ThIs PaGw iS DeDiCaTeD ToO EvErYwUn's FwEnDs! CuZ tO mEE fWeNds ArE wUn Ob Ta MoSt ImPoRtAnt ThInGs iN LyFe.

"Friends Forever," you promised. "together till the end." we did everything with each other. you were my best friend. when I was sad, you were by my side. when I was scared you felt my fear. you were my best support, if I needed you, you were there. you were the greatest friend, you always knew what to say. you made everything seem better, as long as we had each other, everything would be okay.

But somewhere along the line, we slowly came apart, i was here u was there. it tore a hole in my heart, things were changing, our cheerful music reversed its tune. it was like having salt without pepper, a sun without its moon. Suddenly we were miles apart, two different people with nothing the same, it was as if we hadnt been friends at all though deep in our hearts, neither one of us is to blame. you had made many new friends and luckily, so had i but that didnt change the hurt, the loss of our friendship made me cry. As we grow older, things must change but they dont always have to end, even though it is different now.

You will always be my friend!


As I stand here with you,
I can surely see.
You being in my life,
is the best thing that`s happen to me.
You`ve been there for me
through good times and bad,
And all the time I spent with you
was the best I`ve ever had.

You held me
when I was feeling so low,
And comforted me
when I had no place to go.
You kept me safe
from all my fears,
And your hand wiped away
all of my tears.

I am so lucky
to have a caring best frends like u guyz
That will be there for me
until the very end....

Not Known You I never really knew you
You were just another friend
But when I got to know you,
I let my heart unbend.
I couldn`t help past memories
that would only make me cry
I had to forget my first love
and give love another try
So I`ve fallen in love with you
and I`ll never let you go
I love you more than anyone
I just had to let you know
And if you ever wonder why
I don`t know what I`ll say
But I`ll never stop loving you
each and every day
My feelings for you will never change
Just know my feelings are true
Just remember one thing
I Love You!

*To all my friends - I love you give me all the strenght to grow... Forever Friends Until The End.. Even then, Forever Friends*

?100 memories, 200 jokes, 300 great times, 400 secrets...
1 reason - BEST FRIENDS?

- crazy nites - insane grooves - blazin clothes - sexy moves -
- neva fake - always true - to my dawgs - i love u –

*I believe in Angels, the kind Heaven sends...
I'm surrounded by Angels, but I call them my best friends*

~Don't ever be afraid to come to me and cry,
Don't ever hesitate to look me in the eye,
Don't ever be afraid to tell me how you feel,
Remember you're my girls and we got to keep it real~

*True friends are loving, true friends care, and in the end the true friends are always there*

?We told everyone that we are the best of friends, We told ourselves that we will be best friends for life, And we promised not to let any person get in our way.. Best Friends until the end..I LOVE YOU GUYS!!?

~We weren't sisters by birth, but we knew from the start, fate brought us together to be sisters by heart!~

I gOt Ur BaCk§ YoU kNoE i dO, Ju§t LeT SoMeOnE TrY To FucK WiT u! We §tIcK 2GeThEr LyKe CräzY gLuE §o iF §uMtHiN HäPpEn§ i'm ThErE 4 U!

~Friends are angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly~

SaY It tO mY FaCe BiTcH & NoT BeHiNd My bAcK CuZ If YoU LiKe TaLkIn sH*T Ur FaCe Is GeTtIn SmAcKeD!

?I'm sugar and spice and everything nice.. Before you mess with me or my girls, you'd better think twice?

*U mess wit my girls, u mess wit me,hurt them and then u'll see,how fast i'll make your life,a living hell, cause i'd give,my life for them and,take yours as well*

*A shoulder 2 cry on, an ear 2 bend, money 2 borrow & clothes 2 lend, Fridae nite hangouts, afternoon walks, 3 am phone calls n private talks, our memories 2getha will neva end, always n 4eva we'll be best friends*

*Friends are like stars, they come and go, but the ones that stay are the ones that glow*

*~ A memory last forever ~*
*~ And Never does it die ~*
*~ Best Friends Stick together ~*
*~ ANd never say Good-Bye ~*

~A friend is someone that sees you cry. A true friend has a soggy shoulder because of it~

You were always there
When I needed you the most
You never left me
When I was in trouble
You comforted me
When I was feeling bad
Every single secret I told you
You never told anybody else
You were there
When everybody left me
You never betrayed me
You were always on my side
When I was confuse
You would always give me advice
You could always make me laugh
Even when nobody else could
You pick me up
When I’m feeling down
You always took the blame
Even if I did it
You never let me down
You were always around
I know I can’t repay
What you did for me
I love you
Like you were my family
You were my best friend
Until the end

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