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March 2002
March 6- I updated (riiight...) my computer to WinXP recently... AND GUESS WHAT??!?! The fucking thing isn't compatible with my modem, or the modem I'm about to get for satellite internet... and I can't properly veiw this page on my comp because Comet Cursor isn't compatible... Oh well... maybe I will go back to good ole 98 (I say that laughingly of course). Bah!

Febuary 2002
Febuary 16- Got some music for you guys today. Dr. Gigglez Is one of the pimpest artists I've heard in a while. Still doesn't hold a candle to Twiztid, ICP, or any of the other Dark Lotus Crew. I seriously recommend getting this guys album, Awesome as all hell.

In other news, I'm going down tomorrow to a film camp. I have a chance at a scholarship, and the camp it self is pimp ass. That also means I won't be able to update this page for a couple of days. So... between now and the time I leave I'll add a little more content if I find or make some good stuff.

Check out Dr. Gigglez and stay uBER. I'm out
Febuary 12- Bah! being suspended is boring as all hell. So what I've done today is add some photos to the Photo Page. I will probably do some more stuff today, so stay tuned.

By the way. This site is not religuosly based. The "I am God" is just a joke, and frankly more of an inside one. The only real reason it's up there is to get peoples attention, that's why the thing under that says "Ok maybe not, but I like to think so." So don't flame me. If you think that I'm wrong in choosing atheism, Discussit with me, don't flame me. And for those of you that think the funny God jokes belong on this site *points menacing finger at a certain schoolmate (you know who you are peanut)* Don't bother putting them up, I won't use them. I will however look at them and laugh a little, cuz, let's admit it, some of that stuff is downright funny. That's it for now.
Febuary 10- I HAVE BEEN HONORED BY THE GREAT GHAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!! I sent Ghand a letter and he used it in his article! See the article here at Planet Deus Ex. And that is pronounced Day-us Ex, not Doo Sex.

MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I made Ghand see Binary Code, and a bunch of pigeons!!!

January 2002
January 18- OK! I've been doing some stuff with the site lately, and the the second edition of Nstuff is coming out soon. All I need to do is get the approiprate pictures and so on. Also, since I've been heavily involved with Anarchy Online lately some of you may be happy to know that Lies, Deception, and Cement Pillows is getting more and more on track every day. I've totally rewritten the first chapter of Lies and Deception. I guess I'll change the Weekly Poll finally. I wasn't going to change it until I got something from wich I could actually see results from, but hey, what the heck. I'm tired of looking at it anyway :)

December 7- BAH! You people don't even want to participate with this site. Like looOOOooo, we still haven't gotten that interveiw from her yet. So, I'm interveiwing Billy, you may remeber him from Nstuff: Cows. Yeah, the little punk that thinks he's Jimmy. He is wrong, HE IS BILLY!! HAHAHAHA!!! I have to go now, my nyquil buzz is running low...

November 22- Happy thanksgiving everyone, hope you had some of that bird thing that flies, and does that other stuff. OK, now the real reason I'm here: We were fucking around with a camera today and I got some pictures that were priceless! I'm posting one now, and after a while, I'm posting another one. So check out me being a loser Here. and at the bottom of the page.
November 13- Howdy Doo. Nuttin much happenin right now, Loo has a new back ground up (one that you can actually see what she's writing!) And she put a little more in. Darcy and I are going out again. 3 times now... By the way, I've noticed that this has become more of a diary for me than a actual webpage. So I will make many vain attempts to get this webpage really rollin. Loo has (kinda) agreed to an interveiw, I'm in the works of making a new 'Nstuff (sorry, my comp was taken to the shop and I've had very little time to work on it), I'm going to be making some sweet little photo sections, and today I think will put up the holloween pics, just as soon as I go to my step's house. That's it for now, next update should be in a couple hours.
November 5- Well today at 2AM I got busy wit a needle and now I have a new hole. Yep. That's it. No more. Goodbye.
November 1- Well people, I scored! Then the cohost of this site jacked the candy from me *growls and evil glares of hatred*. Well, woot dammit, (yes that was a very sarcastic woot) I couldn't put the pictures up today because of those dam penguins *looks backstage*. By the way, you heard about my plans to interveiw people right? Well, I think I'm going to start! And loooOOOOooo will be my first victim! Yes that's what you get for jacking my candy! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! *cough cough*

