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Caddyville offers Cadillac lovers the L A R G E S T and growing database of pictures of classic Cadillacs available on the Web. Search Caddyville for 1937 thru 1984 pre-owned Cadillacs from all over the world. You can browse, buy or sell classic Cadillacs and related treasures. List your classic car for sale or find the car of your dreams to buy. We even have OEM parts for sale.

"Classic car values decreasing, however, 1959 Eldorado Barritz Convertibles are increasing, with the average value around $126,290. Prices have actually appreciated nicely, from around $100,000 in September 2006 to about $150,000 today, with top cars going for $225,000". (Found elsewhere on Internet).

Newly listed on Caddyville: Several Hearse Pictures on Hearses page.

Here's the latest in Caddyville's diecast collection...Diecasts.

Here's a great article every classic Cadillac lover will enjoy: Harley Earl & Cadillac.

Here's a great article about the rare and beautiful 1959 & 1960 Brougham.

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This recently showed up in the New York Times about a special 1956 Series Sixty Special: 1956 One of A Kind Cadillac.
Question: Has anyone considering converting their classic Cadillac to run on BioDiesel? Has anyone actually done this? Any recommendations? email: caddydvr at hotmail dot com . Thanks.

Because the economy has slowed and many folks don't have the disposable income to restore classic cars, Caddyville has stopped rescuing classic Cadillacs. We used to buy cars that need new owners, needed some work or needed to be saved from the crusher. We would match these cars up with an owner who appreciated them for what they were and could be. We don't restore them, we cleaned them up and fixed them up. And occasionally we buy other classics (ie. 60 Corvair, 76 Seville, 60-62 Plymouth Valiants, etc.). But we primarily focused on 59-65 Cadillacs and 71-73 Eldorados. Until the economy picks up we will only be selling parts.

The Cadillac Story
Established in 1899 as the Detroit Automobile Company, Cadillac is the oldest automobile manufacturer to originate in Detroit, Michigan. The company is named after the French explorer who founded the city. In 1902, when Henry Ford's latest auto venture went bust so Ford's shareholders called in master machinist Henry M. Leland to catalogue and sell the defunct company's assets. Leland came in, looked things over, and a light bulb flashed on. Why not combine Ford's latest chassis with a single-cylinder engine developed by Oldsmobile? So in August 1902, Leland and Ford's former backers founded the Cadillac Automobile Co. General Motors purchased Cadillac in 1909 and that same year Cadillac produced almost 6,000 vehicles. Over six million vehicles had been built by the end of the 1970s, and currently Cadillac markets its models through approximately 1,500 dealerships. Cadillac has long been considered the standard of excellance in the automobile industry. Even though other manufacturers have gained considerable market share in the luxury car segment, most Americans still aspire to owning a Cadillac. The market for classic Cadillacs is among the strongest with prices of 1959 Eldorado Convertibles reaching into the $115,000 range (even on eBay). Cadillac DeVilles are the 5th highest selling models on eBay, selling today in the $10,000 to $15,000 range. Like other classic cars, there is something special about owning a piece of Americana, a piece of history, a special Cadillac. Caddyville strives to bring you these treasures . If you own a classic Cadillac you'd like to sell or are seeking one please let us know.

Ever wonder the origin of Eldorado or DeVille? I found this simple information to share with you:
Eldorado - Spanish for 'the Gilded One.' A legend from the time of the Spanish conquistadores, applied to a fabulous land somewhere in South America, believed to abound in gold and precious stones. The inspiration behind many European expeditions, including one by Sir Walter Raleigh. The name was applied both to the country, and its chief or cacique, who was believed to be a South American Indian leader whose body was sprinkled with gold dust and perodically washed off in a lake. Pizarro's lieutenant, Orellana, claimed to have discovered the land between the Orinoco and the Amazon. But the actual 'city of gold' sought by the conquisadores is believed to have been Manoa, in Guiana. The term is still used today to sgnify fabulous wealth. A distinctive nameplate reserved exclusively for the most luxurious Cadillac models. It was first selected in a contest in 1953, having been suggested by a secretary in the Cadillac merchandising department.

DeVille - French phrase meaning 'of the city or town,' Coupe de Ville translating as 'town car.' A recognized body style originally featuring a permanently closed rear compartment with an open front seat for the chauffeur. A smart style which emphasized the social difference between owner and chauffeur. A removable leather cover over the front seat for rainy weather was known as the 'De Ville extension.' Used for the sporty Cadillac convertible, the peronal Coupe de Ville, the popular hardtop sedan and the spacious Sedan de Ville.

Brougham - Originally a horse-drawn carriage for four persons, with a box seat for the driver, and a footman. It was built as a specific design in 1838 for Lord Henry Peter Brougham (1778-1868), Lord Chancellor of England. Used since 1969 for one of the models in the Fleetwood series.

Biarritz - French seaside resort on the Bay of Biscay. Became fashionable in the era of Napoleon III following visits of the empress Eugenie. Applied to convertible Eldorado models in the late 1950's and early 1960's-'...rarely, and only to a supremely fortunate few, there comes an automobile the very sight of which summons forth visions of distant mountains, pounding surf and soft southern skies...this superbly crafted motor car makes every journey memorable, every arrival a special occasion'.

To the man with the his very own Longmobile!


It's the world's longest car, I swear,
It reaches from Beale Street to Washington Square.
And once you get in it
To go where you're going,
You simply get out, 'cause you're there.

Shel Silverstein

From the woman who loves the man with his very own Longmobile!

Here's Something I wrote for Lucy, my first 1964 Cadillac:
Your front seats are tattered, your Fisher Body spotted with rust,
your underdash padding turning to dust
You drip a little oil, from the line burn a little smoke
but your 429 has a most powerful stroke
Your carpet is losing to wear, your trunk a mildew mess
You're quite a site I must confess.
You're the last of the big fins
with a ton of shiny, loudly shaped chrome
and an AmFm guaranteed to sing to you all the way home.
Nearly twenty feet of all American Pride, smoothly floating,
except when docked for refueling.
I gotta admit you still turn heads, no matter where we go
they're looking at you and as long as we're together
I'll see that they always do.
Up from the ground came a bubbling crude

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