FwEnDz PoEms

Everyday I see her,
I want to tell her how,
I love her with all of my heart and soul,
But I'm too scared to say a word now.

There are times when all I want to do,
Is put my arms around her,
But I'm afraid her love already,
Belongs to someone else.

What I don't say,
She won't know,
I love her all day,
But I'm unable to say.

Unable to say a word,
About the way I feel,
And no one but me realizes,
That the feeling is real,

Time is running out,
I must fight my fears,
If I want to be with her everyday,
I will have to be able to say...
"I Love You"
-Alex Vu

Lost in a world where I was never here
I can't find myself in the darkness
Reaching for something tangible
I grasp onto a part of my heart
Broken, like shattered glass it cuts through me
My bleeding soul, dripping and staining the walls red

A numbness settles inside
Falling down a hidden chasm I never knew was there
Unfathomable depths glare back at me
The shadows are falling, falling within me
My sadness is gnawing, gnawing at me
Loneliness stands clearly before me, embracing me
I am reminisce of a fallen angel with ethereal wings
Whose silver tears like liquid rain dampens my essence
And a dream undone being forced to terminate
Your lies, my crying, my dying, my emptiness at night
Hurting - All because you no longer love me

- Elizabteh Vuong

Believe in me;
Let me borrow the strength in your heart.
I am your fallen angel
With broken wings.
Accept me as I am now: shattered.
Love me until I can love myself as well.

Reach for the sadness hidden in me,
Breach the wall of loneliness imprisoning me,
Break the chains of emptiness that bound me.
My light in the darkness...
Love me until I can love myself as well.

My purity, my innocence has disappeared.
Too much of the world's evil I have witnessed.
For now, let me hide in your embrace;
Hold me when the world shuns me;
Wipe the tears that I don't want falling.
Love me until I can love myself as well.
- Elizabteh Vuong

"you could date the finest guy on earth, but it doesn't mean he's the best guy"
-Abegail Quijano

You've always been in my dreams,
Longer than it may have seemed,
I've always wanted to be with you,
It would have been a dream come true,
But instead of those dreams were shattered,
But to you, this didn't matter,
I ask myself why bother falling for you,
I've tried so hard to like someone knew,
But my love for you never fades away,
They never lessen any day,
I think about you even though you broke my heart,
You took it and tore it apart,
My heart will never fully mean.
And I will never learn to love again.
-Abegail Quijano

You will never know how much i miss you,
you won't see it in my face. You will never know,
i will never find another that can take your place because i will be smiling when i see you,
no my tears won't ever show. True,
i might always love you, but you will never know.
-My-hanh Tran

I have a secret that's deep down inside,
I have a secret that I can no longer hide,
A secret that I help in long enough,
A secret that I dream of too much,
How I've longed to whisper in your ear,
Those three little words for you to hear,
If only I had guts to tell you how I feel,
But I don't think you'll take me for real,
Your not just another crush to me,
Your everything, if only you would see,
I've never felt this way about someone before,
You're everything that I've been hoping for.
I should have told you from the very start,
But I was afraid that I couldn't win your heart,
You probably wouldn't feel the same way I do,
But I guess it would be better if only you knew,
Without you knowing is tearing me apart,
I just have to say these words from my heart,
I have loved you and I always will,
Even if you break my heart, I would love you still,
To me you're an angel sent down from heaven,
And I can't help it but think about you twenty-four-seven.
- Abegail Quijano

We were like lovely dovely the first time we met
You should have seen how foolish we could get
Time passed and I liked her so much
When she said, she likes me I was deeply touched
Time passes by and so does my love passing a mile
We stopped e-mailing and talking for a while
She said that she was busy and I knew that was not true
Then it hit me was the line fake, the I love you
I called her everyday I sent e-mails on there way
I guess she couldnít see
Y bother loving me??
I was obsessed yeah u could say thatís true
But for this girl who's making me feel blue
Then that final day had arrive
I havenít seen her online I was quite surprise
We started talking I said how do you do?
We started talking more, do I really love you?
I said iíll always have feelings no matter what
feelings that are fading so now what's up?
She said yeah these feelings I had have faded too
She said it faded long before loving you
That tore me open I couldnít hold back
But I had to contain my emotions back into my torn open sack
So is this it what will happen now?
I said we could stay friends, but thinking how
She was the one thing I really wanted in my life
But I couldnít have her, I wished with all my might
So were just friends nothing special nothing new
Hey, thanks for reading, and I would want to thank you.
-Randall Raras