October 31- Boo kiddies, it's hallowicked tonight, and I's going tricks or treats. Yep, I have my very complicated costume oncamera and will be posting pictures probably tommorrow or sometime in the next week. Well I'm off to steal little kiddies candies!
October 29- .... well dammit, I did have some important annoucement..... man I can't think right now. *plays with pocket lint.* Let's see, not set the clock back... OH! I'm working on another web page! It's for the school I'm at. Don't really know what I'm going to do with it yet, but that will come, if it's as visited as much as this is then all will be cool. If not.... meh. Heh, what am I talking about, no one visits this anyway :)
October 26- Hey, I'm changing the page a little. No more Tune of the Month anymore, not until I get some FTP hosting. And I think, since I've been doodling a ton in class (that's a bad adam) that I'm going to start throwing some of those up here. They's funny, they's sad, but I like them. Oh, and I have a new obsession to keep me up at night, it's called Gauntlet: Dark Legacy (truimp music)
October 24- Hey people, I'M BETTER THAN YOU!! I have a PS2 AND I'm getting a Xbox Package. One with an Xbox, Halo, an extra controller, and two other games.... and something else... and uh, uh... meh. Loo's waiting till I'm done for something.... NO LOO NOT THAT! yes that ha ha ha ha ha mooooooo(that means evil) lol god i'm so fucking retarted but i love being me, adam do you like cheese? NOOO!! She took my croutons!!!did not the evil cows did adam, dont get me mixed up with evil cows!!! Croutons *cries*...awwww adam stop being a baby i will get you more(maybe)!!! Yay! *dances, throws flowers*adam put your pants back on please no one wants to see that ok, specialy sence i already have EWWWWWWWWWWWWW damn llamas!!!!!hmmmmm he sitting here playing with his headphone cord( what a retard) well i must let him do what we wants this already fucked up page, wait i have shit on here to NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I FEEL SO BAD NOW. OK BYE PEOPLE I LOVE YOU (not).
Flowers are pretty.... oh, loo left... I uh... *runs away*
October 19- Hey, got written up at scoo for the first time this year. Blew up at a bitch ass shop teacher. No, scoo is not a typo. I say it that way :)
Maybe I should start doing interveiws with peeps, in my own special way (yes, and could you bend over please?) being as polite as I can (oh my fucking god! You are so hot!) and as informative as any reporter (so really? That's why you don't wear blue socks at 1 in the morning?). If you would like n interveiw with yourself you should send me some info on yourself, and wear you can be reached (if I don't know you personally it will only be online, I don't care if your my next doorneighbor even). Ok, I'm out this bitch like an abortion.
October 17- This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine.... Oh hello there. Um, I, uh.... I have absolutly jack shit to say, I'm just hella bored and in speech. Tesa's right beside me, say hi Tesa: Hi..... man she sucks at this. wiat, wait, she's saying something: Adam, why are you so mean? Don't put what I'm saying, I don't want to be in your stupid little thing! STUPID! I KILL YOU!!! *sounds of beating take place, wimpers, and screams of pain* Dam! She's hella-feisty! *God licks his wounds.* Eww, do it again! What? Yes of course I have a fetish for beatings, why? Oh, so I just ruined all chances of seeing you again? Ok, back to the site... I think.
October 11- WOOT!! RDJ's new album is coming out on October 22nd! This guy is like, best kung-fu ever!

I WILL EAT YOU!!! Again!!!

Looo!! is sitting beside me right now, say hi to the people loo! hi to the people me loooooOOOOOOOOOooooo i love you and bacon he he he i will shoot you. ok adam i'm done!!! Thanks you loo. And loo thinks that RDJ (other wise known as Aphex Twin) is sweet!

