StOry TyMe!

Once upon a time, dere wuz cow and he wuz happily chompin on grass a gingerbread man ran past him,
and da cow didn't notice, so he took a big bit of grass and swallowed da gingerbread man whole. Da
gingerbread man fell down da cow's throat, and meanwhile, in da cows tummie, dere wuz a dwarf in a brown
wooden boat and da dwarf had a prettie red and green striped hat dat went jingle jingle cuz of da bell da dwarf
wuz in a bad position cuz dere wuz a BIG BIG bad wolf dat wanted to eat him, cuz da wolf liked to eat dwarves
dat wore striped hats - da wolf wuz a very good swimmer, good as a shark, maybe cuz his mummie wuz a shark
newayz, da wolf wuz catching up 2 da dwarf, who wuz rowing as fast as he could 2 get away, until da gingerbread
man came down from da cows' throat and landed on da dwarf da dwarf got blind cuz of da gingerbread man, and
he couldn't see, so he started waving his hands all over da place, but he still wuz holding da oars, so while he wuz
madly flapping, da wolf opened his mouth, ready 2 eat da dwarf da gingerbread man falling on da dwarf wuz good
thing tho, cuz wen da dwarf waved his oars, he knocked out all da wolf's teeth, and da wolf started crying, and he ran
home 2 his mummie shark den, later, da gingerbread man and da dwarf became friends... or at least da gingerbread
man became friends with da dwarf... but da dwarf reallie like gingerbread cookies... so one day, wen da gingerbread
man wuz cleaning and replacing its icing, da dwarf snuck up behind it and ate it.

da moral of this story - don't go near cows wen dey are chomping on grass

A LoVe StOry You shouldn't miss! yea itz kinda long .... ok ok itz really long, nuts its worth the time! cuz its soo sweet! itz just make you almost cry or it did to me. GotT iT fRoM a FweNd.WuT i DiD For LoVe

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