Itís the way she walks, she glides and makes way
Itís the way she talks, her voice melts me away
Itís the way she moves, so sexy and divine
Itís the way she grooves, she looks so fine
Itís the way she stares, she makes me see
Itís the way she cares, because she loves me
- Randall Raras

Whatever I do, there's nothing I can say
To make your angel eyes turn my way
I would be willing to give up anything for you
But instead you decide to make me blue
You rejected me without giving us a chance
Not even at all, not even one dance
I promised myself to never open my heart
For I knew that it would shatter apart
But I was stupid for not listening
And now I ask myself, why bother hesitating?
-Abegail Quijano

An angel from the sky
She lives so high
An angel for me
Thatís what I see
An angel to look
Angels from story books
An angel who to turn too
Angels like you
-Randall Raras

When you're alone and you don't know what to do,
Don't worry, I'll be standing right next to you;
When you're stressed and you want to get away,
I'll be the one to make things ok;
When you have problems and need a helping hand,
I'll try to help you however I can;
When you are afraid and don't want to let got,
I'll think of something, this I know;
All you have to do is trust in me,
If you do, you will see,
I'll try my hardest not to let you down,
For if I do, I'll live with a frown.
-Abegail Quijano

As I look at the sky and stars above,
I'm wondering if, I'll ever win your love.
Such a cute face, and such a sweet voice,
Right now, I know for sure, you'll be my first choice.
Wondering what it would be like to be with you,
Since your just too good to be true.
The first time I saw you,
You where just someone new.
But getting to know you more was much better than it seemed,
But us walking hand in hand, will only be in my dreams.
Friends are all we'll ever be,
BEcause you chose her over me.
Many years, I've tried to move on,
But the love I feel for you, will never be gone.
I'm leaving tonight, and leaving forever,
One thing i regret, is us never being together...
~ My-Hanh Tran

Angels are beautiful figures
An angel like you has all the features
Angels are heavenly divine
An angel like you is oh so fine
Angels are soaring thatís what I see
An angel like you watches over me
Angels are heavenly signs
An angel like you should be mine
-Randall Raras

Was it meant to be
Is this feeling true
How can I make you see
When I feel like loving you
Is this just a phase?
Feelings for you will hard to mend
My mind is in a maze
Will these feelings never end
Words that are hard to say
Words that I keep inside
Iíll let my heart guide the way
Iíll let my heart decide
-Randall Raras

She cries herself to sleep
That makes me sad
Everyday her man makes her weep
That makes me mad
Why canít she see
She canít see that this relationship is at an end
She should be with me
She found pleasure with this man
She deserves more
She needs tranquility
Some day ill settle the score
At the end will be misery
She sits alone and cries
She needs someone to caress
So she could dry her eyes
I know I could give her happiness
-Randall Raras

One love, one life, one gentle touch,
One of whom I miss so much,
Getting lost in his deep blue eyes,
For hours being hypnotized,
Heís an angel in disguise,
Born up above, from the heavenly skies,
One person that showed me love so pure,
I loved him, I knew for sure,
The person that brought the best out of me,
Making things as they were meant to be,
He was my wish, my dream come true,
The indescribable feeling towards the things he would do.
Then in a car crash he slipped away,
I was traumatized day after day
His life had to come to an end,
How I would give up everything to see him again.†
-AbeGaiL QuiJaNo

One last wish, for you to be by my side
One last wish, for you not to leave me tonight
One last hope, you'll love me all the way
One last hope, you'll think of me, day and day
One last hug, I love you so much
One last hug, feeling your gentle touch
One last tear, for all the nights I've cried
One last tear, before me leaving you side
One last kiss, I'll dream of you
One last kiss, tell me this can't be true
One last love, of you and me
One last love, of me leaving for eternity ...
~ My-hanh Tran

As the days go by my feelings get stronger
And Iím getting tired of waiting any longer
I wish you would return the feelings I have for you
But then I realize you donít love me the way I want you to
I didnít tell you because I was afraid of rejection
But you drew me closer with such affection
So I told you how I felt about you
And that was the moment that you knew
For days you were shocked and acted weird
Which was exactly what I had feared
I guess I ruined the friendship that I had with you
By liking you the way that I do
-AbegaiL QuijaNo

I love you with very beat of my heart
I canít stand it to be apart
Every second of every day I dream about you
Wishing someday you will dream about me 2
Time will come when you will see
That you and I were meant to be
And until the time for us to pass
I know my love for you will last
I canít take it any longer
My feelings for you are getting stronger
They say I am obsessed over you
Your look, your smile, everything you do
My feelings for you are very strong
Nothing that happens will every go wrong
Canít you see I really love you
Trust me when I say my feelings are true.
-Abegail Quijano