September September 29- The most beautiful thing on the planet is a womens body. There's something to think about, now go away. September 27- OK kiddies, figured out why tune of the monthe isn't working. Angelfire will not let you download pages or "save targets" anymore. When I first started doing this they did, and so the Eleanor Rigby file worked. So what I'll do instead is have you E-mail me and then I'll send it to you, if you want it THAT bad. Be warned that this takes a lot out of my time and frankly, if I don't feel that your important enough I won't send it to you till some important askes me ( in which case I'll send you a copy of the important guys E-mail). Sounds harsh and lazy but "meh."
On monday I had a bike accident and broke my face in a bit. Also hurt my arm pretty bad, so the updates and new articles and such that I will have won't be as frequent until I get a little healed up.
Now that I think about it, if you know any FTP hosting sites that would host my stuff for me let me know, it would be a great help. September 23- Just beat Deus Ex (so I'm late, fuck you). So in one form or another (even if that form is metaphorically) JC becomes the Deus Ex Machina. For those of you that are rusty on latin, it basically means machine god. And it's pronouced Day-us ex, not do sex. hmmm... interesting questions can arise from this. In one of the endings JC merges with Icarus and Daedulas, two artificial intellegence entities. They gain access to all the world's government and bring it under their/it's/his control. So maybe that comment I made earlier about the sep. 11th bombing looking like Deus Ex.... hmm....
I've been doing a lot of soul searching lately, and I've decided something that could affect you, the veiwer, as well as me. I've decided that during the winter monthes I will wear pants, 2 or 3 pairs if I have to. Hey man, it gets cold.
crazy shit happenin' tonight folks. Today some o' my inlaws where threatened at knife point. Nope, they weren't robbed, somebody just plain out wanted to kill my step sister's husband and his dad. What the hell is up with this? My dad, bobbin out in the pacfic, where he could be blown up, then my inlaws getting threatened with bayonets? I'm probably being dramatic. Nobodies out to make me rethink my thoughts on death..... shit am I stressed, the bottom third of a pepsi bottle has been filled with sunflower seed shells sense I've sat down at this computer for the night.
My ex is conieving (and that's not spelled right, it's a word that sounds like con-kniving). Let's leave it at that.
People, if you would like the quality of this page to go up then please buy me a dictionary.
Congrats Tesa, never thought you would do it. Get that BF of yours that is. Don't take that as a bad thing, I'm just being blunt (Cough* Asshole *cough).
Superballs ain't scared of a fuckin thing. That's right, I'm getting more peircings. Let's leave it at that for those of you at home who think I share to much of myself already. and next week, pictures of my ass are being posted... joking. Man, I hate these nights with nothing to do but sit here and update. September 20- I am not different,
I am not special
I am the all singing,
all dancing,
Shit of America.....
And I am fine with that.
Hmm... a little down mood I'm in. But this little quote from fight club explains what I'm thinking right now as clear as a bell. OK, I added the "I am fine with that" but hey, I am. I accept that. you aren't special. You might not admit it. I do. Whatever. September 15- Notice how much these events look like Deus Ex? I mean, we're declaring war, they declared war. And then they started UNATCO, which I think stands for United Nations Anti-Terrorsit Corparate Orginazation, or something like that. But that doesn't seem like it couldn't happen in real life. But I doubt that Majestic 12 will try to start a one world government thru the oppression of people, and use UNATCO tool. However a one world government doesn't sound to unreasonable either, maybe in like a hundred years or so, but it's definitly feasible. Meh, maybe I should quit trying to see if conspiracies could come true, and get a life... and some pants, it's kinda cold in here.
