after I get down there before I get online and crackin' again. Which sux, because online is where I crack the most. Or something...

July 21- TR2 is up. Go and check it. This time I'm ranting on stealth in games, and the good 'ole days of PC gaming. I saw Penguins Behind Bars last night. The show sucks. Really, don't watch it, it's complete crap. Made a new alt on AO last night too while trying to live down a major headache. Yeah, it's a trader made specifically for PvP. Well, that's what I intend anyway, not sure how it's going to go yet, seeing as to how he's only lvl 4 right now.

In other news, I'm getting so much spam it's ridiculous. Seriously. Complete bullshit. There should be fines for these fuckers that send spam. Something along the lines of 10,000 dollars for first time offense, 50,000 dollars and the rights to use anything electric, even a lightbulb, revoked. 3rd time offense is just that some dude in a gimp costume comes up into the house, shoves a shotty up his ass and pulls the trigger. I think that would make people think twice before starting spam bots. Oh yeah, and to any of you viewing this that sends spam, fuck off and suck on my knob.

July 19- The first part of Teh Randomness!! is up.Slight rant about Video games, people in video games, and the meaning of life. Yeah, It's that deverse.

Ok no it's not. Go check it out anyway.

In other news, I'm going to take all the issues of N'stuff and put them in a little section all their own. That way the links at the bottom of the screen won't just keep adding up. So, expect to see a few site revisions in the future.

July 15- What? What's this? Did I actually add something to my webpage? OMG! I DID!! Ok, I've been playing WAY to much AO lately. That's about my only update. Yeah, I haven't been doing much with the site lately, mainly because I kinda got bored with it. Meh whatever. I probably will add more stuff. I still want to add my random story section, and I think I'll kick it off today with the start of the Lord of Billy series. Check ya later.
October 23- Ok, I'm going to be starting a new webpage for my AO clan F.O.U.L. (Followers Of the Uber Leet). As soon as I'm able I'll post more info, and stuff like that. I know I haven't done to much with this site lately, but I've been trying to get a webcomic up and running, but that's a very slow process. And also I'm working on some new stuff. Don't know if it will make it here, but I'm going to try and get some new stuff up.
September 11- The poll's a-changin'. Last poll was Hacking, Phreaking, or Beware of Fonkey? and the results came back an even 33% for all three. Hmm... sees what you people know.

Also, took away the framed portion of the site. Not really a greatly used thing, plus the way it was setup it was annoying to people that used it, and it was annoying to me to update it. So... there ya go.

September 8- I got another thing for you guys: Nstuff 3 is up. This one is about the Jabberwock. This one is also a little different, but still true to the Nstuff style. Just go read it nimrod, I'm not going to sit here and tell you what's different about. It tastes great, but it might be less filling... who knows. Any ways... changing some other stuff about this site. The lists? Yeah, they're gone. No more of that crap. Took out the garbage. Yeah, that's right. What you gonna do about it huh? Beat me with a noodle? Yeah, like that will ever happen *SMACK*!

Also, some people have been telling me that they can't see the bottom of the screen where the Guestboo, and the Tell other people 'bout this site stuff are... My only suggestion is get a better fucking browser, and don't you dare come all up on my turf with your AOL bullshit! Well... I do have another suggestion, if you can't see the bottom of the page hit the refresh button at the top of the browser and look again. On this side I'm taking out the past posts from January down so the page isn't as long, and maybe that'll help you guys out. Peace.

July 30-Weeeellll... I have got something for you guys now. Nstuff 2 is up! I'm dubbing this one Near Death Doo-Hickies N' Stuff. Check it out.

BTW, I've signed up for a redirecting service, and if you want an easier URL to this site it is Http:// Now that's a lot easier isn't it? Don't worry the old URL still works ( But the new one is easier to type in. If you need a service like this for your site, then visit And there is also a link in my newly added Links Section added just today. There's not much in there now, but there will be.

July 29- Wow... haven;t been here in a while... But there's an important message I have to tell all of you guys: Beware of Fonkey... Just keep that in mind... Peace out.
May 4- I haven't done anything in a while and a lot has happened, so I'll get started right about now:

Ok, on April 15 I went to Washington D.C. and stayed till April 18. I toured DC and all a dat. But the reason I was down there was to accept a award from the EPA called the President's Enviromental Youth Award, and we went to the White House, and met President Bush. The trip was PIMP. Seriously, can you losers say you've done something that got you an award from the President? Yeah! That's right! I gots me a little bit of those Tax Dollars you spent, spent on me! I have photos I'll post as soon as I get a scanner to work, and have the photos with me.

Prom is tomorrow and I'm taking this hot girl that came to our school. She's been at our school for six days and already she's getting dates. Either I should be proud of myself or she should, I haven't figured that out yet...

All the names I'm known by: Adam, A-dom Hitler, Quinn "Cyronic" Wagner, That OTHER Enforcer Guy, Who the fuck is that?, Bobby Bob Bobbitt, Worshipper of the Supa Leet, Follower of the Uber Leet, That Guy, Three french hens, two turtle doves, and YOU ANNOYING LITTLE PUNK!!

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