Through the years that weíve been friends
Iíve never realized that it would soon come 2 an end
I will always cherish the times I spent with you,
You were one of my friends that always stayed true

No one can replace the friendship we had
You helped me through the times I was sad
No one I no can ever compare
All the times that you and I have shared

I remember the time when we first said Hi
But sadly now itís time to say good-bye
Iím trying not to worry for we can still keep in touch
This way, at least I wont miss you as much

When we grow up we cant forget each other
Because youíre the best friend unlike no other
No matter how far we are apart
You are my friend and you shall always stay in my heart
-Abegail Quijano

You've always been in my dreams,
Longer than it may have seemed,
I've always wanted to be with you,
It would have been a dream come true,
But instead those dreams were shattered,
But to you, this didn't matter
I ask myself why bother falling for you?
I've tried so hard to like someone knew,
But my love for you never fades away,
They never lessen any day
I think about u even though you broke my heart
You took it and tore it apart
My heart will never fully mend,
and I will never learn 2 love again
-Abegail Quijano

In my dreams, I see you face,
I can see myself in your warm embrace,
How you hold me so close and yet so tight,
Hoping you'd be by my side tonight,
In my dreams, I hear your voice,
Praying that I'm you only choice.
How sweet it is to hear you say,
That you'll love me more and more each day.
In my dreams, are where hopes come true,
Becuase only in my dreams, there's a "me and you".
~my-hanh tran

Another Guy
Boy I thought you were just another guy
But when I got to know you I let my heart untie
I thought it was just a dream when you told me you had feelings for me
When I started talking to you I knew it was meant to be
I don't know if you feel the same way
But baby I love you and that's how it's going to stay
You've hurt me once before
I just hope you wont hurt me anymore
I don't know what to do
Because I'm afraid you don't feel the same way too
I don't know what to say
Because I don't want this feeling to go away
I don't know what to do when you pass by
Cause when I see your face I always start to feel shy
When I think about you night and day
This love for you would never go away
- Kimberly Nguyen

Broken Heart
As a tear drops down my face
I think about the memories that can't be erased
Drives me insane to think about the past
The love that I thought would have last
Thinking about you makes me realize
You were that special guy
I thought you would always be here with me
I guess it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to be
Thinking about the times we've talked with each other
I thought it'd be something I would remember forever
Now that I think about what you've done
You took my heart as a toy just to have fun
I know I should forget about you
But it's just too hard to do
So I guess I'll be living my life in sorrow
Until the day I die which might be tomorrow
Just because of you
You broke my heart into two
- Kimberly Nguyen

What's all this love shit?
When all it does is making you sick
You say it brings happinessÖ
I think that's a bunch of bullshit
The feeling of it is like a bunch of stabbing knives
All it does is hurt you and make you cry
At times it makes you whole
But other times it makes you feel like everything is going out of control
LoveÖwhat is it?
A 4-letter word that has a lot of meaning that isn't even true.
- Kimberly Nguyen

As time went by, so did we,
I started feeling like we weren't meant to be,
We grew apart, day by day,
Passing each other, not knowing what to say,
There was something wrong, I needed to know,
But I didn't want to ask you, I didn't wanna let you go,
It was killing me inside, not knowing what to say or do,
But I was afraid that I would find out that you met someone knew,
The time came when you told me you had something to say,
I knew at that moment, that things weren't okae,
When the day came to an end,
You told me that we'd be better off just friends,
As you walked away, I felt tears in my eyes,
Those words you told me before were all just lies,
You said that you would never want to break my heart,
You said that there would never be a reason to be apart,
But now I know that those words aren't true,
So now I'm giving up on loving you.
-Abegail Quijano

Yesterday, I looked up at the sky,
Wondering if you'll ever be my guy,
Yesterday, I looked up at the moon above,
Wondering if I'd ever win your love,
Yesterday, I looked up at that stars shinning so bright,
Wondering if you'd think bout me tonight,
Then I had a dream about you,
A dream that felt so very true,
I dreamt that we walked together hand in hand,
and that we reached a promise land,
In my dream, we were together,
You promised me it would last forever,
But I woke up, and it all had to end,
And it was back to reality again.
~Abegail Quijano

