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I've got problems...

Oh where to start? Screw it, everything else is in list form.

Angelfire won't let me upload files, It keeps telling me that it already exists (and I know it doesn't). And when I click overwrite, "Angelfire sucks and cannot upload your file!! We have noted this error! We's not gonna do jack shit about it!!!" I seriously doubt it's user error here.

I'm broke

No one believes the SCSC besides a few select people that actually know the great Ghand.

No needles to poke myself w/ (your still gonna loose Johanna! I'll find somethin!!

No jewelary for after I poke myself (Johanna: see above!!)

My GF's parents hate me!!

I'm broke

I have to wear pants when I go certain places.

Can't think of anything else to put in my game Where's My Weed? (gamers block, can't stand it!)

Still broke.

I'm hungry and gassy right now.

Stupid crap on TV right now (Rover Dangerfield was great! WHEN I WAS THREE!!!).

Megan won't give me her prom pic.

I'm broke so I can't buy it off her.

Failing world history (not that I need it).

Can't upload stuff, can't figure out the transloader, so my Page doesn't have very many backgrounds right now.

Moving (YAY!!) to startup (oh...).

My mom wants cows (and we all know that cows are evil).

Still hungry

No respect, no respect at all (that sounds familiar, like a celebrity says it....).

Pimples. 'Nuff said.

Mom has Swiss cheese in the fridge, and with knowledge of the SCSC, I'm paranoid to go into my kitchen.

Certain friends, who will remain nameless, come to me asking what cybering, or nookie, or other sexual terms are (I'm human just like you, not a walking slang dictionary, altho it is kinda fun to see the look on a luthren girls face after it's explained!!) *Note: OK, it's not a problem. It's actually fun! Just wanted to point that out!

Megan won't give me that pic.

My GF dumped me. I miss her (well maybe not, I still see her everyday)