J e N n

NiCkNaMez : WoGGy * JeNnIe * JeN JeN * BeNNi WeNNi * JaY * KiKi * OgGy * PhO
AgE : 1 + 5 = 6 ima big gurl now
SeX : sHuRe ~ LaDeE
BoO sTaTe: Mi HeaRt FaLLiN FoR HuY!
NaSh : AzN MuTT! ~ JaPaNeSe VieT ChiNeSe ~
SkwL : SoPh - O - MoReS aT PhhS
cLaSs CoLoR : ** OrEnGeZ **
LoCaTeD : KaLiz 4 0 8
B-dAe : 4 DaYs ater one of my girls

ZoDiAc : BuLL Tauras
hEiGhT : 4'11" *sigh* not even 5' yet...
WiGhT : iMa faTTy!! 124... i'm fat
EyE CoLoR : BrOwN but i want gray contacts!
HaIr CoLoR : DaRK BrOwN/black
FavE NuMbEr : 13, OnE-3
FaVe CoLoR : GREEN!!! sliver gray black bloo red lavender yello orenge
dWeAm CaR : SiLiVa ~BlaCk~ aW YeEe Ah!
aLL tYmE FaVe : HeAvEn - Dj SaMmY
Dave Apuzzo (Tenn-USA) - Deep
atc ~ RouNd ThE WorLd * hahA i KnO iTs HeLLa oLd BuT iTs CaTchEe *
My SoNg : Whitney Huston ~ Count On Me
SoNg oF tHe MoMeNt : One Voice ~ Deep In My Heart
mEe SaY 2 MuCh : i MiSs HuY
mOoD : miSsIN hUy, MaD aT mY gRaDe, kInDa SleePy
TyMe : 1:o8 am
WiCkED WoRd : LeSbeOnIc! and LuNAtIC aSyLeM!

AIM : ThiS b WoGgY / LooK iTz JeNNi
MSN : Wuntruenchantress@hotmail.com
ICQ : 135046152

Mail : WunTruEnchantress@hotmail.com
VbOx : (408) 513-2159 Ext. 2592

interact club activites
1o . 19 : knights of columbus
10am - 5 pm *shifts*
1o . 2o : AIDS WALK help out
10:30am - 1pm

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MyA ThOuGhTs
these are just reflections on this pass couple of months
school started agen... its a blah but he not as much stuff i guess so far its not that
bad. just miss all my girls n twins n huy! hehe. tankies LIZ! ABBY n MY-HANH!
wouldn't of made it througth this summer with out you! now just some thoughts n
memberance to spesho ppl

abby . wow you kno henry more then i kno huy and i known huy for 2 months! darn it
hehe you and me man! our hot H-man. haha they are both tall and start with "H" n
ends in "Y"! hee hee n what else.... oh man tennis that one day! hella forgot shit! i'm soo useless

lizz . wouldn't of met the one i'm crazy about if it wasn't for you! the one that made me
to go tennis well kim too but this isn't her shout out hehe but yea you got me to met
someone i only dreamed of and i real pick me up from what had happend. n you and
your J-man... goshness soo cute! no worries iph other chicks give ya evil eye! just b
greatfull he don't check them out hehe

my-hanh . you n me man! RACER guys!!! haha but ya kno you no matter what always
as a guy. and don't gimme that Bs about you don't have anyguy! cuz thats like me
saying i don't have a guy! haha ya kno its true! everywere you go there someone
checkin you out! hehe so precious to me. thankies i gotta daughter like you. hehe
didja talk to your "soon to be step father" hehe. >.<

kim . i duno who he likes anymore! hehe i think its your or jennifer but ya kno what i
can't care anymore! hehe cuz aslong i kno i might could have huy then i'm happy!
hehe. Go KiM! in tennis man ya kno your too hot to handle! SiZzLe SiZzLe hoT sTuFf
Man! WooT woot! hehe GoOoOo KiM! miZz PoOpuLaR! hehe

thuy . Sister!!! ME MISSIE YOU!!! yOu have soo much guys too! hehe so so @ is still ?
or no more? hehe oh i still owe you 2 bucks! cuz i took them glowsticks. hehe i left
one in my hair so liz could find me but hehe that no helps cuz other ppl had it in their
hair too but still i owe you two bucker RoOoz hehe.

steven . your soo nice! i feel horrable.... lemme pay for gas next time! cuz man i owe
you lotsa! hehe oH man n that was scary when you told me u used to live on the
same street as me but y didn't we ever saw eachother... odd hehe but yea n wow we
have soo much in common.... that would b crazy/cool iph we were related hehe

huy . hey honey! hope your grandmama gets better and you no need to b sorrdie! cuz
your grandmama more important then anything! cuz she's part of you kinda... well you
live with her so yea! hehe and she's your grandmama! hehe
i Love you soo mUch n MisSiE yOU LotSa! n HAPPY BDAY SUGA! n yea i just miss ya
n memba ALWAYS SMILE! snookie!

tHiNgS yOu MiTe WaNNa KnOw
ima bored as a mother all the time . amused easy . short, very . love green
im still a brr-gee-an . scary hyper . xtremely perky
gimme starbucks n im wired . gimme sum action n i'll b an angel
use big words n i dwn't pay attention . show mee candy n u have my attention
got no life . i'll do most thinngs you tell me to . can't do poetry . brainless .
i can rub my tummy and pat my head at the same time! wat an acomplishment...
says sorry one too many times . dorkette . flirtation . gullible

LeSsOn To TeaCh YoU
using the word dork correctly
for a guy(s) its dork(s)
for a gal(s) its dorkette(s)
and if dunno iph its a gal/guy then its fuk nut!
there that is my lesson for you

[see i do too pay attention in french class! masculin and feminin ;D]

GrEeN . aCtiOn . GuYz . CaNdLeS . TiGgEr . EeyOrE . PiGlEt . IcE tEa
nIgA TuRtLeS . CoOkIe MoNsTeR . GrEeN TeA iCe CreAm . sMiLeS
KaReBeaRs . PaChACcO . NiGhTs . ClEaN n ClEaR . DoGgiEs .
cOwS *mOo* . PiGs *oInK* . FaMiLy . ShoPpIn aT iKeA n cloths . JaMbA JuICe .

ThInG YoU dOn'T nEeD To KnOw
MY BRA SIZE!!! YoU gAy HoMo MoFo!

ScHoOl /// MoM /// haTeRs /// WaNNa bEeS /// BriTnEy SpEaRs [fake tit woman!] ///
FrOwNs /// GuMmiE BeaRs *tv show not the candy! i love the candy* /// guys who say they wanna chill but they reallie want some action /// PiNk *colOr* /// cats /// bugs ezp moths /// scary type movies /// mornings /// shopping with my mom /// BaDz MaRu ///

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