I also got on the ball and changed the Tune of the Month. Today we have not 1, and not only 2 songs, we also have a mini-music video. The Get Live Package includes Diemuthafuckadie, and Rock the Dead, both by Twiztid (Rock the Dead says it features ICP, but that is little more than a dog poop smudge on the data. Don't believe it). And you people suck ass. No one entered my contest. I had a fuckin' cookie! Twiztid used to be part of House of Krazees, along with one other person, who didn't last to long after they split. You fuckers! And here is the first issue of Nstuff. I had to post it without anyone editing it. If this is somehting you would like to do, E-mail me, or at September 14- Hmmm... weird, I've heard that Bush will be "declaring war" on the middle east. If that happens it will be the first time in history that America has waged war with terrorists. Shibby. Well, not so shibby. I can't figure out how we would win a war like this. Terrorists could not sign a cease-fire treaty like a country could. Terrorist resources are not out in the open, and half the war would be spent looking for them. And obviously we couldn't just go around nuking random plces on the map. I'm sure we will figure it out.
BTW, my GF dumped me today. "Meh" said Homer's service monkey. I know I sound like an asshole right about there, but I got to much shit to worry about anyway. The major thing is my dad. I found out where he was. And I don't like it. He is out in a tow boat called the Sioux (sue) bobbing around the pacific with a aircraft carrier. The reason he's out there is that if the carrier gets bombed he has to tow it back. Now, what happens if they decide to bomb the boat as a warning? Or what if some dude just says fuck it, and bombs them both? Maybe I'm paranoid, but with all this talk about war I have a right to worry about my families safety, so piss off.
Oh yeah, happy late birthday Josh. He's 15 yesterday. He got a dreamcast *pukes all over keyboard* and some games. Heh heh, sucker, I get a fuckin Xbox for my B-day. then again, I have to pay like 200 on it. Dammit, I have to like bargain with people to get sit I want :) September 11- America has been attacked today. But fear not, out of the chaos will rise America, waving it's flag high. I was called out of school by my stepmother. My dad called her and told her that he had to leave port, and he wasn't able to tell us where he is going. I'm worrying about my dad at the moment. America, I know that you are angry right now, but fear not, we will get our revenge. How ever, it will take time, we can't just go over and nuke every square inch of the middle east (if that is indeed who did it, highly doubtful that it was anyone else, but there is currently no proof that they did it), that would leave us with killing many innocents over there, and then we would be no better than they are.
I cannot however not think about this act of war (this is what I'm considering it at the moment, and I'm sure that it will be looked at this way) without thinking about the genuises behind it. It sounds unpatriotic, I know. But these people are truely intellegent people. Whine, bitch, and complain at me, there will be nothing that will make me think other wise. And don't call them cowards either. Would you hijack a plane and ram it in to something that symbolizes somthing you hate? I say that these people are extremely brave, and stand up for what they believe in. These are truely admirable people. How ever, they can not be forgiven for what they have done until the right punishment has been given. That is all, I will delete all flames without looking at them. If you don't like my opinion, then discuss, don't come out and tell me I'm wrong. That makes you look like an idiot, and I hate idiots. September 4- OK, you where extremely patient, and I'm getting ticked off that my editors (read: random people I volunteered to read my shit) are not responding. So, I might just have to put it up anyway, with all it's mistakes and everything. BTW if you haven't noticed the tune of the month hasn't changed yet. This is because I started it late in the month, and am waiting a couple of days to change it. I will probably change it on the 7th, and a little hint at whats coming: These next 2 songs for tune of the month came 2 people that used to be in a group called House of Krazees. If you figure it out and E-mail me before the 7th, you get a cookie. And I'll put it up earlier. I promise that cookie thing. BTW, my E-mail (since I'm to lazy to right all the E-mail tags) is:, or That is all. Good day.

