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Official PayPal Seal Caddyville is a fairly low key kinda operation and we usually don't honk our own horn. But it's nice to be recognized by our customers when they have something good to say.

Here is a recent quote from a parts buyer: "Thank you very much. I received the package to day and my husband is very happy."
Here are some pictures of a restored Caddyville originated car. Terry Hutson, a customer, bought Barry and restored him.

Mike, Car got here at 3:00 pm today. Drives like a champ. Going to body shop in morning. Anxious to get her done. Thanks, Terry

Hey Mike, I received the lens today, just what I needed, thanks for making this so easy!

Regards, Howard

thank you for a great site Email from Andrew

Good Morning Mike,
I made the 2400 mile trip from Seattle Wa. to Wasilla Ak. in 3 days. I had no problems at all with my "new" 1966 Caddy Coupe and it drove beautifully!

I'm definitely a happy customer.
Thanks for all your help.

John C. James
U.S.Army Advisor
July 12, 2004

I purchased a 65 Calias from Caddyville. Mike is honest about the cars he sells. He'll tell you what you need to know about the car and its condition before you buy it. It was a pleasure to deal with him. Larry James 4/14/04


For those of you who want to know more about Caddyville, let me tell you a story. A kid grows up with a Dad who owns a Lincoln. The Lincoln has many problems, nick named "stinkin Lincoln". Father buys a gold Cadillac. Nice car. He buys a 66 Coupe DeVille for his sons to learn to drive in. These boys learn all about cars by working in a family run gas station. Dad moves up a notch to a 71 Eldorado, great highway cruiser. That big front wheel 500ci inch V8 burned rubber in first and second gear (I don't think Dad knew that)! Mom gets a 65 Fleetwood (Black) for grocery runs and hair appointments. Pretty soon your driveway looks like a Cadillac car lot. Dad needs a new car again, so acquires Roger Smith wife's 75 Eldorado, nice, very nice! The 71 Eldorado car falls into one brothers lap, the 66 Coupe is bequeathed to another and eventually the 65 Fleetwood ends up in Texas. Soon the boys leave the nest and take their Cadillacs out into the world.

Many years later, the question of what would you do if you won the big Lotto jack pot. "Why I'd buy a 59 Cadillac Convertible and maybe some others and I'd open up a place called Caddyville". It would be a place where people who love classic Cadillacs could visit and tell Cadillac stories. Maybe their car needs repair? We could fix their Cadillac. If you're "the do-in-yourselfer" type, Caddyville may even have a new or used part for your ride. If you've run out of "docking space" for your "baby" we'll store her for you, and if someone makes you an offer maybe we've helped everyone win! Perhaps you'd like to pick up a book about Cadillacs or other classic cars, or need a Shop Manual, or would like an original magazine ad, etc. We'd have all that too. And most of all, there would be no pressure because you wouldn't want to be like the other car dealerships. I takes a certain type of person to love old Cadillacs. They are not like the Corvette or Mustang types, not like the Mopar or muscle car variety, they are unique. And deserve to be treated with respect!
So, that's our story and we are sticking to it.   Mike

At Caddyville we rescue classic Cadillacs. We buy cars that need new owners, new some work or need to be saved. Then we match these cars up with an owner who appreciates them for what they are and will be. We don't restore them (yet), we fix them up. And occassionally we buy other classics (ie. 60-62 Valiants, a Corvair, 76 Seville, etc.). But we primarily focus on 59-65 Cadillacs and 71-73 Eldorados.
Caddyville now has alliances with a network of individuals who dismantle Cadillacs or collect parts. If you need a hard to find part, our sources won't rip you off. I have discovered the guys who do this out of love for these cars, not because they have to. Currently available are parts for a 1960 Series 62 Sedan, a 1960 Flat Top Sedan DeVille, a 63 Town Sedan, 65 Sedan, 67 Sedan and a 69 Eldorado from one source in NC.

Mike Bloom
It's all about style
Piece of Cake Painting
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Privacy: Caddyville does not share your information with any other business or individual unless you ask us to. All information we receive remains private between you and me.

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