The hardest thing to tell you is how I feel,
The scaryest thing to know is if you'll take me for real,
I could say I love you because I know that its true,
But when I say I love you, I dont know what you would do,
I dont know if you feel the same way,
But my love for you increases day by day,
All these thoughts in my head, I want you to know,
But I don't think it would seem right if my feelings would show,
everytime I get close to you ,
I ferget what I was gonna doe,
Always smiling your sweet smile,
Making my life seem worth while,
Staring with your precious eyes,
With all these feelings that i've realized,
I never feel sad when your in my arms,
I never feel scard of any harm,
Never feel a worry in the world, when I'm with you,
Never feel like there's something I can't do,
and its all because the day we met,
You're the one I can't possibly forget.
-abisco & jennio

From the start that you looked in my eyes
My world has felt like paradise
Did you know that everything you say or do
Makes me fall deeper in love with you
Ever since you started to talk to me
Nothing in this world, made me more happy
Each night I pray upon that special star,
That where ever you are.
Youíll be thinking of me,
Like Iíll be thinking of you, but just for eternity.
One thing I want you to know, that will always be true
There is no girl that will love you more like I do
~my-hanh tran

I use to think you would wipe away my tears,
Take me away from all my fears,
You were my hopes and dreams,
But that is nothing, as it seems,
Looking back at the times I spent with you,
And all the things that we've been through,
You seem so different to me now,
You changed, but it's hard to explain how,
There was once a time when I thought you completed me,
But I guess I was just too blind to see,
Our love was nothing more than a joke to you,
You never cared bout the things I would do,
I guess I was stupid for following my heart,
But now I am glad that we're apart.
~Abegail Quijano

I wanna be the one who you hold in your arms,
The one you protect from any harm,
I wanna be the one who u dream bout at night,
The one that you wanna hold so tight,
I wanna be the one to make you smile,
The one that will make your life worth while,
I wanna be the one that you look forward to seeing,
The one that gives love a meaning,
But the one thing I want is just to be with you,
The one thing I want is for you to feel the same too.
~Abegail Quijano

Give me a chance, to prove it right,
That you'll love me more each day and night
You told me that your love was true,
But look what you've done to both me and you,
You've thrown our love of many years apart,
Please come back and recover this broken heart.
You know I love you, I still truly do,
Still thinking bout all the times that we've been through,
I want you to know that it's you I miss,
But all I could do is reminisce,
I've always believed that we were meant to be,
You're the one that means everything to me,
Please believe me when I say my feelings are true,
There is nothing I want more than to be with you.
~My-Hanh Tran & Abegail Quijano

I remember the day when we first met,
That day was impossible to forget,
At first I thought of you as nothing more than a friend,
I guess it was becoz I didn't want 2 love again,
I was afraid to open up my heart,
I was afraid that you and I would fall apart,
But i couldnt help my feelings towards you,
And that was when I realized those feelings were true,
Fer a while I kept these feelings away from you,
I guess it was becoz I didnt know what to do,
I was scared that you would ignore me in some way,
But as time passed, my feelings grew day by day,
Finally the day came when I told you,
I seyd I like you and i know these feelings are true,
But I don't know if you thought those feelings were real,
And I regreted telling you how I feel,
But then I was happy to hear that you like mee too,
You felt the same way I felt for you.
But then we got together and as the timed passed,
I had a feeling that you and I would not last,
It ended with all those words that you had to say,
Leaving me crying everyday,
You told me that your love for me was not troo,
And that you had found someone new,
You said that you and her were ment to be,
But i recalling you saying those words to me,
Everything you said was so fake to me now,
So I said to myself that I would move on, but thinking how,
So many times, I've tried to move on,
But my feelings for you will never be gone,
If there was a wish that would come true,
I would wish that I would have never met you,
Remembering those words, my eyes filled with tears,
I thought that we'd be together for years and years,
But then i got to know you didnt need me any longer,
Im glad my friends were there to keep me stronger.
If I knew this was going to happen from the very start,
Then I wouldn't have given you my heart.
-Abegail Quijano

. : Why Love : .
Love can be a death trap
you can ask the person you love if they want to be
yours but your afraid they want feel the same
so why love....? Love is just a extra part in life that gives
life a special feeling you cant find
in all the ends of the world
so they tell me dont love dont get involved with it
it hurts too much the pain that love cause is too high
of a price to pay..... For anyone love is just pure happiness
but for others its pure hell..... So I ask them why love...?
-Steven Kitajima

When Im Away From Him-I Complain
When Im Near Him-I Smile
When I Miss Him-I Cry
But When I See Him..I Have Nothing To Say
Coz The Urge To Kiss Him Takes My Breath Away
~my-hanh tran

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