August 29- You where very patient, and it's coming in a couple days. Yes I'm talking about the first issue of Nstuff. I just need a few people to look it over, and then it'll be up.
August 27- Found a great article on talk shows such as Maury, or whoever that richy bitch is. Oh, yeah, it's not for these talk shows. Ever notice how every week maury is helping out another bunch of troublesome teens? Ever notice the only way to help these troublesome teens is to send them off to a boot camp? Well, I won't ruin it for ya but here it is. In fact, if you ever wanted to know what the politics of Anarchy are, or what it's purpose is go Here. this guy has done massive research and has compiled some of the greatest Anarchists, and acts of Anarchy to this site. But he has only filed what he deems as true acts of Anarchy, which probably isn't what you think it is. Go check it out, it's good.
August 26- Got some sweet news!! Richard D. James, othere wise known as the Aphex Twin has a new album coming out in october called drukg. Go here for a more in depth look at the new album: HERE! To the right is a picture of the dude... I wanna grow up to be just like this guy!


AND!! You'll be happy to hear I got my monkey fixed. You can go see him, he's at the bottom of the page. Don't forget to check out the Tune of the month, and Cyronic: A World of Lies, Deception, and Cement Pillows. Ok, let's see what other fucked up shit I can get in this page..
August 25- Prepare to be confused. I got this pic and it confused me to all hell. But I finally made sense of it! See if you can: This is what happens to imbreeders
August 24- OK, finally got the first chapter up of Cyronic: A World of Lies, Deception, and Cement Pillows. For those of you from Anarchy Online that come here, tell me what you think next time you see me, unless it's in a PvP area, in which case, I'll be running like mad :)
August 23- Got a new section, Tune of the month. This monthes feature is the Eleanor Rigby Cover by Godhead (origanally by the Beatles). You can find it right next to the monkey. I haven't quite got the hang of downloads yet, so Right click, and select save target. Mac users, I don't know what to do 'bout you. Um.... If you want it bad enough, you'll figure it out.
August 21- OK, I now have enough material to start up Cyronic: A World of Deception, Lies, and Cement Pillows So I'm editing right now. I have TONS of pictures to go with it, and it will all be up shortly, I'm just getting some things worked out. Special note to Cari--I will get those pics you want up real soon, That guy was AWESOME! Oh... and don't tell to many ppl that I act this way... heh heh..
August 12- As we all know, Super Sponge Bob took over her portion of the page *clap, clap* and she has added some stuff to it. Now, if you are wondering about the wierd layout about the monkey and the poll, they are having a fight and can't stand to sit together. OK really I can't figure out how to put them together. Nothing I have done yet has worked. And I am adding a new section called Cyronic: A World of Deception, Lies, And Cement Pillows. It will be the story of my Anarchy Online Character Cyronic. Such a beautiful name..... OK, let me go make that section.
August 9- Seeing as to I needed a place to go to, to act completely idiotic, and needed to cheer up anyway, I'm adding a weekly article. Or a bi-monthly. Or something. It's going to be called......... SO go read it.
August 6- I took out a couple of lists that I thought were pointless and stupid. Gone forever are the Girlfriend List and the Stuff To Do List.
August 1- OK, I'm totally reorganizing the site. I'm making some shit easier on myself and soon to be Super Sponge Bob, my partner in crime. Over the course of the next couple of weeks there will be many broken links on here. I will get that fixed as soon as possible. Not that anyone visits here to take heed this warning *sniff*. I need traffic. Ok back to work.

July 30- I couldn't get a ride to work and so I didn't go. Instead I sit here pantsless and update this even tho noones going to look. Dam I feel what I do is utterly pointless. Oh well, in the words of Homers Service Monkey "Meh"
July 24- I passed drivers ed today! And I went off a rope swing at a rock and did a flip. Dam I need to find something to do with my summer.
July 3- People, My X asked me out again! I'm so happy *sniff*! I'm getting my bike ('89 Yahmaha XV1100) fixed, slowly but surely! I'm so happy *sniff*! I'm building a cool tank style Go-Kart! I'm so happy *sniff*! I'm planning to build a walking car, using a complicated system of hydraulics and junkyard finds! I'm so mental *sniff*! I'm going to build a hovercraft out of a riding lawn mower! I'm getting a little crazy here *sniff*!

July 30- I couldn't get a ride to work and so I didn't go. Instead I sit here pantsless and update this even tho noones going to look. Dam I feel what I do is utterly pointless. Oh well, in the words of Homers Service Monkey "Meh"
July 24- I passed drivers ed today! And I went off a rope swing at a rock and did a flip. Dam I need to find something to do with my summer.
July 3- People, My X asked me out again! I'm so happy *sniff*! I'm getting my bike ('89 Yahmaha XV1100) fixed, slowly but surely! I'm so happy *sniff*! I'm building a cool tank style Go-Kart! I'm so happy *sniff*! I'm planning to build a walking car, using a complicated system of hydraulics and junkyard finds! I'm so mental *sniff*! I'm going to build a hovercraft out of a riding lawn mower! I'm getting a little crazy here *sniff*!
June 29- You people suck!!! OK, I haven't done jack shit here for a while, but YOU PEOPLE HAVEN'T BEEN HERE TO EVEN HEAR ME COMPLAIN ABOUT YOU NOT BEING HERE!!! I'm so lonely... so very lonely.... Oh well. I'm going to build a robotic glove. I'm thinking of calling it, ROBOTIC GLOVE!!!! Catchy isn't it? It'll cost me between 1 cent and 1 million dollars to make. Yes, of course I guessed that price. I haven't done research yet. heh heh, turning into techno freak, let me break out the chips and get all fat!!! I don't have pants on as of now. I have a really good view of my new piercing!! Yeah that's right. 10:45 AM on June 19 I pierced my dick. No it didn't hurt, so don't ask. It's so pretty *coos at piercing* Your so pretty, yes you are!. Oh, yeah... getting carried away. ON WITH THE SITE!!!
June 7- Feeling a lil better today. Facing being dumped. Eh, it's all good, I geuss. Teen "love" heh heh, that's funny funny shits. Oh well, I geuss there's other fishes in the sea. Just like there's more holes in swiss cheese. holes filled with viscous SCSC's crawling around, gathering every meanial thing and sending it to somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Then they die when you eat them, then your haunted bye lil SCSC ghosts. Dam, all those other holes suck. oh well. Dammit, I hate updating this shits at school becase then I have to wear pants. But are shorts really pants? Oh well. I'm going to video tape myself w/o pants and put it on the net. Then some chick up here is going to video tape me w/o pants and send it to TV. heh heh, I'm gonna be public and pantless. Gotta go, bye bye, kill blaine!
June 6- A little happier today. Gave my lovely ex-GF a letter. I'm trying to get back together.
June 5- As of yesterday my lovely GF broke up w/ me. To anyone that reads this, I'm so heartbroken it's not even funny. That is all. Now get past this glum message and go to a list! I've cleaned up this page, to see the happier updates go to the Archives.

may 30- Wassup. I haven't been updating this page lately, got work, and school, and a little bit of that sleeping thing to do. This site might not be getting all the attention it deserves for the next couple of monthes, I'm moving, and I'm helping my stepmom move. Heh heh, my little brother (14) seriously thought he was going to get a tattoo yesterday, and just a few hours ago his little idea was shot down. By the way, I just played Messiah (I know, I'm late!) and I am officially changing the name of it to Bob: Avenging Angel. Take that in your ass Requim! I AM DISAPPOINTED!!! Barely anyone took my poll! You guys are sucking! Nobody is using the pass it on gear at the bottom of the page and NO BODY IS SIGNING MY GUESTBOOK!!! GET UP ON IT PPL! no that that is outta my system, I'm thinking of donating a testicle to science! $50,000 for a testicle, and you only need one to make babies, who wouldn't do that (besides the sane people that don't sit around all day updating webpages w/o pants)? BTW, I'm wearing shorts right now, does that count as pants? Drivers ed is comin' up, everyone STAY IN YOUR HOUSES!!! We's gots some freaks up here! Myself included! Cheese!! heh heh, I said cheese. Bob, would you like cheese? I'll give you cheese if you'll quit jumping in my back. heh heh, give the lil bastard swiss cheese! BTW, I'm sad. I lost my sack :^( It's on a bridge in the middle 'o town. It's blue. That's it for todays update, come back tomorrow when I might start making sense!
may 24-Hey ppl. I'm not going to update as much anymore, at least not until I'm completely moved. I've just been draggin' lately, gotta get some sleep (sweet, no pants sleep). I'm still workin' on that first issue of 'N Stuff, It's gonna be good. It's gonna have lotsa graphics. To anyone that cares: My mom just got a new comp. My comps feeling violated, and the comp illeterate shouldn't be getting mid-range systems anyway. Go entry level! It's probably all you'll ever need! It'll save you money! And you won't use half the cool shits on it anyway....
May 21-Ok that last post was stupid, but I was tired, and needed something to keep my comp from kicking me off the net. Same thing for this post. Right now I'm studing tutorials for Flash 5, so I can make Kill Blaine. It'll be fun. I think. Either that or blaine will die (really!). Season finale of the Simpsons was on yesterday, that's funny stuff. Heh heh, Homer's so stupid. Heh. Oh god I need to quit working on this.....
December 21-THE FUTURE!!!! How the hell am I sopposed to know what happens? I can guess you'll go to the bathroom or something that day, but I can't be sure. I know I won't wear pants!
May 20-I'm writing my own article!!! It's going to be called 'N Stuff, my own pointless article!!! I could probably make it into a news letter (My own news letter!!! I'm seeing stars!!!) Each one will have it's own topic, but I think I'm going to start with SCSC 'N Stuff. Keep checking back!! I'm going to try and get it up by the next time I change the poll. I'm going to try and make it weekly, but that might take awhile (Moving, school, laziness, better things to do, finding my pants)NOTE: over 3/4ths of this site has been made without pants!!! I'm going to try for 99% but that would mean no more editing at school, and I couldn't bring myself to do that! PROM PICS BUBBLES!!!! Oh, and everyone else up there. I realized I might be stepping on toes w/ some of the content here, so if you don't want it on, tell me, I'll take it off. Peanut: still waiting for those pics so I can make Kill Blaine. OH!! I'm going to try and make a Flash 5 game called Kill Blaine (Origanally Blaine Sucks, but that's a little to X-rated for Angelfire.). *yawn* 3:00 In the morning. I'm going beddy-bye. But before I go, I submitted this site to the Open Directory Project, or in laymans terms, big-ass web directory. Cross your fingers and hope they accept me, along with Lycos, and Hotbot, and Altavista and......

The Framed site is now up!! Check the link at the top of the page!!

May 19-To any of the ppl at my school, I want prom pics so I can post them!!! Bring 'em to me and I'll get them on here, if you want the pics back fine, whatever. I'll even do stuff to 'em to make them look pretty (black and white, no pants, so on, so on). PS to Bubbles: come on!! it'd be right here! I also put the update thingies in a table, spiffy huh? spiffy like CHEESE!!! Hey tell me if you would like a frame site for easier interface, or sumthin. The address would still be the same, but there would be a link at the top that would take you to the framed site. And tell me how annoyed you'd be if there was some ad banners at the bottom of the page from affiliates. I'm broke, yeah I got problems, and I want the money. But I don't want my page cluttered to bad (the reason for the pop up ad banner from Angelfire), so at the bottom of the page will be a couple of banners in the future.

May 18 (lunchtime)- Got the most controversial list on my site up now, THE CHEESE LIST!!! Go now! Tell your friends about the cheese list! Tell the world!! Down with the SCSC!!! (I was forced to wear pants while posting this)

May 18-I don't have pants on while I write this update!!! I got a guestbook (yes, I wasn't wearing pants then either) so go check it out. It's somewhere way down there at the botom of the page. Has a little button, I'm sure you can find it. BTW it's midnight, I have a right to run around without pants if I want!! *UPDATE* *5 minutes after orignal post* Got a text thingie from HTMLgear. I gotta learn how to do this stuff on my own, I'm going to have all these little gears all over my page pretty soon. I still don't have pants. And you should go to my poll that just opened up. It's here

May 17-Had a little time during lunch today, thought I'd work on this. Thought up some lists today, but since I'm in school I won't write People I'd Like To Kill (yet!). Dam school shooters, can't make idol(sp?) threats anymore *inconsistant muttering*. Oh well. ON TO THE LISTS!!!

May 1-I started on the site today! I have a ton of other started sites floating around out there, but I never finished them. Maybe I'll finish this one, who knows? So anyways, here we go......